Episode 347: Uplevel Your Chat GPT Game For Your Pet Sitting Business With Dustin Stout

AI for your pet business
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Move over, sci-fi dreams, AI has crashed the party! This groundbreaking innovation is giving us a rollercoaster ride of excitement, curiosity, and non-stop chatter. It's like a magical genie reshaping how we live, work, and play! Buckle up, Jumpers, the future's here, and it's powered by AI awesomeness!

Welcome to another exciting new episode of Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast. Today, I have a special guest joining me, the fantastic Dustin Stout, a digital marketing consultant. Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of A.I. and discover how it's revolutionizing businesses like Dustin's. We'll explore the power of ChatGPT, human-like responses, and his game-changing interface called Magai. And here's the icing: Magai has a more extensive context window and faster response time, making your experience unbelievably awesome. Trust me, this episode is packed with juicy insights and incredible stories that you won't want to miss. So sit back, relax, and let's embark on this AI adventure together!

Let's dive in!

Topics & Key Points

  • The transition from traditional methods to AI-powered tools like ChatGPT
  • The success of ChatGPT and its impact on the market
  • The development of Magai as an interface
  • Features of Magai and its magical aspect
  • The concept of personas in chatbots.
  • Why business owners should have Magai on their radar
  • The importance of context and deep conversations for better AI output
  • The ongoing development and improvements in Magic’s features and capabilities.
  • Why overwhelmed pet-sitting and dog-walking business owners should embrace AI technology


[00:54] Dustin Stout’s background

[02:14] Introduction to AI and ChatGPT

[04:33] ChatGPT as a new  language

[07:06] The release of ChatGPT and how it came to the market with a bang

[10:05] Paradigm shift in using chatbots

[11:05] Introduction to Magai as a better interface for ChatGPT

[12:55] The limitations of ChatGPT and how Magai addresses those limitations.

[21:00] Understanding the different types of AI apps

[23:30] The game-changing features of the Claude AI Model: Anthropic’s large language model

[29:35] The benefits of offering users multiple AI models to choose from

[31:00] Upcoming AI training in the Mastermind

[34:06] Dustin’s final words to burnout pet-sitting and dog-walking business owners  

Notable Quotes

[00:02:42] “The state of A.I. artificial intelligence is really just very smart, at least seemingly smart applications that do things either in the form of text generation or text editing or image generation. And there’s actually some video generation. So they are applications that are taking text input from you. You’re typing some words and they are creating something based on those words that you get. And so it’s almost like magic.”  

[00:11:21] “No longer did you have to filter your ideas. You have to filter your needs and wants and goals through somebody else’s templates. You have to fit your creativity into somebody else’s box. Yeah, I just talked to the guy, and… this is the paradigm shift people needed to make these tools accessible to them. The natural language aspect is just that’s the game changer.”

[29:35] “One of the things that I wanted to do with Magai is offer people multiple A.I. models to give them that choice of like, you know, maybe ChatGPT is not giving them the thing that they want or maybe it doesn’t have the capacity. We can give them another model from another company and give them a little bit of choice.”


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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella Vasta. And this week I’m bringing you a very special guest. As you can see if you’re watching the video, this is Dustin Stroud and he will be discussing the basics of chat GPT, what he’s currently doing, which you need to know because it will impact you if you let it, and how there is more than Chachi Beatty out there along with some predictions of what’s going on. If you’re loving these episodes, please make sure you go ahead and hit the subscribe button share this podcast, or if you dare leave a review.

Alright, so a little bit of a background about who Dustin is, he and I have met at different social media conferences multiple times. And so we have remained friends online. He’s an entrepreneur, a digital marketing consultant, a speaker, a social media enthusiast, he is passionate about helping others get their story heard. Since starting his blog, Dustin has built a successful career as a full-time digital marketing consultant, providing valuable insight on social media and digital marketing. His most recent venture, which you need to know about is called Magi. They say that right? Magi aims to bring the most powerful artificial, intelligent tools to one beautiful and highly functional interface. And let me say, as a side note, one of the backbones of my company currently. So Dustin, thanks so much for being here.

Thank you. Well, you said it better than the AI could have. So I’ll count on that.

