Episode 361: The Dangers of Using AI to Market Your Pet Business

AI danger
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Is your pet business considering the leap into the world of AI-driven marketing? While it may seem like an enticing prospect, promising enhanced customer engagement and increased profitability, have you ever paused to wonder about the hidden dangers that could be lurking beneath the surface? In the realm of promoting pet-related services and products, using artificial intelligence can be a bit like walking a tightrope.


In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast,"  we will explore the rising trend of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing. AI presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution, and understanding its nuances is essential. Introducing Magai, an affordable AI tool suitable for small pet businesses looking to harness AI's power.


AI isn't a magic fix; it requires quality content input. While it excels at data analysis and predictions, it can't create compelling content on its own. Training the software to align with your brand and audience is vital. Customize it with your brand voice and values.


However, remember not to rely exclusively on AI-generated content. Human touch is crucial for customer engagement. Use it as a supplementary tool, not a replacement.


Consider outsourcing marketing tasks to experts to balance your workload. Embrace it's potential while staying true to your brand and maintaining personal connections with your customers.

Topics & Key Points

  • Understanding AI: AI is not just a buzzword; it’s a tool that can revolutionize your pet business. But it’s crucial to understand it and use it correctly to avoid pitfalls.
  • AI in marketing: I’ve shared some insights on the potential dangers of using AI for marketing a local pet business. Remember, AI is programmed to target a global audience, so it’s essential to tailor it to your local market needs.
  • The Magic of Magi: My friend Dustin Stout’s creation, Magi, is an affordable AI tool that’s worth exploring. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with AI and stay ahead of the curve.
  • AI training: I’ve dedicated a month in our mastermind group to AI, with guest speakers providing training on leveraging AI in business. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge you wouldn’t want to miss!
  • The importance of strategy: Whether it’s AI or social media, having a well-thought-out strategy is key. It’s not about just doing it; it’s about doing it right.



[00:02] The dangers of using artificial intelligence to market your pet business

[01:01] The benefits of using artificial intelligence in marketing

[0831] Understanding the limitations of artificial intelligence

[10:28] Training AI to understand your voice

[11:25] The dangers of generic AI marketing

[13:22] Better marketing with Bella

[19:45] The tough lesson of not putting in the work

[20:41] The importance of staying positive and resilient

Notable Quotes

[00:52] “I want you to be aware of the dangers of AI so that you’re not encountering them in your business and ultimately not gaining new business or new employees.”

[07:19] ”When you’re posting things online and you’re blogging because you feel guilty and you think you should blog because it’s something that you quote unquote should do, make sure that you’re doing the right thing.”

[19:45] “I don’t want you to end up also then you turn into one of those people that say, ‘Oh, it doesn’t work.’ No, you don’t work respectfully, you don’t work, and that’s really tough.’’

[18:26] “You need a strategy. Once you start aiming for a target, that’s when stuff starts falling down from the sky. And it is amazing and fun.”

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Welcome to Bella in your business. My name is Bella Vasta, your host, and today, we’re gonna continue on a topic that we started talking about a little bit ago. And that’s artificial intelligence, also known as AI. Now, hopefully, by now, I’ve been spoken about it. I’m sure you’ve heard about it from other sources as well. And I want to make sure that we are all on the same page here. Because of what I’ve been reading online in some places, I don’t know if we are, and I am here to help stop you from making drastic mistakes that could hurt your business. So today we’re talking all about the dangers of using artificial intelligence to market your pet business. Now, I am not fear-mongering, I am just saying do not do this wrong, because it is easy to do it wrong. But it is so so so easy to do it right. So there are dangers, and I want you to be aware of them so that you’re not encountering them in your business, and ultimately not gaining new business or new employees. Because I’ve seen this also backfire when people are trying to hire. And this month in the mastermind, we’re talking all about marketing. And I’m even giving a presentation on how to market your business on and offline. AI is going to be a part of that. So if you know me, you know how passionate I am about this subject. And I’m excited to present to the group. The Q&A portion at the end is probably my favorite because these members bring challenging questions that will move their business forward. So if you’re in the group, stay tuned, because I’m looking forward to it. If you’re not in the group, come on and join us because what do you have to lose?

