Episode 306: I Have 20 Years Experience In The Pet Industry. Here Are 3 Ways To Cultivate A Thriving Business

build a thriving business
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20 years of experience in the industry comes with a whole bunch of advice and some ideas of what not to do. If you are looking to build a thriving business you not only need to know the correct steps but the right mindset to get you there. Today, I hope you don't take this lightly, and learn from my mistakes and triumphs. Building a thriving business begins and ends with you, your mindset, and your willingness to make it happen.
Today I am bringing to you 3 ways you can build a thriving business that you may not have thought of, or may be afraid to try. Either way, if this episode resonates with you, it was meant for you. I thrive from seeing my clients thrive in their business and today I am sharing with you how I achieved the success I have today, so you can too.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 4:13 Become best friends with fear
  • 7:15 Build your team
  • 10:05 Surround yourself with good people
  • 16:36 DM Me!


Negative energy surrounding you and your business will only hold you back from being able to build a thriving business. There are people right now in the Mastermind group that are doing the things you are truly dreaming of. If you feel alone in your business, I urge you to check it out and find the positivity that you have been missing. Years of questions answered a community of strength and positivity and a place where you are always surrounded by good like-minded people. To build a thriving business, you need to surround yourself with an energy that matches that.

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