Episode 330: 3 Ways to Delight Your Clients Through Social Media

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Hey, jumpers! It's no secret that in today's fast-paced world, businesses are constantly searching for ways to gain a competitive edge over one another. With modern technology, many companies are looking towards social media platforms to connect with their target audience. Unfortunately, though, not many businesses are hitting the mark when it comes to delighting their clients through social media. That's why it's crucial to find effective strategies for standing out from the crowd and impressing your clients.
Welcome to Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast! In this episode, we're going to dive into some awesome ways to delight your clients through social media. We have got three amazing tips to share with you, i.e. showcasing your work to delight your clients, sharing funny pet pictures, and engaging with your clients. Trust us, these tips are going to take your social media game to the next level and have your clients smiling from ear to ear! So, sit back, relax, and tune in to this episode to learn more about how to be creative and delight your social media clients.
Let's do this!

Topics Discussed and Key Points

  • How to leverage social media
  • Social media is not to sell, social media is to be social, it’s to build relationships
  • Why you should be creative on social media
  • Different ways to get a different point of view
  • How to create a sense of loyalty and trust that can keep clients coming back to you.
  • The creative energy
  • Social media is a secondary source, it is not a primary source


[00:13] Introducing today’s show
[05:21] Showcasing your work to delight clients
[08:15] Sharing funny pet pictures
[09:59] Engaging with your clients
[12:59] Recap

Notable Quotes

[00:02:10] “There are certain ways that you do this if you are advertising on social media and it’s not a Facebook ad, you need to stop. You really do. If you have your phone number, your website, you know, on any of the graphics, you need to stop. All of that stuff is in your social profile.” [00:02:27]
00:03:50] “When you’re able to go above and beyond to make your audience feel good or laugh or get inspired, they will keep coming back for more. It’s kind of like that brand that you follow that you don’t mind following because they’re so relevant, timely, valuable, funny something.” [00:04:13]
[00:09:16] “Nobody cares about pet pictures unless they’re their own pets or unless it’s a pet that looks like their pet, they just don’t. So, you need to get more creative with it.” [00:09:25]
[00:10:00] “So engaging with them through social media is not only a way to delight them, but it’s also an effective strategy of building long-term relationships with your customers when you respond to their comments on your post and thank people who share your content, you’re showing up for your followers that you value their input and appreciate their support.” [00:10:18]