Before we get started, I also want to do a quick thank you for being a part of an A listener of over 361 episodes of Bella in your business. It’s kind of amazing. When I started this in my closet when Olivia was in the NICU, I never thought that fast forward to 2023 I would be 361 episodes in. Now you guys like anything you do in life, but I was not as consistent with it. When it first started. It was not every Thursday like it is now. But shortly it did become pretty routine. And if you’ve listened to all the episodes, and I know there’s a lot of you that have been binging on Bella, thank you. You’ll know that I did a lot of interviews with a lot of different people for the first half of all this. And then about two years ago, I started doing these solo episodes, which seemed to land better with you guys. But as always, I love hearing your feedback. I just got off a call on Friday with a gal who has rolled the entire team listened to it and then they discussed so it’s pretty cool when I hear that I love it. So don’t be bashful, shoot me an email Bella at jump consulting dotnet if there is something that you want to hear about. So thank you, thank you for being a part of this. And I mean our downloads just keep going up and up and up every week. I love watching getting those KPI stats back. So like I predicted, artificial intelligence is everywhere and is blowing up. And as a side note, my friend Dustin stout created this thing called Magi M A G AI. And if you go to jumpconsulting.net/magi, you can get 30% off for the first three months now it starts at $9 a month. So, guys, we’re talking about less than Starbucks. There is no reason why you can’t use this thing. In the mastermind. We have shown you how to get it to learn your voice and then save your voice. Because chat GPT is just an assistant all the time. It doesn’t matter who you are unless you teach it every single time. But Magi also comes preloaded with things like HR, sales, marketing, and a rapper, there are so many personalities in there that you can turn on and it is hilarious. I recommend that you try out Magi’s jumpconsulting.net/magai you also can create photos with it and pictures I mean Leonardo is in there and this might be above your head but just to go and have one of these things like chat GPT last I checked was $20 a month Leonardo is like 10 or $15 a month, all of this stuff and you can get them all in one spot for $9 a month at the starting rate a no brainer. Please go check it out. But like I predicted you know it is getting more and more and it’s really important. I cannot stress this enough. You guys get in there and play around get your feet wet now before it keeps growing. gets more and more complicated to understand the basic foundation of how AI can help you right now. It’s only going to help catapult you into the future and make you so much farther ahead than everyone else. Oh my goodness, I’m getting excited again.

Okay, so I devoted an entire month in July in the mastermind group to artificial intelligence. It’s the first time since we started in 2018, that I have changed up our rhythm and put AI in it and it’s going to stay and it’s funny because it’s become an undertone. In every single other month topic that we use. We had guest speakers Kelly Noble Mirabella, and Dustin to come in and teach trainings on how to leverage it. We also had some past episodes, Episode 352, which were easy ways to use artificial intelligence in the pet industry. We discussed how AI can be leveraged in business, debunking AI misconceptions, Magi and advanced AI tools, the power of 100 days, and then working smarter, not harder. In Episode 346, we talked about the ins and outs of artificial intelligence to save you time and money, about staying up to date with the advancements and how to, talked about the different AI tools and software available examples of how it can be utilized, and so much more. I’m not even gonna go through all of it. But listen, if you want to get more, this is the first time you’re hearing about AI on this podcast, go back to Episodes 352, and 346, those will also be great.

Now listen, most of our pet sitting and dog walking companies operate within a 1015-mile radius. So when it comes to marketing, we are marketing to our local surrounding areas. The danger of using AI to market your business is it’s programmed to market to the world masses. It won’t just focus on your local town or city, the weather of where you live, or the specifics that make marketing unique to the people you’re trying to serve. Marketing vaguely with AI gets your business overlooked. So let me explain an example to you. Okay, it’s fall. So you want to say fall tips for your dog? Well, that’s boring. All right, the fall in Scottsdale, Arizona is at 90 degrees fall in New England in Boston, where I’m from, could be like 80 degrees one day and snowing the next Can I get an amen from any of your east coasters? And so a blog isn’t going to look the same way on both sides. Now, if you did something different, that was like foul, fun ideas for your dog in Boston, in 2023. Now, not only did you get location specific, but you also got, like yearly specific. And this is something that you could regurgitate every single year. So when you’re posting things online, and you’re blogging because you feel guilty, and you think you should blog, because it’s something that you quote, unquote, should do. Make sure that you’re doing the right thing, you guys. All right. And so can you punch it into AI and get a whole blog and be like, Yay, that’s done. But is it going to help you? And let me tell you if you do that, and you post a blog that has no strategy behind it, and you can insert a blog with Facebook Live, or Instagram Live or real, or a post, or a story, or a highlight, or a YouTube video or anything that you want there, right? So when I say blog, I mean, you could do everything. AI can give you these ideas, and it can give you the content. But if it is not specific to your 10 to 15-mile radius, then beware, that is a danger. Because you have now just spent your time, money, effort, energy, creativity, for nothing. And when I say spend, how much is an hour of your time worth? Who am I to just hit a nerve there? I’m saying this out of love you guys.

