Episode 346: The Ins and Outs of Artificial Intelligence for your Pet Sitting Business To Save You Time and Money

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business, staying ahead of the competition is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. As entrepreneurs, executives, and visionaries, we constantly seek innovative strategies to drive growth, enhance productivity, and maximize profitability. And in this digital era, where technology is rewriting the rules of success, there's one groundbreaking force that has emerged as a game-changer: Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Hey jumpers, it's Bella Vasta, your go-to pet industry expert! Get ready for an electrifying episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," where we dive headfirst into the world of AI. This time, I'm joined by the incredible Kelly Noble Mirabella. Kelly is a seasoned digital and social media marketing professional, a  renowned chat marketing trainer, and co-author of Digital Etiquette for Dummies, and has collaborated with top companies in content development and promotional projects. 


Together, we'll unravel the secrets of artificial intelligence's impact on our beloved industry. We'll spill the beans on how giants like Canva, ClickUp, and ChatGPT are revolutionizing the pet industry using artificial intelligence. But hold on tight because we're not stopping there! We'll dish out tantalizing tips on how small businesses, just like yours, can successfully implement AI and save precious time using cutting-edge AI tools. From mind-blowing content repurposing hacks to staying one step ahead with AI advancements, this episode will leave you hungry for more. Don't miss out on this game-changing experience as we unleash the power of AI in your business and take it to unprecedented heights!


Let's dive in!

Topics & Key Points

  • The significance of staying updated with AI advancements and staying caught up in the industry.
  • Overview of different AI tools and software available for businesses.
  • Ways in which small businesses can successfully use AI
  • Examples of how AI can be utilized
  • The relief AI can provide by reducing the need for constant creativity and allowing business owners to focus on their core competencies.
  • opportunity to join the mastermind and have one-on-one discussions about AI.
  • The continuous advancement of AI technology.
  • Kelly's webinar on utilizing AI tools beyond blogging
  • Multiplication of expertise and marketing capabilities through AI tools.


[00:59] Introduction to Kelly [02:43] Importance of leveraging AI in businesses [05:02] The history of AI in our lives and its rapid advancement in recent years. [09:23] Ways in which small businesses can successfully use AI [11:44] The ability of AI tools to duplicate oneself and enhance productivity by mimicking brand personality [14:25] Who should be learning A.I. in a small business setting [18:32] The importance of repurposing content and using tools to create short-form videos for social media. [19:50] Kelly’s advice to business owners interested to get started and leveraging A.I in their businesses, [22:24] Mastermind $25 off a month coupon code. 

Notable Quotes

[00:02:51] “We are at a place of technological advancement where AI is definitely a thing and it's not going to slow down. In fact, it will be hyperspeed from now on. So if you kind of are sitting in the back, kind of like a wait and see what happens, you're already behind.”  [05:50] "AI is not a trend, it is not a fad. It is not going away. It's here to stay and it's just going to get even faster. The possibilities are endless." [04:28] "We are at a paradigm shift. Just like when we went from Encyclopedia Britannica to Google, AI is the next big thing. It's not new, but it's becoming more accessible to everyday business owners. And that should excite you.


Book: Digital Etiquette For Dummies Movie: Multiplicity  Connect with Kelly Mirabella Noble Connect with Bella

