Episode 103: How Mental Health And Therapy Can Help Your Business With Sarah El Sherbini

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Sarah El Sherbini is a lifelong pet lover with an entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in design, she didn’t become a designer. She went full force into the pet care industry, launched PetsGo Pet Care in 2015, and never looked back. PetsGo provides complete and total peace of mind every day to the busy pet parents of Toronto. Learn more about Sarah and her pet sitting company at her website: www.mypetsgo.ca


Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss

  • Our businesses can cause us a lot of stress, trouble, and burnout. That’s why it’s so important to find your “why” and hold on to it whenever you feel like giving up. Nothing is more important than your physical and mental health. Talking to your family, friends, or even a therapist can help get you through these rough patches in your business.
  • Sometimes the first therapist we go to may not be a good fit. That doesn’t mean therapy doesn’t work! Usually, we have to go through multiple therapists until we find the one that is able to best help us be the best versions of ourselves. If you’ve ever tried therapy and think it doesn’t work and are struggling, try to be open-minded and try it again with a different person or modality. You spend so much time with yourself, so why not learn how to talk to yourself? Sometimes we just need help framing things in the right way, instead of allowing the world to frame things for us.
  • The 5 Second Rule is a term coined by Mel Robbins. It means that if you feel that you need to do something, but feel yourself hesitating, you count down from 5 and then you do it! It seems so simple, but it’s not always easy.



Show Highlights

  • How did you know that you weren’t okay and why? [3:30]
  • How did you accept that “it’s okay not to be okay,” and how did you move on from that? [8:30]
  • Has Mel Robbins’ book, The 5 Second Rule, had an impact on the way you run your business and see your life? [12:00]
  • What happened to your business when you took your foot off of the accelerator and put it on cruise control instead? [14:00]






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