Here’s another thing, AI is not as easy as you think. Yes, it is artificial intelligence. And Its job is to help us with tasks. But the reality is you need to know how to use it. I have a saying if you put garbage in, you get garbage out. And it’s the same way with artificial intelligence. You have to know how to use AI and what to say to it to get the correct outcome you’re looking for. I’m gonna take this a little silly and romantic. If a man wants something from his woman, I hope this is okay to go here. And he does nothing to prep her for it in terms of romance or flowers or sweet nothings during the day. Do you think he’s going to be successful? Probably not, or the other way around a woman to a man or woman to a woman or man to man, whatever your situation is. What I’m saying is, you’ve got to prep it to get the outcome you want. Maybe that was a bad example because this is a family show. But I hope you guys are getting what I’m saying. In the end. It’s just you and me. Olivia is home right now on fall break. And she is screaming out in the other room like with her action figure. I’m so grateful for this microphone because I’m pretty sure you can’t hear her. Wow, that was a big tangent, you guys.

All right. So you have to put good stuff in to get good stuff out. People just think that they can just put anything in. And you have to tell it, what your audience is you have to tell them who you are, you have to tell the tone that you’re looking for the outcome that you’re looking for, sometimes you want to put in, these are the beliefs of my audience, or these are the beliefs that I want to debunk. There are so many ways that you could do this, it is mind-blowing. And it’s why we dedicated an entire month in the mastermind to this that if you joined today, and you went to jump consulting.net forward slash mastermind, you can easily get all of that training, like on demand. But you need to train artificial intelligence to learn your voice, like your tone, and how you would speak on social media, blogs, and emails, and then once you train it on how to know you have to train it to talk like you and know the audience that you’re talking to. So the outcome is accurate and pertains to who and what you’re talking about, we have a step-by-step guide, showing you how to do it yourself, and we have the AI to help you. And then you need to save it and then the voice changes from social to websites, emails, you know, like it’s not going to be, you can’t take something that you would write as an Instagram description. And then also have that same tone on your website. They’re two different voices. But like, again, the dangers are it’s not as easy as you think it’s not a one-shot, wonder, you know, your goals are going to be different.

This brings me to my next point, your goals, you need to have your goals in mind for the outcome that you want. Artificial Intelligence will give you many ideas, sometimes too many ideas. And it becomes dangerous because it’s not specific. It is not specific enough to know your brand, your voice, and your audience, and it will not get you the marketing outcome that you have hoped for. I promise I’ve seen this happen. I’ve seen a backfire. And then people don’t even like checking the quality of it. And another thing is, it’s not specific enough. So I think the most dangerous part of the AI and I started talking about this at the beginning of the episode, it’s not specific enough to your brand or your area. As I said, it’ll give you money ideas, but if none are specific to who you are, who you’re looking to cater to, and what area, you will continue to fall short when it comes to marketing your business. And Jumpers are about succeeding not falling short and marketing. Okay. And so can it be easy to just whip stuff out? Sure. But it’s no different than what you’ve been doing before except you don’t have to use as much brainpower you’re still throwing spaghetti against the wall, seeing what’s gonna stick.

Now, if you are overwhelmed with marketing, I need to insert this right now because it is October 2023. Our doors are open for new people to join better marketing with Bella. That’s where we give you graphics, emails, blogs, videos, real outlines, blog outlines, group coaching calls, individual calls, captions, a calendar, and everything you need for the foundation of your marketing. What are you doing with your marketing in November, it’s October right now you should have your strategy already for this quarter. And you should already have it planned out either working on it or done with it, and be creating it right now. So that you can schedule it and post it. If you are trying to schedule your marketing every single day like Les I talked about on our last episode, that is not a sustainable, scalable thing for you to be doing. If you want to step out of that day-to-day, if you do not have that creative moment right now in your brain, I want you to go check out better marketing with Bella. This is the time you guys. It’s jump consulting dotnet forward slash marketing. I want you to join that program. I want to partner with you. This isn’t me delivering stuff to you and saying No, this is me we check up on you every week. And we’re like, Yo, how’s it going? How are you doing? Hey, that was good. In our group coaching calls, we shout out the people who are doing amazing. We call out the people who might need a little bit of help or come alongside you. Your success is my success. And I want to help you, like explode this guy’s I’ve talked about this before, there’s two things that you’re gonna be solving in your business all the time, that is getting more clients and just getting more employees marketing can help you with both of those. And you need to have both of those automatic systems that continuously come. You need to have people who are interested in becoming part of your staff, and they’re gonna check you out online and they’re making decisions just like that new clients making decisions. Can I see myself as a client? Can I see myself as an employee? Are you making me excited? Are you showing me who you are? Are you relevant? Are you timely? Are you professional? If you’re one of those pet sitters right now all you do is post pictures. I have news for you. You’re not showing up with your brand. You need to show up with your brands you need to look like you have money to dump back into your company.

