Episode 352: Easy Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In The Pet Industry

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In recent years, artificial intelligence has rapidly become an indispensable tool across various industries, revolutionizing how we live and work. One such field where AI's impact is both significant and heartwarming is the pet industry. From personalized pet care to innovative veterinary diagnostics, AI is playing a vital role in transforming the way we care for our furry companions. In today’s episode of  "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast,"  I delve into the exciting world of leveraging AI for your business. We're talking about embracing AI as a game-changing technological revolution. I'll be sharing some awesome resources and real-life examples to show you how AI can rock various aspects of your business. Staying competitive means keeping up with the times, and artificial intelligence is a big part of that. So, I want to personally invite you to reach out if you need any more assistance or insights on how to make the most of it in your business. Let's level up together!

Topics & Key Points


  • How AI can be leveraged in business
  • Debunking AI misconceptions
  • Maggie: An advanced AI tool
  • The Power of 100 Days
  • Working  smarter, not harder using AI


[02:22] Using AI in pet sitting and dog walking businesses and how it can save money [04:21] Common Misconceptions about AI [08:38] How AI can be leveraged in various aspects of a business [10:31] 100 days love nurture campaign [10:45] The infancy stage for AI [11:34 AI for video and transcripts [11:36] The need to embrace AI as a technological revolution and how it can help businesses work smarter, not harder. [12:39] Using AI to enhance business

Notable Quotes

[00:02:31] "The world is not being overtaken by robots. It's not about robots walking dogs, but about leveraging AI to save time and money in your business." [00:05:24] "You're already using AI without even realizing it. When you ask Siri or Alexa something, that's AI. It's the future, and we're already part of it." [00:11:29] "Creativity can be scarce when we're overwhelmed and stretched thin. AI can help you come up with creative ideas that can make a big impact in your business." [15:00:32] "Social media isn't for advertising; it's a place for entertainment and delight. Stand out by being interesting and captivating with your content."