That’s awesome. Listen, so let’s talk about that. Like what it so for our listeners, some might have heard about AI, they might have kinda like, you know, know enough to be dangerous. But why don’t we just start at a very basic foundation? What is AI stands for? And what in the heck is chat GPT? And why should we know about it?

That’s a great, great place to start. Because you know, as much as digital natives sort of understand all this stuff, because we’ve been, you know, we’ve been shiny object syndrome. And all over the place, since it came on the scene, it is important to cover the foundation. So AI stands for artificial intelligence. Now, it doesn’t mean you know, those things that you see in sci-fi, where they’re robots walking around, and they’re intelligent, and they’re self-aware. It’s not quite that right now, the state of AI Artificial Intelligence is just a very smart, at least seemingly smart application that do things either in the form of text generation, text editing, or image generation. And there’s some video generation so they, they are applications that are taking text input from you, you’re typing some words, and they are creating something based on those words that you give them. So it’s almost like managing your you’re kinda like, you’re adding some magic words. And then the machine is doing the things that you wanted to do just based on natural language, which is very different from how we’ve used it in the past. Usually, we have to wait on developers to come up with a button and a template and some functions that work and we hit a button, and then the things happen. Now, with the onset of chat GPT, which is a revolutionary new way of interfacing with artificial intelligence, we can just type what we want, and chat GPT where the AI will give us that thing and hopefully as close as possible to what we intended for it. But the idea is, we can speak to a natural, we can type to it naturally just like you would a human being. And we’ll give human-like responses.

Fantastic. I love that. That was a great breakdown. And so let’s talk about chat GBT for the people that are listening that are like, okay, yay, I’ve heard about chat. GBT. But like, what is it? I’ve been trying to explain it and I want you to, like, add to this. Like, it’s kind of like language, would you agree, like, kind of like Spanish or Russian or English? And it’s one way because, like, I mean, you know so much more about this than me. But like, you know, you brought Claude into Magi, which we’ll talk about, but is that a good way of thinking about it? Or can you help clarify that even for me?

Yeah, I mean, that’s one way to think about it because we are having to learn a sort of new way of communication. And the strange part about it is for me the more that I understand it, the more I realized it’s not actually that different. I almost think of it as if you think back to if you were around when this happened, or aware, I guess when Google took over. So I’m, I’m a millennial. So I was around before Google. And I was aware of like the time before Google before, you could just go and like Google, whatever you want, there was this transition period of, like, I used to look stuff up in books, and I have to go to the Yellow Pages to find an A pedia encyclopedia like that we already had this mode of operation, to get information. And it took us a while to slowly realize all the things that we can do with Google, and to learn how to craft a Google search, right, like it took some connecting of the dots, I guess, of how to communicate to this search engine to get the things that we want. So I think it’s very similar to that we were going through this subtle transition period of, you know, I used to do things XY and Z way I used to use this app and that app and this function and that feature, to do these things. But really, all I need is chat, GPT, I just need to tell it as you need to talk to it. Like it’s my assistant. And it will give me the things that I want. And there are some nuances there and some like little tricks that you can use to like to get better things out of it. But it’s just an awakening, I guess of how how to start communicating and getting the things we need, in a different modality, a different mode of operation.

That’s fantastic. I think back even when you’re saying that to the episodes of Katie Couric on the Today Show couch being like, what is that symbol talking about? Like, we just we didn’t, we didn’t do that. And so it’s a different way of thinking about it. Yeah. Tell me about the start of the chat. GPT. I know, it was December. I know it was like 1000 users in five days, like, tell, tell our listeners about that and give them the background on what chat GPT is and how it came on. On the market with such a bang?