And I’m telling you, it’s pennies on the dollar, what you look at for Better Marketing With Bella,  Leia even said it last week. Anyway, it’s not specific enough. The last thing I’m going to tell you about AI is that it’s only as good as the person behind the keyboard. At the end of the day, it’s still artificial intelligence. And while it is getting rapidly more intelligent, because everything that goes into things like chat GPT, for example, just adds to the database chat. GPT is smarter today than it was in January. That’s a fact, okay, we still need to train it to know us specifically, to get the outcomes that we hope for. So I want you to use AI. But here’s what I want you to do, I want you to do it, right? And so if you’re a DIY person, you want to sit here and you want to learn it and you want to get it into it. Awesome. Join us in the mastermind, take our training, and you can be like some of the jumpers in there right now that are leveraging it and kicking butt with it, you just go tojumpcxnsulting.net/mastermind, and you can get $50 off a month if you pay annually, which it’s like a buffet in there. It’s like a Thanksgiving Day buffet, you can pick and choose what you want, do not try to consume all of it because your stomach will hurt and you will pass out on the couch and go to sleep.

There’s so much value in there. The other thing that you can do is join me for better marketing with Bella, I’m not even kidding. I will tell you if you are right or wrong about the program. Because like I said, your success is my success. I don’t want someone joining who’s just starting a business has no money coming in, or is just doing in-their-home dog boarding, I’m going to tell you straight up No, this program is not for you. But if you’re someone who is hustling to grow your business, and you’re out in the field all the time, and you want to have employees soon. But you need to get enough clients and a nice brand image out there to attract more clients and eventually to attract employees. Or maybe you’re one of those people who have hired your first couple of people. But now you’re just overwhelmed and exhausted with management and trying to figure out how to keep all of your new staff in line and what it looks like to be the boss in charge. And you just don’t have the creative space in your head to have creative energy to be spending on social media and you feel guilty all day long. Because you feel like you should be posting but you haven’t you know, you’re not being consistent. Yeah, you. Or maybe you’ve reached a point in your company where you have an office staff, you’ve had somebody try to do your marketing for you. And it’s happening, but you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re like, okay, good. I outsourced it, and they’re posting and I guess it’s good enough? No, you need a strategy. Once you start aiming for a target, that’s when stuff starts falling from the sky. And it is amazing and fun. And I want to talk to you about that. Because I don’t possibly have enough time on this podcast to talk to you about that. So if you are kind of on the fence, I’m telling you right now you’re gonna miss the boat. It is now or never you guys, you can jump on a call with me if you want to talk about it and ask me some questions. Like I said, I’ll be honest with you, if you’re not a good fit for the program, I don’t want you messing up my retainment rate.

I want the right kind of people with the right mindset at the right time in the program. So you can jump on a call with me by going to jumpconsulting.net/20. And I offered that URL to anyone who’s been listening who’s like, oh, Bella, this is so cool. Like, yeah, well, I’d like to talk to you. But I’m not big enough of a business yet. Or I don’t know what to ask you or I don’t know what to do. Let’s just meet each other. I live for the days that I get those 20 20-minute calls, and I get to meet you and hear about your struggles and inspire hope or some ideas or some strategy to you again, just go to jumpconsulting/20. That’s two zero. You can find a time on my calendar that fits with yours and we could chat. So guys, I hope this has given you a little food for thought here about the dangers of using AI do not just do it to do it. Just like you should not be doing marketing just to do it. You need a strategy you need to be doing it right. Just done isn’t enough. You need to know what your target is. You need to know how to use it properly. Because I don’t want you to end up also then you turn into one of those people that say, oh, AI doesn’t work. No, you don’t work. Respectfully you don’t work. And that’s tough. It’s a tough lesson. I’ve had to learn that lesson in other areas of my life. But you guys help us here. And my best Miss Doubtfire VOICE Help is on the way do you think okay, that’s why I’m not an actor?

I hope you laughed. Alright, guys, this has been another episode of Bella in your business. I want to keep reminding you that when like get you down always keep jumping. Have a great day. Bye now. So what did you think? Did you love this episode? I sure hope you did. Because I put a lot of love into this for you. The best way you can show me that is by going to iTunes Stitcher Google Play or wherever you listen to your podcasts and go ahead and leave a review I just might read it on the next episode I also want to remind you that when life gets down remember to always keep jumping thanks for listening.

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