Episode 128: Going From Corporate America To Small Business Owner With April Cox

corporate america
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April is a dog mom of 2 that just recently left corporate America to run her daycare and boarding business, Rocky's Retreat. Rocky's offers a boutique experience that allows dogs to thrive.

Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want To Miss:

  • There’s never going to be “perfect time” to leave your corporate job to become a full-time small business owner. There will always be another hiccup or another goal you want to hit before taking the plunge. April’s advice? Acknowledge your fear but don’t suppress it. Oftentimes doing something scared can be the kick-in-the-pants you need to propel yourself to greatness!

Show Highlights

  • Who is April Cox? [1:45]
  • What was your intention for the business when you purchased it? [2:20]
  • What is your relationship with fear? [3:40]
  • Can you describe your goal for leaving Corporate America? [7:00]
  • How did you learn to be a caretaker for other people’s dogs as opposed to caring for your own? [9:00]
  • In what ways did your life change when you left Corporate America? [10:20]
  • What’s your advice for someone that wants to leave their full-time job to focus on their business, but hasn’t been able to bring themselves to do it yet? [12:00]
  • What attracted you to buy Rocky’s Retreat? [14:00]

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  • Get a free gift for signing up to April’s email list at www.rockysretreat.com. She sends out great info like tips and recipes!

corporate america


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