Episode 147: Creating Balance with Work and Life: Myth or Truth?

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Today I want to talk about balance, this mystical creature that everyone thinks exists but doesn't necessarily exist. While I was preparing for this episode I recalled a video called Everything is Spiritual, in it Rob Bell talks about how perfectly balanced the world is and it's so interesting to hear how if even one thing was different how it wouldn't work, it makes me believe the earth may be the only truly balanced thing.

I think that balance is something we all struggle to achieve and as a mom, I think we struggle with this the most. We want to be at every event, but sometimes it's just not possible and then we end up beating ourselves up over it. Balance is a fairy tale and I want to get real about it.

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

It is okay not to be perfect. It’s not about balance or being perfect, it’s about being in the moment, celebrating the wins, and being grateful for what we have in life. Balance is actually boring, it does not exist. Let’s embrace the messy and be happy that the clouds are coming through because we know the storm will eventually pass and the sun will still be there.

Show Highlights

  • What is it like trying to achieve balance in my business? [3:40]
  • How have I struggled with balance in my personal life? [4:30]
  • Is it really possible to achieve balance in business and personal life? [5:50]
  • How can you start asking for help? [10:10]


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