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Hey, welcome, welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella vasta. And guess what guys, we are going to shift a little bit from the hiring trends that we’ve been on. And we’re going to step aside over back to social media. Because if you’ve been with me for a long time, you have heard me say, there are two problems that you’re always solving. It’s getting more clients, and it’s getting more employees. And wouldn’t you know that I have a solution and a program for you? To help with both of those. It’s called better marketing with Bella. And although you can’t get into the program right now, because the doors aren’t open, you can get on the waitlist by just shooting me an email, Bella at junk consulting.net, we have two different levels this year. It’s called the Chihuahua and the golden retriever, the two hours you can just get 10 graphics a month. And with captions, if you just wanted to do it like that maybe you have a very small budget, it’s very affordable, everyone can afford that. Or you can get the full monty where you can get emails, blog outlines coming back next year, reels, graphics, videos, emails, group coaching, personal coaching, captions, a content calendar, and a whole lot more. So you guys aren’t gonna want to miss out on this. But regardless of what we’re talking about on the podcast, you can group it into getting more clients or getting more employees. And with better marketing with Bella, as you’ll see, in all the testimonies, people have started to showcase their employees. This past week, it was Employee Appreciation Day, how many of you guys jumped on that trend, not even trend, but just appreciate your employees in general, it’s a really good highlight reel on your Instagram if nothing else, but you should do it for a lot more than that.
So I want you guys to kind of start thinking about how you can leverage social media. And the number one thing I think I’m going to tell you frequently is that social media is not to sell. Social media is to be social. It’s to build relationships. And there’s certain ways that you do this. If you are advertising on social media, and it’s not a Facebook ad, you need to stop, you really do. If you have your phone number, your your website, you know on any of the graphics, you need to stop, all of that stuff is in your social profile. In fact, next week, we’re going to talk a lot about that it’s going to be the anatomy of a social post, how to use hooks, hashtags and hype to make more sales. But today, we’re actually going to talk about something different. We’re going to talk about three ways to delight your clients through social media, because it’s going to be pretty important. You’re probably asking yourself, okay, but why? And so let me prove my point. And I’m going to kind of give you an example here. I want you to think of your favorite restaurant, that you go back to time and time again, I want you to think about why do you go back there, you probably don’t go back there because it’s the cheapest, there’s probably something about the way they make you feel. Or it’s the experience or the delivery or the quality of food. Maybe it’s the ambiance, maybe the service is next level. Maybe you never have to ask for more water, because they already know to fill up your water glass when it gets empty. The reason why you love that restaurant is because in some way or another, it’s absolutely delighted you, it’s probably gone above your expectations. Or maybe it’s provided a space for you to rest and relax that you didn’t know you needed. Maybe it just makes you feel good. Maybe the food makes you feel good, right?
Some food just doesn’t make us feel good. Um, all right. delighting your audience on social media is a lot like that experience. When you’re able to go above and beyond to make your audience feel good or laugh or get inspired. They will keep coming back for more. It’s kind of like that brand that you follow that you don’t mind following. Because they’re so relevant, timely, valuable, funny, something that’s the brand I want all of your jumpers to be. That’s the brand you guys can be. Not only when it comes across the feed people recognize it because it’s got the same aesthetics. But they also lean in because they always have something interesting to say. If you’re going to be a jumper with me, and you’re on this podcast, pony up because this is what we’re going to do. Now granted, this is only a podcast and I cannot give all of this information to you. We reserved that for the intensives for the one on one coaching calls with the marketing program.
But hopefully, this is going to whet your whistle it’s going to get your wheels you know grinding here and thinking oh my god, yeah, I can be doing this or the next time you do one. So if you’re struggling and he feels like you just can’t grow the way you want to. I want to teach you this. Today, I’m going to talk about three different things I’m going to show you, showcasing videos of what you do, and sharing funny pet pictures, most of you guys are doing this wrong, by the way. And number three engaging in a meaningful way with your audience.
So let’s get to it. The first one showcasing your work. So as a dog sitter, or a dog walker, pet sitter, taking photos and videos of your clients, the furry ones, it’s a great way to show your work and delight your clients. It’s really cool. If you start asking your staff like, hey, I want to get pictures of the dogs going the bathroom, or finding that perfect spot. Or maybe right when you get to the door, their excitement of seeing you if any doors have like you know, glass or, or or window maybe they’re sitting in a window, something that they can replicate that they see in every single house. So when you do that and you have a lot of of that you could splice them all together, you can do it very easily on reels or Tik Tok is my favorite platform to create content, honestly. But you can just upload all of them, it’ll even find music that will put it to the exact beat.
