Episode 133: How To Transform Your Pet Business In Just 365 Days With Becki Davis

transform your business
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Becki founded her business, Prefurred Pet Care Services, in 2016 after an incredibly difficult period of personal change and loss. Her hobby quickly became serious, and Prefurred is now an award-winning business employing 13 people!

Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want To Miss

The way that we respond to life, not react to it, determines what happens to you now and in your future. We have to make the lives that we want, and not just wait for it to fall into our laps.

transform your business

Show Highlights

  • Who Is Becki Davis? [2:20]
  • What happened with one of your IC’s? [3:20]
  • What was it about the Employee Quickstart & Bosses In Charge Mastermind that helped you? [5:45]
  • What’s the difference between a regular pet sitter Facebook group & the Bosses In Charge Mastermind? [7:45]
  • What did your business look like in December of 2017 and what was the big goal you set for yourself in January of 2018? [10:30]
  • How did being able to look back at all the progress you made over the past year make you feel? [13:15]
  • What advice do you have for other pet business owners that want to transform their business, but aren’t sure how? [15:50]
  • Tell us your story about when you were waiting tables and you learned that the restaurant was closing. [18:00]
transform your business


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