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella Vasta. And today we got something special for you. We are continuing the AI chat with Miss Kelly Noble Mirabella, talking about AI and your pet business. If you are recently a part of the hiring for AI with the pet business, you saw my big announcement that we are going to be focusing all on AI in the jump mastermind in July and 2023. And not only that but if this interview excites you, which I know it will, you can also get some Kelly in your life one on one inside the mastermind as we talk about it all month long. As always, if you like this episode, please don't forget to subscribe, share. And of course, leave a review if you get a moment. You guys. Kelly has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, and social media marketing, she's a top chat marketer. She was the top trainer for many chats for a couple of years and educator specializing in constant content marketing, and digital marketing strategy. Kelly is the co-author of digital etiquette for Dummies. She has yes, if you're watching the video, you can see right behind her. She has worked with renowned companies such as Ecamm Agora Pulse, and many chats, and outbound engines on projects, ranging from content development and courses to video and promotional projects. So when I say that this person understands how to use it to leverage software, from a marketing perspective, to have the most bang for your buck, it's an understatement. Kelly, thanks for being here. And thanks for joining and just having this discussion. Thanks so much for having me. I feel so under underdress compared to you look so gorgeous today. And I look like I'm going to the beach. I have mascara lip gloss and my pajama shorts on. Okay, okay, I feel better now. Oh, my hair is very greasy. But thank you, thank you, no girl. This is just how we do and you know that. So AI is not a new thing. But businesses need to leverage it. And we kind of see all these things popping up everywhere. Like Canvas says they have their AI like licked up says they have their AI. What like, why is it important for businesses to leverage it? And is it that big of a deal that all these companies have AI? Like? Is it all considered the same? Like, break it down for people? Because they think they get excited about it? Yeah, well, it can be overwhelming too because when something gets hot, it's everywhere. And so I think the important thing to note is that we are at a place in kind of technological advancement, where AI is a thing, and it's not going to slow down. It will be hyperspeed from now on. So if you kind of are sitting in the back, kind of like oh wait and see what happens you're already behind. So is it important for businesses to be jumping on this regardless of what industry you're in, I do think there's an application and I think having an understanding of how to use it is great. But you mentioned you know, all of these different companies like your canvas and then you have everyone's heard of Chad GPT and you know, click they all have this AI kind of starting to be intertwined, and the smart companies that are out there, the software companies they are utilizing AI because they see that it can help their clients but I think for you as a business owner the important thing to note is that you don't have to use them all because they're intertwined and a lot of the popular software that you're probably already utilizing you just use the ones that work best for you but it's going to do a lot for you so yes absolutely be using them it's important and don't sit back and you know to wait and see because you will be so far behind it will hurt your business you heard it here first jumpers Do not wait back and sit back and wait and see just keep you know get to know all about it. Like I said we're gonna be talking all about it in the mastermind you can sign up for one month for all I care just to like to hear about it and then get out if you don't want to be in it every single month. I mean, why wouldn't you want to be amazing? But, you know, you need to just educate yourself guys. We're at the paradigm shift. And yeah, without this, just like, you know, when we went from Encyclopedia Britannica to Google, you know, like it is literally like it's here and it's not going away like Kelly said it's just gonna get even faster. So speaking of which, I mean, like, Can you shed some light on the history of AI in our lives because I think some people think that this is a brand new spanking thing and like it just happened right now, and it's a fad and it'll go away. There are a lot of people I think with that mindset, so can you set us straight if, if one of us is thinking that, yeah, absolutely, I think because it's such a hot topic right now, it seems like it's all just new and flashy and stuff. And I get it, I have always been really into emerging tech. So I've been an early adopter of things. And I've been using AI for I mean, as we see it today, like your chat GPT style. I've been using AI for over two years. And that doesn't mean it hasn't been around longer. In a setting where businesses can use it, that just means it's been around a while. And it's not going anywhere. And as someone who has been utilizing it in the way you kind of see it today, for the past few years, I can tell you that it is moved so fast in the last just the year just this year, not full circle year 365. But like in the last several months 2023. It is moving so fast, compared to the last two years, that this is not a trend, it is not a fad, and it is not going away. I'll give you some examples of how AI is used today. And it goes back to what you mentioned. I'm also an expert in which is chat marketing, Shep marketing has utilized AI technologies for quite