Episode 135: Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Bobby Klinck

legal mistakes
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Bobby Klinck is a lawyer, but he’s not your typical lawyer.

Sure, he went to Harvard Law School and worked prestigious law firms, but if you look at the big whiteboard in his office, you won’t see much about the law. It’s filled with tasks related to platform building, inbound marketing, and sales funnels. Bobby is a full-fledged online entrepreneur, whose area of expertise is the law. He helps other online entrepreneurs safeguard their online businesses.


Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want To Miss

No two businesses are alike. That’s why it’s important to have a lawyer and a CPA that you can trust and understand. Don’t just follow advice blindly. You want someone that can explain to you WHY they’re making certain recommendations for you.

Show Highlights

  • What’s the difference between an S-Corp & an LLC? [2:45]
  • What should we know legally-speaking about being an S-Corp vs. an LLC? [7:45]
  • Can you give us the run-down on partnerships and the legalities behind them? [11:45]
  • What does an LLP do? [13:00]
  • From a legal standpoint, can we uphold our service contracts through click-here-to-agree contracts? [17:15]
  • Where can our audience find Bobby online? [19:45]

Special Offer

Check out Bobby’s free training site for online entrepreneurs, The Online Genius Academy:  www.youronlinegenius.com/academy.

legal mistakes


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