Episode 153: BEST OF BELLA: Vision Is Victory With Carey Conley

Carey Conley
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Welcome back to another episode in the “Best of Bella” series. Bella chose this episode with Carey Conley, because her story and purpose on this planet are so inspiring. Bella and Carey talk all about vision and if you let yourself soak in this episode it will set you on the path to success.


Show Highlights

  • Why does Carey say that “Vision is Victory” especially for entrepreneurs? [3:40]
  • How do you get through the stumbling blocks to get your vision down on paper? [8:20]
  • What happens when you try to run a business without a clear, concise vision? [13:50]
  • What are the victories that come from getting clear on your vision? [15:15]
  • How important is community and accountability in a business? [17:20]
  • What is the most important thing entrepreneurs need to create the life and business of their dreams? [21:20]


Original Show Notes

On this episode, Bella talks with Carey Conley, speaker and Co-Creator of Infinite Nation; a community created for skill building, mentorship, and community for aspiring leaders and business owners.

Bella and Carey talk about:

  • Why “Vision is Victory”….especially for entrepreneurs
  • The biggest stumbling blocks for people to actually put a vision down on paper and follow through with it
  • What happens when people try to run a business without a clear, concise vision
  • Community and accountability

You can find out more about Carey Conley and the services she offers on her website at InfiniteNation.com.  You can email her directly at carey@careyconley.com

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