Episode 215: Getting In Control of the Financial Numbers in Your Business with Jamie Trull

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Financial Literacy

Getting In Control of the Financial Numbers In Your Business with Jamie Trull

Jamie Trull is a Financial Literacy Coach and Profit Strategist. She's fired up about helping small business owners overcome the overwhelm and anxiety of business finances.

After leaving the corporate world in favor of a more balanced life. Jamie founded her Virtual CFO company, Balance CFO LLC. and quickly realized that there was an educational void for smaller business owners and self-employed individuals when it came to financial literacy training.

She pivoted her business to teaching Financial Literacy to help fill that void. Jamie helps entrepreneurs maximize their profit and feel more confident about the numbers side of their businesses. She lives just outside of Nashville in Franklin, TN, and has a 6-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter who keeps her quite busy in her spare time!

What do you do when you don’t know how to get your numbers, what they mean, or how to make decisions in this 2020 climate?

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Financial literacy can be exciting and fun. It’s not just about taxes or bookkeeping, it’s about making strategic decisions to put your business in a trajectory to really succeed. This way, you can pay yourself more money which is the main goal of a business.
  • How do you keep your business up and running so that you don’t have to go out of business because of Covid? The ones that pivoted blew their businesses upwards, there is still money to be made in this situation. You just need to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, you just need to figure out how to bring in revenue in maybe a different way than what you did before.
  • You should have a smart business strategy. Having said this, we all need to be focusing on strategy and then finding those supplemental ways that we can help ourselves through these difficult times but knowing we got to get back on our feet.

Are you charging enough?

Financial Literacy Show Highlights:
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  • 1:47 – Why we’re in business
  • 2:15 – Who is Jamie Trull
  • 4:48 – How we actually are in business to make money
  • 7:23 – Covid’s effect on businesses especially to small businesses
  • 38 – What should we do or focus on now in this time of the pandemic
  • 40 – Example on how to pivot your dog walking business during this time of the pandemic
  • 23 – Smart strategy
  • 22 – Are you charging enough?

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