Episode 144: The Ins and Outs of Doing Payroll In Your Business

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We are joined by Alexia Matak from Payroll Experts, they offer award-winning, cloud-based human capital management solutions that allow you to leverage technology to streamline every part of your employees' lifecycle. A proud partner of the Kronos Workforce Ready platform and a proud sponsor of the Jump into Paradise Retreat, they bring together best in class solutions with personal, one on one support for employers of all sizes.


Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want To Miss

The second you even have one employee on your payroll you should look into partnering with someone like Payroll Experts, someone that you know is taking full responsibility of payroll taxes to avoid penalties on being late. There are laws in place that determine if someone should be classified as an employee, you can perform a common law test if you are not sure if someone falls under an employee or an independent contractor. Payroll and payroll taxes can be the biggest liability for any business owner.

Show Highlights

  • How do I know when it is time to partner with a payroll service?[2:50]
  • Do I need to pay taxes at different times when I have employees? [4:55]
  • Can I have my employees sign an agreement saying they agree to be treated as a 1099? [8:25]
  • Is it true that employees cost more than independent contractors? [13:25]
  • What are the top three compliance areas I need to be aware of when I have employees? [16:00]

Special Offer

Free payroll implementation for any audience member who joins the Payroll Experts family, just go to https://www.payrollexperts.com/exclusive-offer-for-jump-consulting/


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