Episode 114: How To Have Your Community Begging To Partner With Your Pet Business

partner with your pet business
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Imagine if you could have the town talking about your business? Or if you could have other pet businesses contacting you to work with you and partner with your pet business?
Maybe the local pet store having a flyer in every bag that leaves their store with a purchase and your company's name on the tip of the tongue of the local vets, trainers, and groomers? Wouldn't it be nice if your business was the business always popping out the best and most valuable and relevant news.

Today we are going to show you exactly how to become the talk of the town and start partnering with people to help elevate your level of “expert” in your community and become known.


What Businesses Should I Partner With?

The first thing you’ll want to do is look on a prospective business’s social media pages. You want them to have a social media following that you can leverage. It is a partnership, which means you BOTH have to pull your weight. I would almost go as far to say that if they don’t take social media seriously, you shouldn’t try to partner with them.

BELLA TIP: The book “Known” by Mark Schaefer will help explain all of this in greater depth.

How Do We Approach A Business I Want To Partner With?

It can be scary approaching a potential business that you want to partner with, especially if you are a smaller company or not that well known (yet!). The first thing you can do is to like, comment, and share their content on social media. You can also message their business page and ask questions. Try to find out WHO is controlling their social media (this is often their designated media person). Use what Erika and I did as an example! 🙂

partner with your pet business

How Can I Offer Value In A Partnership?

One idea is that you can offer to interview them on either your business page or their’s. It will help them get more exposure while you are providing a valuable resource for your audience! You can also pitch them to be a guest blogger on your website, or you to be a guest blogger on their website. Again – gets you exposure and you are providing value to your community. Lastly, don’t be afraid to simply just ask them what their needs are. Maybe they want more advertising, clients, or employees. Whatever it may be, find out and brainstorm some ways you can help! Don’t be afraid to pitch ideas of how they can partner with your pet business.

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