And so when you can showcase your work, maybe, you’re a cat sitter, and maybe you just want to put the phone on the floor, and just get pictures of you sweeping the floor at eye level to the floor. Maybe you want to show before and after the litter boxes, and the mess that is around them. That’s a good one. I’ve never seen you guys do before and afters of, the litter boxes, guys, this is what happens during my coaching calls, I just, start brainstorming, and there is so much fun. But you know, or you could do like a day in the life video, where you just record maybe the first five seconds of everything that you do during the day.
And don’t be afraid to like add your personality to it. Sometimes behind the scenes, photos or videos of yourself or the team having fun with the pets you care for like so maybe you set up like the phone in the corner, and you’re sitting on the floor, and you’re playing with a cat whip with a toy, or you’re playing fetch with the dog and the dog just keeps kind of coming back and forth. It is cool to have you in the photo in the video. And you could put it on slow time-lapse, not slow-mo time-lapse. And now you have this like really long video of time-lapse. That’s something you could ask your entire staff to do. All right, guys, I’m pouring out the value here for you this stuff works. Then when you do it, I want you to tag me online so I can shout you out on the next podcast. Who’s going to take me up on this? I have a couple of people in mind that I think are already going to do this like yeah, Bella, that was awesome. I mean, we’re only How far are we into the podcast right now? Just a few minutes, and you’ve already got value. Alright, but I got two more things for you. The second one is to share funny pet pictures. And listen, these are funny ones. Like what I’m saying is do the freeze frame of the dog jumping in the air to get the ball. And then throw it through just like a quick editing app where you make the contrast high, which means like, the colors pop off, right? So it could be that or maybe it could be, you know, a close-up of a cat’s face while they’re calling the bathroom. And you could be like, guess what this cat’s doing right now and you don’t show it. There are so many and then you can like show the next day the full picture of the cat actually, you know doing something.
Get creative with it. Because guys, if you are posting if you are still in 2002 and you’re posting pictures of pets’ faces online and saying oh, this is Molly and this is Susie, you’re welcome to 2023 2020 threes are knocking you got to be more creative than that. Nobody cares about pet pictures unless they’re their pets. Or unless it’s a pet that looks like their pet. They just don’t. So you need to get more creative with it you need to be funny about it. You need to think about how can I get a different point of view and a POV. Different ways to do this by the way are and we’ve talked about this before Snapchat glasses. Those are like Inspector Gadget-like sunglasses that you just tap a button and it’s hands-free. And so you can do like, you know you could be throwing the ball but it’s like the viewer watching it is as if they are you that’s the point of view they’re getting so I want you to think about how can you be funny or a different point of view. And the last one
engaging with your clients. So engaging with them through social media is not only a way to delight them. But it’s also an effective strategy for building long-term relationships with your customers. When you respond to their comments on your post and thank people who share your content, you’re showing up to your followers that you value their input and appreciate their support. This can help create a sense of loyalty and trust that can keep clients coming back to you for future pet care needs. It also creates this false sense of closeness, because you’re top-of-the-mind awareness daily if you’re posting daily. running contests and giveaways is another effective way to engage with the followers and keep them excited about your business. For example, you could ask them to share a photo of their pet, like with a certain hashtag, and randomly select a winner, or you could do it by, my gal Stephanie is from Chicago, urban pets, up in Chicago, and she’s celebrating her anniversary this year. And every year she’s doing something different, we created this whole year-long program, where she’s collaborating with all these people giving out all this free stuff. And just making a whole event out of it. The networking that she’s getting from it is fantastic. And she’s getting a lot of like really cool, valuable stuff to talk about online as well. And so even when you’re like doing pet visits, or maybe you’re not doing them anymore, and you’re in the office or your office manager, they’re still seeing the Journal notes, they have access to it. And in every single journal, I know there are pictures.
So get your prompt your people to be taking better pictures or more interesting pictures or videos, and then grab them from the portal and share them online. And maybe if you share someone’s picture, you’ll pay him an extra five bucks bonus. Now they’ll start taking better pictures, give them a crash course on how how to take amazing, interesting photos and videos on their iPhone or Android, whatever. I’m an iPhone girl. So I don’t know what else is out there. But you know, give them those tips and tricks, show them, educate them, they’re gonna love it. Because guess what, that is something that they can then actually take on into their real world too. That is a skill and a trait that they can use elsewhere. When you do post your client’s photos, and we’ve talked about this, and I’ve given you scripts for this in the past, and you have them if you’re in the mastermind, but reach out to those clients and make sure that they see that you’ve posted it, and invite them to comment on it and to share on it. And like there are ways of saying this and doing this that are more successful than others. And, again, we talked about this in better marketing, and Bella and the mastermind and give you the scripts for