Episode 169: How DIYing Bad Graphics Could Hurt Your Pet Sitting Brand

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Since marketing was invented, the need for graphic design has been ever-growing. However, graphics aren't used to simply sell your business like they've been used in the past, instead, they represent your business.

Graphics are the foundation of your brand.

They not only represent how you present your company but also whether or not potential clients feel a connection with your company, whether your company can be taken seriously to not only clients but possible employees.

Today, I partnered up with Annette Mcdonald, the founder of Easil, an online DIY Graphic Design solution for brands and teams, as well as, MD of Copirite, a leading design, print & digital agency located on the Gold Coast, to teach you a little on how DIYing bad graphics could hurt your pet sitting brand. 

Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want to Miss

Today’s DIY graphic design programs have us feeling like graphic designers in training, but oftentimes we mess it up. Without the right knowledge, there’s no way for us to definitively know what makes a good design good or a bad design bad. Sometime’s we can be thinking it looks perfect while it may not actually be representing our business the way we want it to.

To best grow and represent your business, it’s important to have graphics that are clear, concise and consistent.

Tune in while I dive into Annette’s twenty years of experience to bring you tips and tricks on making your designs stand out!

Show Highlights

  • What the quality of design says about your pet sitting brand [1:36]
  • Brand Style Guide and Voice Style Guide [2:30]
  • Evoking emotions in your design [5:15]
  • How DIYing bad graphics could hurt your pet sitting brand[8:12]
  • Using design to make a positive impact [11:30]
  • 7 Deadly DIY Design Sins [15:15]
  • How design is different from print to digital [21:48]

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