Episode 211: Marketing Tips From A Pro Through Tough Times

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Marketing Tips From A Pro Through Tough Times

Byron Ingraham is a Facebook Advertising Expert, Best Selling Author, Business Strategist, and a Speaker. He is an Air Force Veteran turned entrepreneur. The reason he decided to become an entrepreneur is to give himself the freedom to help individuals achieve their dreams in business.

He also helps local businesses systematically leverage Facebook ads to generate leads online. In addition, he assists entrepreneurs and business owners in achieving their peak potential in their business while attracting their ideal clients and customers through marketing strategy.

Byron wants you to always remember that the difference between dreams and goals are deadlines!

How can your business pivot?

Biggest Takeaway You Don't Want To Miss:

  • For some businesses, it’s not just a 1 or 2-degree shift, sometimes it has to be a 90-degree shift in what you’re doing. Or maybe, you just need to be creative.
  • Think outside of the little box of how do you do that one thing which is solving the core problem. But first, you need to figure out what’s the problem. Business owners tend to stay on a surface without asking enough questions.
  • It’s all about where you put your energy and focus. Also, marketing to your audience in a unique and more engaging way – listen to Byron!

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Show Highlights:

  • What you can do as business owners to go through the pandemic, 1.29
  • Ways on how to pivot, 7.30
  • Where to focus and put your energy, 12.34
  • How to market to your audience, 15.05

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