Yeah, so the interesting thing is the history of AI, like AI tools, has been around for years. And I’m sure you’d use them because you’re all over Digital Trends. And me too, because like we use them for our marketing work or digital content creation. So we’ve had tools like Jasper and copy AI and the 5 million copycats of both of those tools. And we you know, over the last three years, it was like a new one every day was popping up. And they were all using most of them. Anyways, they were using this AI model from open AI called GPT. Three, which is the previous version of before check GPT came out. So think of it like, you know, an iOS or Windows version. It’s the previous less smart version, a less advanced version. And all these tools were using it right. So like they’ve been around for a while. And the reason I think that things took off when chatting beauty was released to the public, and it was only publicly released in March. So December, and January, some people started getting invited-only access. But like the problem with these former tools was everything was like templates, like I said, there was a button, there was a template, you had to know all the templates, and you had to know what the templates did. And you know, most of these AI tools. They were their whole business was built and sold on this idea of we have all the templates, you knew that 1000 times a million templates, come to pick a template and you get the thing done that you want to be done. And what the challenge for most people is, that seems like an attractive thing. Oh, I have all these options and all those tools. But what happens is like the same thing that happens when I log into Netflix at night, there are a million videos or movies that I want to watch or don’t want to watch and I have to sift through them all and figure out which one do I want? Oh, and so like you you encounter this paradox of choice, like I have so many options that I just can’t choose. And that’s why AI has never hit the mass market until now. Because with Chachi Beatty, when it was released and started giving people access to this new mode of operation just tell the AI what you want. Hmm. unlocked a whole world of possibilities. No longer did you have to filter your ideas? You’d have to filter your needs and wants and goals through somebody else’s templates. You’d have to fit your creativity into somebody else’s box. You could just talk to the AI and so around December January, they started leaking it out to trusted testers and so forth, and then in March, that’s when more people said already getting access. And that’s when the entire world changed. And, I was building an app, I was already building an AI app, I was building something based on a very limited set of templates, or modalities, you know, basically social media content and blog content, trying to find the simplest, easiest way to kind of combat this idea of like, you don’t have to sift through a million templates. You know, how can I refine that process? And then Chad GPT came on, on the scene, and I got access. And I instantly saw, this is the paradigm shift that people needed to make these tools accessible to them. The natural language aspect is just, that’s, that’s the game changer. And I immediately threw out everything that I was building. I was like, No, this is it. This is history, this is never going to be a thing, again, Wow, the way of doing things is just talking to the AI. I completely changed the entire business. And I started building Magi, which is a better interface for Chechi poutine.

So what I’m hearing is before the previous versions, it was very templated and overwhelming because you had to figure out which one you wanted to use. And it’s a kind of decision paralysis. And so it wasn’t that easy. Now, the new version, that the paradigm shift, like conceptually here is that you can just talk to it like a normal person. And it is just like if I was talking to you, I’m not going to have a good interview unless I asked you good questions. Right, right, exactly, though, it’s the same thing with the chat GPT. And what I’ve seen, and I want you to start talking about and telling us more about Magi is the way that I’ve explained it. And again, I want to make sure that you the expert, tells me if I’m on the right track here or not. But it’s like so we have these languages. But the language in their raw form of just talking back and forth to them requires a lot of skill, or like there are so many possibilities that you can do that, even though we’re just talking to them, it’s still kind of overwhelming. So when you take that language, and you put it into software like yours, and we already have problems solved, such as personas, you know, like, tell me XYZ as if you’re an HR consultant, or a sales agent, right? Those are gonna be two different outputs. And because you’ve already done those personas, like what I feel like is you’ve taken like, the basis do I have this right? You’ve taken the basis of this technology, and made it more user-friendly, or solved the major problems that people need? That that they have? Is that right? And, or wrong? And tell us what Maggi is and why I think I just said it wrong, Matt, Magi that died. Yeah. Um, why is it? Why is it different than chat? TPT? What does it do better than that? And why should business owners have it on their radar?

Most importantly, yeah, I mean, so if you’ve, if you’ve ever used chat up to like, number one, you you find out that it is kind of magical, like there’s something magical, like I said, putting in some words, typing some words, and then things happen, you know, I’m a Harry Potter fans.

My daughter too, has the one.

