Episode 107: The Importance Of Site Design, Usability, & Frequent Monitoring Of Your Website

site design
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This week, Erika Godwin and I sat down to discuss all things relating to your website! I like to say that this is your 24/7 business card, so it is important that it's always in tip-top shape. Today we'll talk about site design, how to tell if your website needs an upgrade, why you should upgrade, how to upgrade, and more!



Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

Does My Website Need An Upgrade?

  • There are quite a few tell-tale signs to figure out if your website needs an upgrade. Take a look at your website and then ask yourself the following questions:
    • Is my website unresponsive? Is it mobile-friendly?
    • Has my website been updated within the last few years? Does it look dated and old?
    • Am I using low-quality photos?
    • Do I use old SEO techniques (being sales-y vs. informative)?
    • Does it have a frustrating user experience and is it difficult to navigate?
    • Am I using out-of-date information and plugins (i.e. contact info, staff members, prices, services, etc.)?
    • Do I use a free template?
    • Am I doing ongoing daily/weekly monitoring and maintenance?


Why Should I Update My Website If I Have Enough Clients?

  • At this point, you may have determined that your website needs an upgrade. Let’s talk about why you should update your website, EVEN IF you have enough clients currently. One of the reasons is that you’ll want to make a good first impression when a potential customer lands on your website. A good first impression can lead to increased conversions from organic and paid search traffic. Plus, you’ll want to keep current with the constantly changing search algorithms to make sure your website comes up on the first page of Google. From a security side, an up to date website ensures your customer’s data is kept securely AND ensures that your website itself is protected. Last but not least, a great website can really help you stand out from your competition!


How Can I Update My Website?

  • When you’re ready to refresh your website, there are a couple of key things you can do to get the ball rolling. The first thing is to make sure that all of your content is current. This means removing old employee data and updating them with your most current employee biographies and photos. Next, you’ll want to replace any low-resolution photos with web-optimized high-quality images. Be sure that your phone number, hours of operation, policies, prices, email addresses, etc. are all current as well.


Why Do I Need Frequent Website Monitoring?

  • So now that you learned why you should update your website and how you can do so, let’s discuss why you need frequent website monitoring. The biggest reason first and foremost is security. You don’t want to leave your website prone to virus, vulnerabilities, and threats. Frequent website monitoring also allows your website to undergo routine maintenance, as well as staying up to date on your tracking, analytics, and optimization of your content for SEO! But you shouldn’t do all of this yourself as a busy business owner. Hiring someone to manage your site monthly prevents your website from becoming a one-time purchase that gets ignored. If you’re not technical, hiring someone also gives you one less thing to worry about!


site design


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