a long time. And I've been doing chat marketing for seven years. So that gives you even more background into how these technologies are kind of advancing. And if you just think of simple tech that you use every day, your series, your you know Alexa's and like voice-activated AI, those utilize some portions of AI and it's using more now than in the past. So they're getting smarter. And they're being able to utilize data and understand your voice and your likes and your dislikes. But even if you look at Google, and the way that you search, Google has been utilizing AI and ag algorithm, Mitt rhythmic can't talk today, technologies to better serve you and give you the type of responses to your search queries that are best for you. So if you were to go into incognito mode and search the same thing, you're gonna get completely different answers. But the same with if you go to Amazon, you are shown a certain type of product based on your search history, your front page is different than everyone else. Some of this is AI. Some of this is different types of technology. But more and more they are going to be leaning on these AI tools. So is it new? No. Is it becoming more accessible to the everyday business owner? Absolutely. And that should excite you. Yeah, I think it's absolutely exciting seeing how there's like the raw form. And then with all the open APIs, we were just talking with Dustin Stroud, from Josh's tool. Just in Magi. Magi is amazing. And it's interesting how we've seen, you know, there's like the raw form, I don't even know how to talk about this properly, maybe you do, but like, it's like the raw form of all of the artificial intelligence. But then because they have an open API, which means that software companies can then take that raw form and adapt it into their, their things, it's kind of mind-blowing, right and clean to understand is that it all kind of starts as a basis from the same thing. It's just sprouting off different places, which I think fascinating, because the abilities are endless, right? Absolutely. And if you are utilizing tools that are using AI, most likely they're using similar APIs. There's a couple of big players out there. But the important thing is that these software companies, your canvas, your Jasper's your magic, guys, they are training this software to use the AI in the best way possible for that software. And that's going to make your life easier as you utilize those different software. Yeah, it's fantastic. Um, so what am I kind of feel like we've just flirted with this, but what are ways that small businesses have successfully used AI other than maybe just say chatbots? And side note, you guys if you've ever experienced jumpy bot, which is my chatbot on Facebook, yeah, Kelly's helped us. She helped me chumpy bought have like a personality and of course, make it work. So um, yeah, we've been doing this a little bit, but where our business is implementing this right now. Oh, man, that it's, it's so much a big breath of how you can use it. I just recently, I do like a bi-monthly webinar where people come in and I show them how to use just chat GPT just your basic AI tool that everyone knows about. And you can use it for free how to use it for things outside of blogging because I do think a lot of people look at this, like a chat GPT or a magi or something like Oh, I can use it to write blogs. Yeah, and that's it. And it's so much bigger than that. You know, I've been able to show people how to do translations. I've been able to recently I taught a whole bunch of people how to train Ain't Chachi PT, with your specific brand voice. And so anything you write in the future any emails, any social media content, any brainstorming you want to do for workshops, or for even for blog writing, you know, I think is the simplest form. Um, anything you do is perfectly aligned with your value proposition, your brand voice who you are targeting, specifically, their pain points. And so your content goes from like, I have an understanding of my business. And that's something I can sit here and write exactly what I want to write, but it will take me hours, or I can ask something like chat up tea, or Magi or Jasper to write me things, and it will be okay. But what if I trained it the way I just told you, you can do now I have website copy, I have landing pages, I have calls to actions, I have assets I can give to my clients, I have lead magnets that are all written perfectly every single time. So those are just some of the examples that you can do with these tools. That I mean, there's just, it's so far-reaching that if I sat here, I could sit here for hours and tell you the different ways to utilize it. But the important thing is, is that you basically can multiply yourself and even make yourself better. So like, I have 16 years of digital marketing experience. So how do I translate that, you know, like, if you only have two years of owning your business, and you're not a natural marketer, yep, you have your expertise, but you might not have marketing expertise, well then lean on something like a chat GPT to say you could tell it hey, you're my marketing expert now, or you're my copywriting expert, I need you to help me get this stuff out of my brain and then make sense of it. And it can do that. So that alone to me is like I I leave it I mean today is it's noon my time right now. And I have been on various AI tools, since about 9 am this morning, just like blowing out tons of content for various clients and doing all kinds of madness. So it's the power tool for sure. I think the thing that sounds the best about Kelly is that it takes the ability to be having to be creative away. And so many business owners I mean, we're stressed out, we're overwhelmed. We're overworked, you