Episode 132: Leveraging Live Streaming For Your Business With Stephanie Liu

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Stephanie Liu is an award-winning digital marketing strategist and live streaming expert. As an ad agency veteran, she spent the last decade and a half helping Fortune 500 companies go from unknown to unforgettable by using social media. As the host of Lights, Camera, Live®, she shines a spotlight on the best and brightest marketers in the industry. Her signature course Lights, Camera, Live is the only online interactive course that teaches you how to turn your ideas, skills, and experience into a captivating live stream.

Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want To Miss

  • With the Internet and social media as a whole moving further and further away from written content, and closer to audiovisual content, live streaming has become a dominant marketing opportunity that you DON’T want to skip out on. When your audience has the chance to interact with you and your business in a raw, authentic, and live way – it can really build a meaningful relationship.

Show Highlights

  • Who Is Stephanie Liu? [1:00]
  • Why should business dive into live-streaming? [2:45]
  • What’s the biggest mistake you see business owners make when live streaming? [5:30]
  • What is the snooze function on Facebook? [6:20]
  • How can we brand our live streams? [7:20]
  • What can we do to get our audience to watch our live streams? [10:00]
  • The Why/What/How/What-If Formula [11:25]
  • What are some advanced tips regarding live streaming? [14:45]
  • How can we take a live stream and repurpose it in different ways? [16:00]
  • Any final thoughts you’d like to share? [18:00]
  • Where can we connect with you online? [19:15]

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