Episode 168: My Social Media Process & How I Have Learned How To Streamline.

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My social media process is always evolving and it has come a long way.

I am constantly evaluating what is working, what isn't, and where I can streamline my system or create processes. This is necessary for any business owner who is on social media.

Depending on the talent you have working for you, the depth of the process, and the ever-changing algorithms, things that worked last year probably won't work this year.

social media streamline

I'm sharing how my process has evolved, along with how some other leading social media ladies streamline their processes. You are going to see many different ways to do this, proving there's no one right way.

It's important to figure out what works best for you!

Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want to Missx

Streamlining your social media is a must in keeping relevant and consistent amongst your current and potential clients. But, it’s not as simple as producing mass content, you’ll need to analyze if you’re reactively posting content or strategically posting. When it comes down to it, you’re going to need assistance, whether that’s through an assistant or learning and utilizing the many apps designed to make your life a bit easier.

Catch up on the tools experts, Kelly Noble Mirabella, Jen Cole, Liz Illg, Annette Mcdonald, and I, use to streamline our social media!

Show Highlights

  • Bella’s past to present streamlining process [3:30]
  • Kelly Noble Mirabella’s favorite tools [5:48]
  • Jen Cole’s most important programs [10:20]
  • Liz Illg’s helpful tips and tricks [12:53]
  • Annette’s content planning strategies [16:16]
  • What to look for in a Social Media Manager [20:26]


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