Episode 165: Planning Your Business With Yvonne Heimann

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Today I have Yvonne Heimann, a business efficiency coach at Ask Yvi. She supports digital entrepreneurs by building bulletproof businesses that are so efficient they'll be able to achieve their financial and personal freedom they deserve. Losing her husband to cancer after 2 years of being his caretaker has shown her how important it is to have a self-sustainable business. Now Yvonne lives out her passion by helping her clients streamline their existing processes and implement tech to automate their day allowing them to step away from their business at any given time. She is a remarkable, powerful woman with quite the personality that I am excited to bring to you today. She's sharing all of the secrets to planning your business so that you can achieve your own financial and personal freedom.


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

Get started today, because it’s not possible to have residual income within a month. You have to pay into and work on your business before you get something back. Your business needs to be able to function without you in it. To make this happen, we must think proactively. We are often more reactive than proactive, but even just putting an hour aside each week to be proactive can help. Start estimating your time and tracking the time it takes you to complete a task. Your standard operating procedures (SOPs) should be interactive and being updated as tasks evolve. Let your team learn and get involved in your business.

Show Highlights

  • How did Yvonne get started? [2:50]
  • What does “bulletproof business” mean? [6:40]
  • What are some crises that business owners may face? [8:30]
  • How can project management systems help business owners with planning? [11:50]
  • What are interactive SOPs? [16:15]
  • How can you use Loom in your business? [19:15]

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