So you see some magic words and things happen. And so that’s actually how I came up with the name for Magi. It was, you know, magic and AI, Magi. And so, when I started using chat up tea, though, like, instantly, as a business owner, you’re almost pre, your precondition to like, find problems or like to find gaps or to find friction points, you know, a great business, you know, you find a problem and solve it. Right. So, you know, I started using it right away. And instantly I realized as a prolific content creator myself, you know, do social content, blog content, ads, webpage, landing pages, you know, all sorts of content. I instantly knew like, Okay, I’m gonna have all these chats, and all sudden, they’re just building up in the sidebar here. And like, oh, wait, no, what was the one I had like three days ago, where I asked if this thing and oh, shoot, how do I find that? Oh, there’s no search feature. Was there no search feature? Why can’t I search my chest? Why can’t I group them and put them in folders? Why can’t I? Why can’t I just have it read a webpage? I mean, I just wanted to get the text on this page. And I wanted to do something with this. I got a copy of the whole thing. Why? Why do I have to switch apps all the time, go to a document editor back here and back to the dock? So it was like it started building up all these little user dances. Yeah, it’s just these little annoyances, zip getting on my nerves. And I’m like a content creator as someone who’s trying to do business with the content that I’m creating here. I need some tools. , I need some tools to get my work done with less effort. And with less, you know, context switching and back and forth and all the headaches. So I was like, I can build this this, I’m already building this app chat. UBT offers an API, which essentially means that apps, and other apps can use chat GBT in their apps. And so I’m like, I’m just going to build a better version of chat GPT using the same technology, and that’s what Magi is. So Magi from day one, I was like, I need to build a system that allows you to search and filter your chats quickly and easily in a way that we’re already used to not having to learn a new way of doing things like how can I give people something that they’re already used to that they don’t have to learn something new, I also wanted to be able to put them into folders and categorize them and organize them. I’m a bit of an organization freak. So I’ve built The folders feature into Magi where you can put things into folders. I also, as I said, wanted it to read URLs. And unfortunately, Chechi at the limitation of it is that it’s an AI model that was trained on data up until September 2021. So it’s not accessing the internet. Right now. It is a static set of data that it has been trained on. And it can only pull from that data, which means anything that happened after September 21 is completely unaware. And so if I want it to interface with my website, and if I want to say, you know, here’s my landing page for my product, tell me how I can make it better. It can’t it can’t do that. But with Magi, I was able to build in the ability to paste the link. And Magi will follow the link read the page and give that information in chat GPT. So you don’t have to, like copy and paste all of it yourself. So dozens and dozens of things like that, that, you know, over the last two months that I’ve been adding and adding and adding as people been asking them, it just to make our lives easier, and to make access accessing the the AI, better, faster, stronger, more efficient. And then you know, of course, unlocking some of the capabilities that natively chat GPT doesn’t give you, and what those you alluded to is personas. So a lot of people who have discovered this ability of chat GPT to sort of take on a personality, you can tell it, you know act as an expert copywriter. And it will give you more precise outputs around copywriting say, or you can say, you know, talk like or write in a style of not Hulk Hogan, you can give it person Yeah. And it will follow those instructions very closely. Now, the thing with Chad GPT, though, is if you read through some of the nerdy documentation that I spend a lot of time in, you find that there are already a set of instructions given to the API, whenever you start a chat, it has what’s called a system message. And that system message instructs the behavior How’s it supposed to interact with your content. And it’s a very simple system message that every chat you start in chat APD has, you are a helpful assistant. So essentially, what it’s doing is it’s taking its big thing of knowledge is its big, you know, dataset. And it’s filtering it through this operation of being a helpful assistant. And then you can give it an instruction. On top of that, you know, I want you to act as a role advertising specialist or a social media manager. And I want you to do these things, it’s going to do that it’s going to follow your instruction, but it’s still being filtered through first as the helpful assistant. So you’re, you’re somewhat diluted in that instruction. Now with Magi, because I’m using the API, I have the ability to manipulate that system message and to switch it out with whatever you want it to be. And that’s how personas were born personas are these expertly crafted instructions given at the system level to the AI so that whatever goal you want to accomplish, whatever outcome you want to produce, or whatever style you want to have the AI generated, you set that persona, and then instantly you’re going to get better outputs because you’re not being diluted by the helpful assistant system instruction. You’re your instruction as the persona is the system-level instruction, giving you much more efficient and more effective outputs.

