Episode 219: Marketing Mistake: Are You Hiding The Best Kept Secret In Your Business?

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Why The Market Is Saturated With Privately Owned Pet Care Companies Dying To Be A Top Dog and The Solution

Are you making this marketing mistake in your pet business?

As an entrepreneur and business owner, everyone has a unique value proposition or what we call the "Secret Sauce". Most of us don't know, but we all have something unique about our businesses. We just need to dig deeper and discover where our business does well and to send that message about our brand.

Today we'll be talking about how it all starts with sharing visuals, such as graphics. Graphics allow you to share your unique value with an audience. A picture can speak a thousand words, right? Well, those 1000 words should include your brand's authority, and how you stand out in your community.

It doesn't stop there. There's more ways to stand out from the crowd, like emblems. Think of emblems as your shiny trophies that you can share with your audience. It tells your ideal clients to pick you, without you having to say so!

It's time for you to stop hiding your best kept secret in your business, which is YOU.

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

Educating through graphics will show why you’re valuable as a business.  This is why I appreciate Pet Care Team Training so much. They take the thinking out of creating by providing branded graphics, training emblems, and exposure for your pet care business. Having all of this in one distinct place for you is one way to stand out in an effortless way.

Stand out without the burn out!

Marketing Mistake Show Highlights

  • What is “Secret Sauce”? -1:40
  • Foundation of Training: Training people the same way -4:49
  • Educating through graphics -7:46
  • Putting Distinctions on your Website -9:55
  • Why do we need training? -11:25
  • How to stand out from the pack? -16:03
  • What is Pet Care Team Training? -17:00


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