Episode 213: How UGC Can Create a Buzz About Your Dog Walking Business and Bring You New Clients

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How User Generated Content or UGC Can Create a Buzz About Your Dog Walking Business and Bring You New Clients

HAve you considered User Generated Content to create buzz for your dog walking business?

Let me introduce you to Tyler. Tyler J. Anderson is an investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker. Day-to-day you’ll find him leading the team at Casual Fridays.

Since 2009, Tyler and his team have played significant roles in digital and social media marketing campaigns for hundreds of hotels and resorts, including Marriott International. They have worked with notable brands such as Visit San Diego, SeaWorld, KAABOO, Jersey Mike's Subs, Penske Automotive, Deloitte, The Los Angeles Chargers, Feeding San Diego, Susan G., and Koman San Diego. They also worked with The United Way Atlanta, and many more.


Have You Tried UGC In Promoting your Business?

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • UGC is a very viable way to have your Dog Walking Business promoted and marketed and is generally more trustworthy and authentic.
  • With UGC, you are promoting your business and it’s not coming from you. In other words, it’s actually the other person who’s doing it and you both get the benefit of it.
  • When you get your customers or potential customers a shared content of your business, you will get higher reach, and higher frequency in the news feeds. In conclusion, if you can get your customers from your dog walking business to become your content-creating army for you, it’s a game-changer.

Free 4-Step UGC Strategy Workbook.  This workbook walks you and your team through the steps to develop a UGC strategy for your brand or business.

  • https://hello.casualfridays.com/ugc-strategy-workbook/
  • You can also TEXT CODE: UCGWORKBOOK to 44222


User Generated Content Show Highlights:

  • What is UGC, 2.04
  • How to leverage awesome contents, 10.10
  • UGC stats analysis, 19.05
  • Tyler’s 4-Step UGC Workbook, 23.26

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