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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella Vasta. And today we are going to stay on the artificial intelligence train. Oh, but before you get a little too scared, let me caution you here I'm gonna get give you real-life examples of what some of your pet-sitting and dog walking colleagues are doing right now. If you might have remembered from our past episodes, we had in Episode 346, Kelly Noble Mirabella. And in Episode 347, we had Dustin Stout, all talking about how to use AI in your business, how to teach AI, to be your business coach to learn your voice, and all the different ways that you can manipulate it. And so if you haven't listened to those, you might want to go back and kind of tactically start to get your mind wrapped around how to do this. And I want to say guys, like the world is not being overtaken by robots. All right, it's not it's not going to robots are not going to be walking dogs, okay? But what is going to happen is that you are going to start to realize that you could save hundreds of dollars, as we showed, and I'll tell you a little bit later in the episode, some of our mastermind members, we figured out how to leverage AI to help solve or save hundreds of dollars. So it's been it's a hot topic, it's not going anywhere. And I want you guys to remember back. I don't know if you remember this. But there was a time back in I think the early 90s when Katie Couric, when she kind of just started, she's sitting on the Today Show couch, and they were talking about email and the internet. And there was a big event that had happened in a catastrophe that had happened in California. And they were saying, I don't know, I think they like using the internet, or Google, I don't even think they had Google back then was an internet. And then they were talking about that at symbol. And they were talking about like an email, like what an email is named@name.com. And they were like, is that, uh, you know, they were trying to figure out what that symbol even was. All right. And we're kind of at that stage right now, where, if you understand the concept, now it's only gonna get better. And in, in just one week, I have seen things get better, like the training that we did. While the basic principles still apply, the output from AI has gotten so much better. And you guys, I'm going to explain to you how you can use this stuff in your business so that you can understand why it's worth stepping like, you know, taking a step back, and listening and trying to learn about all of this. Now, at that same thing. I want to be warning you of all of these like tiktoks or reels you might see where people are like save this prompt. That's all fine and dandy. And there is a lot of validity to that. But when it comes to your business, you need to understand that whatever you input is going to be what you get out back out, okay? I've also heard people say things like, Oh, well, I can't use AI because Google or Bing knows when I'm using AI so I can't write blogs, because then it's not going to help me on the SEO and that is false. That is something that's like a rumor that kind of started when all this stuff started. And it's not true, literally from Google. It's not true. And so I want you guys to stay close. If you are a jumper, if you are someone who is constantly looking to work smarter, not harder, who is looking to streamline things, looking to lessen the friction of your company and help empower your staff on things as well. This is going to help you it can help you with just about everything in anything. You are already using AI anytime you ask si ri anything or a l e x an anything. I don't want to set off any of your machines or google, and your if your kids are like my kids, or my kid, I mean she's got Alexa's talking to each other and dropping in and sending notifications. It's the way the world is like it's the way the future is like it's going to be happening, but we're already using that stuff. Okay, we're using it. I'm on Google, we're using this like Grammarly. That's one of the most basic uses for it. A lot of like the chats situation, like really started coming up in 2019 Or so I remember sitting at Social Media Marketing World with Pam Curry, after the keynote, and they were talking about chatbots. And how chatbots help like, you know, chatbots, in your own business, when you say, Hey, say DM below, and I'll drop you the link or something that's all a chatbot, which is also artificial intelligence. So it comes in many different forms. And you're already using it in many different ways. So to say that, like you don't want to start using it is automatically like, you gotta like switch that mindset because you already are using it. It's just a matter of understanding it well enough to understand the concept, the high-level strategy concept, which is what I hope that I'm able to get across to you so that you can leverage it in your business and your internal operations. What if you were paying an an office manager right now 20 hours a week, when you should be paying 10 hours a week, because your systems are streamlined so much, or you're leveraging the power of AI, that they're not spending as much time on that? What does that do for you? Well, now you're not spending 20 hours, you're spending 10 hours. So what do you get to do with that extra 10 hours that you would have been spending, you get to save it in your pocket. I'm going to show you an example of that in just a little bit. It's so, so fun. So other things like, you know, I want you to think about like, how can AI be leveraged in your company? Well, you can have them help you write emails, those tough emails, when you're like, I'm not sure what to say, one of my favorite ones is, I believe it's called polite post.net. And you can put in there, like, you know what, like, however, you want to say it, you know, it's like the F um, F or like, you are a piece of crap, like, I don't like you and you know, your, like, you could just go off on it. And it will rewrite it in the most