That is phenomenal and fantastic. And you guys I hope you’re getting excited about this right now. When he was talking about personas we just finished a week-long hiring with the AI chat group and I know some of you guys already are using Magi I think I love that description, Dustin because it makes so much sense to me why I, when I do use Magi how I get so much better responses. When I’m trying to prompt the persona versus chat, GBT, I had no idea that it was still being filtered through that original thing that you were just talking about. Also, you guys, it’s not enough to just be like, oh, yeah, AI is everywhere, like it’s in Canva. Now it’s in clickup. Now, it’s kind of doing kind of, it’s taking the raw form of it and bringing it in because of that open API that Dustin was just telling you about. So I want to tell you like, Dustin, am I right? In saying that not all AI is created equal? Not all like, you know, click-up AI isn’t going to be like, Magi AI or Right, right. And then where does it fall with? I know, inside Magi, it was a game changer. Going from using chat GPT to Claude, and what what is what are the differences there? And I’m probably getting too granular right now. But I want to know from my self, and this is my podcast. So yeah.

It’s your showgirl. No, so your first question is, are you all these apps, adding AI? And how, how does that sort of become different? If everything has AI? What is an AI? Right? Yeah, so you know, from a business perspective, all of these apps sort of have to, they have to add some form of AI because it’s becoming such a hot topic. And so yeah, and what they have to do is they have to find ways to leverage the AI to fit their user’s current needs, right? You know, like Canva, they’re, they’re adding image generation, maybe some text generation, but they’re not going to, like, you know, come up with, you know, an integration that will help you write a storybook, right? Like it’s, or do, you have to sort of narrow the functionality, they have to narrow down the use of how they’re bringing us AI. And odds are, they’re making some tweaks on the back end, they’re adding some system instruction of their own, and they’re layering in their own what they think the user needs. And so in very different ways, you know, Magi is meant to give you whatever you need, whereas something like a Canva, or clickup, they are intuiting, what you need based on their app and what their apps supposed to do. And so it’s you, you’re sort of getting limited, but a targeted functionality, I guess the better way to say it targeted functionality from the AI inside those apps. Whereas Magi is meant to give you any creative needs, you want just really be the open and powerful assistant that can give you deliver anything. And now you mentioned claw. Now the other thing that chats GPT doesn’t have is it doesn’t have other companies’ AI models. Now the chat-up t is not the only AI game in town. Right? Open AI is the company that created chat GPT. And they are sort of the leaders in the space at this point. They’re the most popular name. They’re Google right now. They’re the Google of AI models. Yep. Um, but they’re not the only ones. There’s another company out there called Anthropic that is doing some amazing things in this field, they have a significantly different I think, approach to how they do the AI and how the AI does its thing in the background. But they’re also a little bit more conservative in terms of safety and, and putting up guardrails around the AI because they’re very safety conscious. So they’re a little bit more conservative on conservative on that side. But the real big game changer, there are two big game changers for, for me when I choose Claude over say open AI chat GPT or GPT number one is the context window. So this is something most people aren’t aware of. And it happens daily, I’m having to explain this to people because, you know, one of the things that I have beef with just about Jeju tea is, it’s not transparent about its limitations. And what I mean by that is, every AI model has a limited memory, it cannot remember the entire conversation now it will give you the illusion, it is very, very good at making you think that it remembers everything you said. It remembers that entire conversation. That’s how you’re able to have deep conversations. And, you know, the context feeds how good the output comes. But it does have a very limited memory. And if you think about it like a memory card, or you know if you’re before before iPhones had huge limitations, you know, we would tell you, you just told me before we came on, we have like 90,000 photos that you’re trying to manage, right? Yep. I remember the time when my phone could not handle all the photos that I was taking. And I would constantly have to delete things from our app to like to transfer them to Google Photos Hold on, some of my phones had more memory, right? Ai models work in the same way. And they have a limited scope that it’s called a context length. And in the case of Claude, they call it a context window. So think about it as this window. So I’m sitting here in a window in this video, and every chat message you have adds to the bottom of the window, right? As things as you add more and more, the things at the top start to come up close to the window, and all sudden, they’re out of the window, right? Because at some point, it’s just too much and it fills up the whole screen. What chat GPT will not tell you is it as soon as something is outside that window, it has no recollection of it, it does not know what it is. So you can have a conversation and think it’s going great. And then all of sudden it says something you’re like, Wait, did you forget about something there? Because now you sound a little weird. That’s what’s happening.