know, burning the candle on both ends of the stick our kids are interrupting us every summer. So it's really hard to stay on that creative flow, right? The creative flow. So when you're able to leverage a tool like this, and I can't help but say, Cal, I don't remember exactly what we have you talking about when it comes to AI in July, but I want to make sure we add to that list. A little crash course on that how to teach it how to talk like you. I think it's I think that's what we might be doing. Because to me, that's like repeating the most powerful thing. Because if you are doing that, yeah, like it's fine, you can train it to do that. Just imagine like, here's the thing I mentioned, I've been doing digital marketing, pretty much my entire career. And the most important thing, anyone who's worth their green, you know, they're, their expertise in our brand. Yeah, you need to be consistent with your content. You have to have stuff going out on various platforms. And consistency is so important. But as you said, many hats are being worn out there. And I don't know about you, but I am Okay listen, squirrel, right, like constantly something that's coming up, I need to focus on a fire putting a fire out of my family, my business, you know, whatever. The last thing I need to do is always be thinking about the next blog or the next social media post, but it has to be done if I want to stay relevant out there. So it's just another way to mimic your brand personality. Duplicate yourself if you ever see the movie multiplicity. youngins are gonna be like, I don't know what that is. Go watch it. It's hilarious. Michael Keaton is brilliant, but he figures out a way to multiply himself and I'm like, Listen, this is like that, except you don't have another Kelly running around, which would be bananas. And see your AI I'm sure it has the word bananas as part of the that's the word you use all the time. You know, it's Kelly when you hear bananas. Okay, so, like, um, who should be learning AI in a small business setting? Um, well, I mean, it depends on how big your business is. Right? If you are the one man show one woman show, you need to be the one that's already in this. And I know it sounds daunting, oh, gosh, I have to learn this new thing. But honestly, it's not that hard once you play with it, and you get the basics down. And I think a lot of people will just get on they'll try it though. It'll fail because they're not doing it correctly. And then they're like, it doesn't work. This is this horrible tech. If you learn how to do it correctly. It'll save you so much time it's worth the time and investment. And by investment I mean, learning curve, the learning curve, right and it's really not that bad once you learn kind of those basics, and if you are like more than a one-man show, maybe have a small team, then whoever's in charge of your content should be the first person to learn them. Learn about it, but I think everyone should get at least somewhat of a working knowledge of these tools because it is not going anywhere. It's like when the Internet became a thing, and it was like, the Internet, you know, it's gonna go away, it's not gonna, it's not going away. It's gonna change the way you do life. Yeah, my brain is going so fast, or like, right now, while you're talking, I'm thinking about, Oh, my gosh, that was a really good thing that you just said, and I'm like, I should write it down. And then my brain das thought process. I'm like, Oh, 12-minute mark. No, no, no, I'm gonna put this into video dot a V I d y o.ai, where it takes all of it. And then it makes me like little clips of my whole thing because it reads it and it gives me captions. And it's like, do you want it horizontal as you want it? I don't even need to do this anymore. And it's likely and I know you use that a lot, too. And guys, like, I know, there's a lot of you out there right now that are doing celebrations for your five-year 10-year anniversaries. And you're doing interviews online. There are many ways. We're not just talking about writing, right? Yeah, not. We're talking about everything. I was just online with a chatbot on Victoria's Secret because my order didn't come the other day. And I'm like, you know, when you kind of know you're talking to them, but they did do a good job of directing me to the right persons that when I did get it I human, I was talking to a human and solving a problem with critical thinking, right? Yes. So it's freeware. Yeah, it is. And I actually use AI, with my video stuff more than even the writing stuff. To be fair, I do a lot of video videos so powerful. And like you said, like, if we're doing this, I'm using a tool to transcribe it, to summarize it to cut it up to create, like, all kinds of things, you know, create show notes, and everything is done by AI. Now, I'll give you a quick example of how I use it. That's kind of a unique use case. So I'm an Amazon influencer. And right now Amazon is doing this special thing for influencers for every Inspire video, which is like a short form video on Amazon, they're going to for every qualifying video that you do in June, they're going to pay like $150. So I'm like, Man, I don't have time to record a whole bunch of new videos, but I have like 200 horizontal videos, well, they want you know, short vertical. So I use a tool called Opus, AI. And I just put my YouTube links in, and it creates vertical snippets. And I've been able to upload 20 New Inspire videos that I can submit, and it took maybe an hour to do 20 it's the hour was just waiting for it to process. It's just a matter of grabbing the link and throwing it in. It's just wild. And you can do that with any old YouTube video. And it'll just be like creating short-form videos. It's wild and with like the