professional business tone. Um, I think that one's hilarious. So there are so many different modalities that you can do this, but like writing emails, or just, you know, your standard, hey, we don't want your cancellation policy. But we want to get out of your cancellation policy. Well, what do you say? Well, up until recently, you've had to sit there and try to figure out what to say and make a template for it. And then add it to Google Labs or your SOP and then give it to your office manager or put it in a Google Doc, where you remember to go cut, copy paste it later on. Hmm, no more, you don't have to do that anymore. You can create these templates for you, which will help empower your staff or yourself in future captions strategies. Customer Service website, what do you say on your website? How many of you guys have used Erica with your marketing blog? A lot of you have because I talk about her all the time. She's amazing, okay, but any kind of website copy, you have to create the copy, you have to be in control of it, and you can't give it over to someone else to write your website copy. That's like wearing someone else's underwear. That when. And I can see when that happens too. Because I can go to your website. And I can copy and paste what you put on your website. And I can put it on one of my other client's websites. That's how generic it is. But now, if you do it properly, with artificial intelligence, using several different things you can use, I'm not just talking chat GPT, which is like the basic of the basic. You can all of a sudden make your website come alive. You can do it in the tone of a comedian, and it's hilarious. Or you could do it in a tone of a pet parent or you could do it. There are so many different ways that you can manipulate this. But website copy is something that it's very easy to update and it's very easy to leverage what if your words made people fall in love with you when they come to your website? That is Huge people are going to your website. And it's pretty much looking probably the same as everyone else in your area, saying the same thing as everyone else in your area, I would say three out of four companies are charging dollars for time. So that's also the same. So the only thing they have to compare is, Oh, this one is $25 for 30 minutes, and this one's $30 for 25 minutes. And they're like, well, I'll just go with the cheapest because the words aren't making much of a difference. But what if AI was able to help you make that difference? Super exciting. Other things that we talk about a lot and develop a lot in my jump community are 100 days, 100 days for clients, and 100 days for employees. This is basically like a love-nurture campaign. It's built off of Joey Coleman's premise who was also on the podcast that talks about things like people have buyer's remorse, or job remorse, after they like to accept the position, or they like to give you money. And they know that you know, you're on they're like, Okay, well, did I, I was excited to make this purchase. But now, is it happening? Right? And the buyer and the new employee, they go on this cycle of like, yay, oh, I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. And what these 100 days things that that this philosophy and these outlines that we teach, and we do with a lot of our community, AI can help leverage that it's able, it's able to help give you ideas, which is like it's it. So many of us are lacking creativity, because we're burned out overwhelmed, and overworked, okay? And so you might have to be a creative person, but you have no more creativity in your bone because you're just stretched so thin. This is where AI can come in if you ask it the right things, and it can help you figure out creatively, things that are gonna make a really big impact. And it's wild. Okay. And so they also, um, what type of AI matter. So there's like, video AI that can take some of your videos, like if you guys do stories, there's no reason why you can't be turning those stories into reels automatically. It's so easy. It makes it so easy with AI. They will go out and grab your stuff when you post it. And they'll automatically make it into stories, but I hear are you leveraging it, okay, transcripts, maybe you have something and maybe you do a Facebook Live or an Instagram Live, and you're talking about the three ways to make the three ways to walk a dog, I don't know. And you can have it, grab all the transcript for it. And then you can take that transcript and you can tell it to take the transcript and write a 1500-word blog from it, and it will do it. Guys, it is amazing. The domino effect is if you understand the high-level strategy. And so if you guys are on YouTube right now, I'm like, I'm all Italian right now. My hands are flying everywhere. I am getting so excited right now. I mean, it's just you and me talking right? Like, give me your feedback. Let me know if this is exciting you if it's if it's if it's confusing you Where am I with this, I want you guys to truly understand how great AI can be in your business and how it can leverage now, let me kind of get into some examples because I promised you that so first Kelly came in and taught us about how to have aI act as a coach for us. So she gave us this whole script on how to get it to ask us the right questions so that we could get to know ourselves. Okay, and that's all fine and dandy on chat. GPT but on chat GPT you can't save things in folders at least as of right now August 7, 2023. You can't save personas like okay now act as a comedian or whatever that is chat. GBT is only acting as an assistant. That's it. And to get it to do certain things, you have to override it. And you have to know how to do that. Right. And then Dustin came in and talk to us about that and how to create personas. But he has he's, the founder of Magi and a G AI if you go to jump consulting.net forward slash m a G AI Magi like magic, artificial intelligence. That's how he came up with that, that that that name. And with Magi, it's kind of like GPS chat GPT on steroids. But it's not