Its context window has been exceeded. So it’s actively forgetting everything that you said before or outside of that window. Now that window for chat GPT for standard chat, you can t is about 3000 words. That’s it. That’s it, that’s all you get 3000 words, and then it starts to forget now for most Tunisia. Right, exactly what people might not be a big deal. You know, maybe they’re making a handful of social media content, or maybe they’re making advertisements for their business 3000 words is playing with GPT. For the most advanced models, that opening I has, you get double the capacity, you get 6000 words. And, again, for most people, that’s fine. Like that will work. But with Claude, the thing that blew my mind was clods. And Claude has a model. And they have several models, some with lower capacity, some have higher, the higher capacity cloud model models called Claude 100k. And it can remember up to 75,000 words, wow. So GPT, for 6000, Claude 100k 75,000, that’s more than 10 times the amount of memory that you have to have these deep conversations with you. And remember to like the AI is, the more context you feed it, the more it can improve upon what it’s giving you. And so more context and deeper conversations equal better output as you go along. And so that was a huge unlock for me. Now, the other thing too, is clot is way faster. mutations that Magi has, and you know, I’m working on a way to get around this. But in native chat, GBT, you say a thing. And it starts typing right away, right? You sit there watching time is kind of fascinating. But you get that instant feedback. Now, because of the way that Magia is set up through the API, we can’t watch it type in real-time, we have to wait until it finishes the whole response and says Magi, and then you get the whole thing all at once. And so feels a lot slower than it made a chat GPT it’s not necessarily it’s just like it feels that way because we’re not getting the instant feedback. Interesting. But with Claude, Claude is so fast. It’s not sitting there typing word for word, in a matter of seconds, it’s going to produce the whole thing. And then instead of managing, so I love Claude, number one for its context length. I mean, that’s, for me, I’m writing articles that are like 6000 words. This means if I’m gonna have a conversation with an AI about it, it’s going to be a conversation of like, 20,000 words, at least, yeah, as the back and forth, you know, your words count against that context. So with Claude, I can feel free to have these conversations as long as I want and go deep. Now, and then the speed on top of that. But the other thing is, Claude, as I said before, is more conservative, they’re a little bit more on the safety guidelines side of things. And so it’s less likely to lie to you, it’s less likely to make stuff up. That’s one of the big problems with Chat GPT is it will, as one of the journalists that I love Neil, Neil Patel from the verge, likes to say AI will confidently lie to you. And if it doesn’t know something, it just makes it up. You have to kind of fact-check and put it through your common sense to make sure but Claude is much more conservative, much less likely to lie and make stuff up. And that’s another thing that I appreciate about it.

That is amazing. Again, you know, coming back to where we started this part of the conversation was one of the things that I wanted to do with magic is offer people multiple AI models, give them that choice of like, you know, maybe GPT is not giving them the thing that they want or maybe doesn’t have the capacity one we can give them another and model from another company and give them a little bit of, you know, choice in there to get the best possible product for their needs.

