Episode 173: Holiday Pet Events You Can Copy in Your Town

Holiday Pet Events
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One of the best ways to gain exposure to your pet sitting or dog walking company is to host or participate in a holiday pet event. But oftentimes we have no idea what to do, where to do it, or just feel like it takes way too much energy.

When I used to have my company, Bella's House & Pet Sitting for 14 years, I would participate and host many events.

These events gave me an opportunity to get my name out to the community and a good excuse to walk up to people and talk about my company in a way that didn't seem sleazy.

Through a lot of trial and error, my events became very successful.

With a little bit of my magic, I'm going to show you how hosting a holiday pet event can be successful in your hometown area too.


Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want to Miss

Hosting a holiday pet event doesn’t have to be overwhelming! With my list of holiday pet events you can copy, you too can host an event with all sorts of:

  • Prizes
  • Giveaways
  • Photographer
  • Alcohol sponsors
  • Rescue groups getting piles of money
  • Signs prominently hung outside of businesses with your logo on them.

The Holiday season is the perfect time to host events and spread awareness of your company.

Show Highlights

  • Yappy Hour/ Mutt and Mingle [2:03]
  • Dog Walking Club [3:10]
  • A Dog Hiking Club [4:48]
  • Dog Park Date [5:40]
  • Santa Paws [7:14]
  • The main purpose of the events [8:26]
  • How to have a howling event in your town [9:13]

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