just chat TBT it's also this other language called Claude, which I prefer Claude to chat GBT. And then you can also select what kind of persona so hey, let me give you an example. One of our members, we kind of did this in real-time in the training with Dustin, and then one of our members did it. And she got so many views on this video. But she did a rap. She had the rapper persona, make a rap about front as a dog about how sad he is that the kids are going back to school and he wants a dog walker. You guys are amazing. And then we figured out how to Create a dog that looks like a rapper, and I created that image. Guys, this stuff is powerful and it takes minutes, not hours, minutes. And it's just amazing. It's creative, and it's beautiful. And people are like, What do I do on social? How do I, what should I put on there or, you know, kids are going back to school. And you know, while the burnt out overwhelmed, not high-level thinking pet sitters posting, back to school is coming. Don't forget to book your dog walk. These other pet sitters are entertaining and deleting on social media, which that's what social media is, it is not advertising, it is not. It is not a place for you to say, hey, buy my dog walks. It's a place where people go to be entertained and to mentally check out of their life for a minute. So you have to be interested. All right. And so it's really funny because people have also been using, using it like with their Jazz, HR, all of the front loading that we do all of the emails and the questions that we ask people and they've been taking that, and putting it into chat GPT using the Human Resources persona, and not chat GPT I'm sorry, using Magi. That's why Magi is amazing. It's only $9 a month you guys $9 Do you can afford it, it's month to month, try it. I dare you. Again, jumpconsulting.net/magai. Yes, that's my affiliate link. But I get a $1 ad when you sign up. So it's not that big of a deal to me. But I want to show Dustin that I'm helping him because I love that thing. That's the honesty of God's truth. And so many of my clients have already started using it too. Anyways, back to what I was saying. So they have taken all of the stuff that they have front-loaded for their interview processes. And they're different emails that go back and forth on the Jazz HR automated system where you get 50% Off with Bella. And they have had the HR person that persona, rewrite it for them, or come up with even better questions that are pointed out exactly what they're looking for. So hey, I'm looking to get a question to find out if this potential petsitting hire is good at attention to detail. What are three questions, open-ended questions, I should ask them, right? And they get it. They've also taken their workflows and put them in there and said, What am I missing? They've taken their websites and put that in there now chat GPT can't read websites. Magi can another bonus and said, Okay, how can what do you what is my message on my website right now? Like what are you reading? this is only the infancy stage for AI. And it's exciting. The things that you're gonna have to really learn is how to talk to AI, which AI programs to use that are going to leverage you and not cost you an arm and a leg. And what we tried to do with our community is we gave him an entire PDF of all the teachings and the prompts and the scripts and the things that we can use, and also some cool examples of what your peers are doing very easily, because they're like, Oh, ha, they're redoing their SOPs right now. They are redoing their 100 days for clients and employees, there, they're creating some really interesting marketing stuff. And throughout the rest of the year, we are committed in the community too, to keep using it and leveraging how, like, you know, AI can help you. So we have, um, you know, we're talking social media this month, and we're talking about websites, then we're talking about marketing, and we're talking about hiring, and then we're talking about self-development, and all of that. And every single one of those, there's going to be I am committing to having an undercurrent of using AI and the different programs that are out there that can help you in your business. So I'm excited. And I hope that artificial intelligence is on your radar in a way that you can leverage it. Because if you think back to the 90s like I was just saying, it is almost like, you know, trying to do your business, this is going to be almost like trying to do your business without using Google or using email. Like this is a technological revolution that we're in the middle of, and it is weird, like, so exciting. And I hope that y'all can be on board and get just as excited about it because I'm gonna be here learning along with you, but also producing the experts that I have access to to help you guys just leverage your business and be even better. And so chat, GBT is just the very entry-level free kind of thing. If you're frustrated with it, there are so many different other things out there. And there are better ways of organizing it. And truly, if you aren't leveraging it, or understanding it on a high level, your business is going to keep going and other businesses are going to get better because they are using these tools. I can't stress that enough. Okay. And so it's not doomsday. It's not a huge learning curve. It's nothing like that. It's just a little bit of a mindset shift. And please, I invite you to come along with me, because I'm dedicated to helping you work smarter, not harder. This has been another episode of Bella in your business. If you are confused or you have questions reach out or go tojumpcxnsulting.net/20. And we can get on a call and you can ask me whatever you want. You can pick my brain because it just energizes my day when I get to see you guys. So I hope you have an amazing day. And remember, just like today when I have zoom issues, and I have internet issues, you got to always keep jumping because things will get better. Have a great day, guys.

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