it. But like do that. Because then when you get other people sharing your content, not only does the algorithm love it, but you also look popular. You look like the cool kid, you look that’s like social clout when other people think that you’re so valuable that they’re going to share it. So you guys, don’t forget about all three of those things. Those are ways that you can delight your clients through social media, you can showcase your work, so that and that also kind of keeps them guessing to like, oh, did they showcase like my dog today, you know, like is my dog on their feed, because they’re showing everyone else’s. So it kind of keeps them on their toes. There. It’s like, you know, you want your kid to be the star, you want your kid to get the gold star at school, sharing funny pet pictures. So it takes a little bit of leadership from you, and a little bit of guidance. But you absolutely can do it just by being a tiny bit better than everybody else. And then also engaging with your clients.
You guys, this has been another episode of Bella in your business. I hope this has been valuable to you. I have a couple of people in my head right now that I think are going to take me up on at least one of these. This also can be very overwhelming. So don’t feel like oh my gosh, this is so much to do. And Bella, I just don’t have the time I get it. But I want to do a couple of things. One, I want to challenge you to pick one thing that I said today and do it this week. Just one thing, you don’t have to do all of them. I don’t expect you to do all of them. But I wanted to give you enough variety that one of them would stand out to you and get you excited and inspire you into action. The second thing I want you to do is I want you to consider do you actually have the time and the energy to be creative. Creative energy is something that your system just needs to be at ease for. And in all full disclosure by the time this podcast comes out on Thursday. The ninth I am going to be on a plane to to loom I am going to to loom by myself for my very first ever vacation by myself. Well, honestly, it’s not really gonna be vacation I’m gonna be working. I love to work like I can’t help myself. Especially when I’m sitting on the beach. I just I have energy ideas that flow like work is not something different work is something that is it is something that is not work for me. It is part of who I am right. And so I just I can’t help myself. And I love you guys so much, truly.
But anyways, um, I want you to think about like, are you creative enough to come up without all the content? For example? What is your content for? April right now? Do you know about the special? Like silly little holidays coming up that are pet related? Do you have graphics and videos planned for it? Do you have emails written? Do you have a whole content plan? Or are you just throwing up whatever, because you feel like you just throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks? That’s a great way to waste your time. And I know you don’t have a lot of time to waste. I know a lot of you are running around ragged. If this is you, I want you to pay attention. Over the next couple of weeks about banner marketing with Bella, I want you to truly think about if this is something that is going to help come alongside you partner with you and help you just this week, if you guys follow me on Instagram, Bella Vasta, you’ll hear the story of one of my clients that has increased her revenue by $10,000 a month. And she said the only thing different she’s done is by better marketing with Bella, all of the different things that we have done for her through this program. I know that sounds Hard to believe, but it’s almost hard for me to believe that is true to date, one of the best testimonies we’ve ever gotten for the program. But guess what it works. And you know why it works, it works because she’s using Google ads. And so she’s getting a lot of traffic to her website. But what was happening before is that they will go to her website, and your website is so one-dimensional. When you get into the two or the 3d, all of a sudden, that is showing up on social that is looking at these funny pictures it is seeing a day in the life of it is seeing all this stuff I’m telling you about it is seeing the professional photos on there it is seeing people engage with your content, it is seeing the full 360-degree picture of who you are so that they can instantly know like and trust you. And guess what, once they’re able to do that they’re gonna call you, they’re gonna fall in love with you online, they’re gonna call you. And that’s a big part of what has happened with her social media is a secondary source. It is not a primary, someone who’s not going to see your social media post and be like, Oh my gosh, I need to hire that dog walker. That’s just not the way life works. What was the last time you saw an advertisement for a plumber, and like hired it for a shirt, shoes, or earrings on Instagram, sure you had an impulse buy, but you are not going to hand over the key to your house to someone that you do not know, like and trust. So you guys, I want you to kind of keep that in the back of your head because this is the time of year when we do open our doors. And we do help up-level everyone’s branding and their social media through better marketing with Bella. So if that’s of interest to you, shoot me an email at Bella@jumpconsulting.net
But until then, I’m gonna sit here and think about the people that I think you’re going to take advantage of this episode and I cannot wait to see your results. Next week, we’re going to come back with the anatomy of a social post, and how to use hooks, hashtags and hype to make more sales. So I kind of told you kind of like the high-level things that you should be capturing. Now I’m going to teach you next week how to translate that online to make it effective. You guys have been on another episode of Bella and your business. Thank you so much for being here with me. I can’t wait for the next episode. Bye now.

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