Episode 143: How to Use Video to Find People to Hire

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You might have remembered a few weeks back this video about hiring dog walkers going viral, well that video was Chloe's! Chloe is a 22-year-old from Australia and owns Chloe’s Canine Creche. Her business provides dog walking services to groups of dogs Monday-Friday.


Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want To Miss

When you have an idea to do something, take action and do it. Don’t worry about it being perfect, having the right lighting or having the right audio. It is normal to be nervous about doing something new, whether it’s video, hiring, or anything else, but you have to just take the plunge or you’ll never do it, there’s never a right time.

Show Highlights

  • How did Chloe get started? [1:45]
  • How long has Chloe been building her business before hiring? [2:45]
  • Where did the idea for the video come from? [5:50]
  • What type of reactions were received? Did it result in hiring someone? [7:15]
  • Where does Chloe see her business going? [8:55]
  • What other ways can you use video? [9:45]
  • What are some tips for someone who’s nervous about doing video or hiring? [10:50]

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