Episode 209: Why You Need Video Training for Your Pet Care Staff in 2020

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Why Your Pet Care Business Needs Video Training for New Staff in 2020

Liz Illg is a Business, Content, and Systems Consultant. Liz and her team take an all-inclusive approach to finally bring your vision to life.
They specialize in building the systems and operating foundation that will help you truly take off and scale your business, or writing the one-of-a-kind marketing materials that will get you NOTICED. All you have to do is tell her the idea, approve the final product, and put it to work for you!
Since 2013, Liz has…

  • Opened five brick-and-mortar grooming shops.
  • Launched her dream business, Liz Illg Consulting.
  • Developed organic business relationships across countries and industries.

Is VIDEO the way of the present and the future?

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Videos keep the viewers engaged and excited by throwing the right graphics and instructions during the training to keep you and your employees entertained while learning.
  • Customize your training through our paw print to keep your “Secret Sauce” and have a way to show to your people this is how you do it. It’s specific, streamlined, and simple.
  • Build the foundation of your training from the video aspect and documentation, and YOU as the business owner get to decide the added things that you want to incorporate in your business.

Bonuses if you purchase during the launch period:

  1. Support inspired email templates that you can send to your employees every month.
  2. Branded Graphics
  3. Blueprint of the exact outline for you to use during face to face or video meetings with your staff.
  4. Two Certifications

Video Training for New Staff Show Highlights:

  • How Pet Care Training was born 1.03
  • What should I do in employee training and what should I talk about? 9:41
  • Why video training enhance messaging and support, and what kind of effects does it have on their staff? 14.25
  • How should I onboard my new staff? 19.52
  • Professional Pet Care Team Training Portal 22.25

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