Episode 312: The Evolution Of Better Marketing With Bella

Better Marketing
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I am coming to you today with a special, secret episode to spill all the secrets about Better Marketing With Bella.I know a lot of you struggle with doing social media on your teams. Whether you have done it yourself or sourced out to pay someone else to do it. My goal is to help you with your own marketing production and shine a little light on why this program is so successful. When Better Marketing With Bella began in 2017, it was very different. Mostly, because social media was different. I completely understand why you feel like you might be falling behind of the trends of social media that will help you obtain more clients and staff members. That is where Better Marketing With Bella comes in, and why we have changed it almost every single semester. Because as social media evolves, we must also. I am here to build you and your team up with the hopes of eventually graduating you from the program and leveraging all the social media trends there are.
Listen in on some insight into how it all began and the evolution of Better Marketing With Bella. I'll tell you how and why this program is leading clients to their dream success and how it can for you too.
I'm putting it all out there today, just for YOU! If you are wanting better marketing then this is the podcast for you.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 2:55 How it started
  • 6:30 Evolution
  • 8:00 The process
  • 12:40 New packages
  • 16:30 The best you can ever get!


If you are a doer, which by listening to this podcast, I know you are, then Better Marketing With Bella is for you. This program is designed to help business owners who are ready to succeed with their social media marketing. The doors are open for 2023 and I have changed the packages up with you in mind. Whether you are looking for it all or just need a little nudge to have better marking with your business, there is a right fit package for you. DM me and let me know you heard it on the podcast and I will have an extra surprise for you.

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