Um, so this is what I adore about you, Dustin, and why I followed you and why you don’t know it. But you’ve become an integral part of my company with my newsletters our blogs our podcast scripts with all of it, right? Because we got into chat GPT and had some of the hiccups that you were talking about, and then went into Magi and was just like, who? Yes, we’re home like it was. And so, first I want to say because I haven’t even spoken about this yet. And I probably should do a little intro after this interview. But you guys, if you want to check it out, go to junk consulting, dotnet, forward slash Maggi Magi, M A, G. AI, and you will go straight there it is my affiliate link. But guys, as I use it, I like her cup format. I’m not just a client, or I’m not just a salesperson, I’m also a client. And it guys, it starts at $9 a month. And I’ve already had some of my companies sign up for it and they love it. They were like, Oh, my God, this is going to be so much fun. But let me tell you the next step here, the higher level of this because I know that our shows go over what you’re normally used to. But if you have been, let’s see, how do I say this in a funny way, and not a weird way? If you have been business minded turned on by this conversation, there’s so much more for you coming up in July 2023 Inside the mastermind, Dustin’s going to come in and have two appearances. One is going to be training one is going to be teaching, I think. And we also have another expert coming in we’re dedicating the entire month of July to artificial intelligence, specifically powered by magi who is because for you to move your business forward, everyone is burned out stressed out overwhelmed with too much stuff to do. And if you can just learn this, okay, just like picture back, if you decided you were never going to like learn Google, how that would have hurt you. This is where we are, again, like closing this loop back to what Dustin was saying at the beginning. So if you are a jumper, which you are, if you’re listening to this podcast, I really encourage you to join us in the mastermind get with Dustin, the coolest thing about Dustin to you guys and you don’t know this because him and I are Facebook friends is he’s been taking us on this entire journey. He’s been so transparent about oh my gosh, this is happening. Oh my gosh, I did this or this is where we’re at this is how much we’ve grown. The other thing too is when I’ve had stupid silly questions. I’ve DM Dustin and he’s like on it with a loom back to me. He is the expert, there is the support, and there is the guidance. It’s not another software where you have to put in a ticket and then like Wait 24 hours to get a response back. So I encourage you so much to play around not with chat GBT in its raw form, but like spend $9 A month that’s a Starbucks-like drink for most people. Um, and get on Magi, and see what we’re talking about. I’m telling you this not because I’m trying to sell you because it doesn’t make that big of a difference to me at all. It doesn’t I don’t care. What it has done though, is that has made a big difference in my business. And you guys know that I am in the spot of helping you make your businesses better. So trust me when I say this. So again, go to jump consulting dotnet forward slash Magi. And, let’s talk about it in the Mastermind. If you’re not in the mastermind already, go to jump consulting dotnet forward slash mastermind and join us and join in the conversation. It’s a monthly membership that you know if you don’t like it, or you just want to be in it for that month. Cool. Like that’s it. Dustin, I’m gonna leave you with the final words of what do you think that you know, all these pet sitting and dog walking business owners who are overwhelmed, burnt out? Feel like they’re burning the candle at both ends of the stick? What would your final words as just another business owner, marketer, and AI specialists be to them?

Well, I think being in a dog walking business is such a unique and specific business. And despite its uniqueness and specificity of it. And even though you might think there aren’t a whole lot of tools out there that can relate to what you’re doing and how you operate your business. One of the beautiful things about these AI models is they understand a lot about a lot. And so if you could spend some time talking and interfacing with the AI about your business and just ask it things like here, here’s my list of clients. Here are the days that I’m walking here are all the jobs that I have lined up. How can I improve my efficiency in this? I’ll give you another exam because I’m not in this As a business I can’t speak specifically. But take from this, I had one guy who was using Magi. He’s a director. And this director, essentially what he did is he uploaded the script, he pasted the entire script of the play that he’s doing. And he essentially said, Give me a prop list based on the script. So I can handle a props department. And the AI did all that it read the script, it found all the props, and it made a list for him. Then he said, to make a list of all the characters and rank them based on how many words they say. And it made a list of all the actresses based on words that he said, Give me the character traits for all of these characters that I need to look for. And the actors when I do auditions, and it did an entire breakdown. And then he said, here’s the opening day of our show, our opening day is this date. And our first day of rehearsals is this date, come up with a rehearsal schedule, that schedules all the actors in the right places for the number of words that they need to be based on that, and rent the whole schedule for us in a spreadsheet format. And it did it. So I think about that when it comes to dog walking, you have a schedule, right? You have to book things in a calendar, you have clients to manage, you have activities to manage, but all of that into the AI and just having it helps you organize things. You can do it faster and more efficiently than you trying to sit there and do it all by yourself. So just explore those types of things, explore just give it information, say I need help with this aspect, or I need help with that aspect. How can you help me and just just simply ask it, how can you help me with this? And it will tell you Yeah,
oh my god, I just got some amazing ideas that we’re going to we’re gonna exploit your brain on in the mastermind and that schedules because so many dog sitters or business owners are sitting there on Google trying to map out where their people should go like one to like to buy houses.

And oh, I have I have some ideas there that I want to play with. And I can’t wait to continue this with you in July. So Thanks Thanks for making yourself available. Thanks for being here today. You guys again, you want to go jump on over to jumpconsulting.net/magaii which is Ma Ji AE i This has been another episode of Bella in your business.

Remember when life gets you down? Always keep jumping by now

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