captions and everything super fun. Um, $3,000 an hour. Sure. Sign me up. No, free. Oh, yeah. Three, yeah, the numbers, they cap it at at like $2,000. But still, I made like 2000 like was nothing and I didn't have to shoot any new video, which is so nice, because I just don't have time right now. That's a really good point. That's very inspiring to me. Actually. That's beautiful. It's the repurposing of content. You know, like short form video is so huge right now. Yep. And I love doing it, honestly. But sometimes I'm just too busy. I have clients I have to manage, you know, me too many hats, friends, I get it, trust me. And when I have to go take care of their stuff, I can't always take care of myself, but I have to take care of my stuff. Right? So that's what I do is I'll just go get old videos on YouTube that still are relevant, and I'll throw them into these tools. And now I have short form video, I'll put it over into Agora Pulse or whatever scheduler and boom done. I don't have to think about it anymore. All my content is done for the month for myself, I can go focus on other stuff. Right, right. Which is a good question for all y'all to think about when was the last time you reused content that you've already got? Okay. And you can even talk about you know, the betta marketing with Bella program, all that stuff that we give you that you put out whatever's working well repurpose it, right? Um, so let's kind of like, like, tie this up with a bow and then we're gonna, you know, dig into a lot more in the mastermind use and abuse you in there. But if there's a business owner out there listening right now, and they're kind of like, huh, that sounds interesting, but I don't know where to get started. How, how would you suggest they get started? And I'm not necessarily saying like this tool, but I'm saying like, how would they assess in their head that avenue of AI that would go down? I think for that first and foremost if they're in the pet industry, they need to be signing up for your mastermind because they're gonna learn it, all the things, but I understand what you mean. So I guess the important thing is like, I would ask myself, what is the most impactful marketing medium? If we're talking marketing? Because it could be like, where do I need the most help? Most people, I would, I would guess, need help with their marketing, because it's very time-consuming. That's what I hear from people. They didn't realize it was a full-time job, but it is. But figure out what was the most impactful medium. So is it blogs, most likely not blogs? For most people, it's going to be video, Instagram content, whatever that is, and then go to the tool that helps with that. Or what is the most the thing that takes the most of your time? If is it writing emails, then you just need a chat GPT trains it on your voice and it becomes your assistant to write emails for you know, responses to people. I do that all the time. Like literally I will be like, answer this email for me it was like, or is it productivity? Well, then you're going to use like a tool, like click up and learn how the AI can help kind of maneuver everything. So really, where is the gap in your business? What's sucking all the life out of you? What do you hate doing? You know, like, let's find solutions to those things. And there is absolutely a tool so the first question is, what do I need help with? Like, where's the time set? And then there are the tools that can help with that. I love it. It's awesome. You heard it here first you guys this is how you start so we're not just you know giving you all this amazing information where is your pain point in your business? Let's identify that then we can identify what direction you can go to help solve that you know, and I love that too and especially if you're a jumper in the mastermind we can help guide you there. I have a lot of people right now that are there. They're trying to perfect their hiring process. Right? And they're like, Well, I want to hire and find out if someone is detail-oriented, but I don't know what to ask them. What goes what or, or they're like, reviewing their hot weather policies right now because we're it's the summer and they want to like to update their handbook. But you know, it was written by a lawyer or it was technically written, you know, guess what, it passed the bar by like 90% or something chat, GBT, as you know, it can show your use for? Yeah, yeah, it can. It can just translate stuff. So figure out what that pain point is. It was great advice, Kelly. We're so glad that you're here. And I can't wait to get more of you in the mastermind this month. So thank you for that. You guys. If you want to learn more about the mastermind, go to jumpconsulting.net/mastermind. And we can get you right on in there. You can use Bella 25 for a $25 off-a-month coupon code. Kelly, where can people get in on those free training that you were talking about that you have? So I am on summer hiatus until probably September so actually, your masterminds, the last training that I'm going to be doing till September Hey, but I'm always throwing out new content everywhere at stellar 24/7. So I'm on Tik Tok X dollar 24 to seven on Instagram On Facebook And my website stellar 24 seven.com. So just stay up with WhatsApp and I'm always giving tips on Instagram especially so yeah, yeah, you're good at that you keep up with it well. And I'm sure it's all AI-generated. I mean, a lot of it is I'm not gonna lie. If you want to see some AI content, go check out my Instagram. Yeah, for sure. Well, Cal, thanks so much for being on the show you guys. Don't forget that when life gets you down always keep jumping and we'll see you next time. Bye now. Bye bye

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