Episode 224 – 4 Massive Secrets To Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021

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4 Massive Secrets To Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021

Bella discusses 4 Massive Secrets to Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021 and moving forward after a pandemic influenced 2020. Pet business owners can maximize this time in their businesses by leaping into the unique business opportunities Covid-19 restrictions have placed upon all of us.
Bella cautions us to push back on feelings of self doubt, skepticism or excuses why our businesses can’t flourish during this time. The reality is, there are businesses doing well in spite of the pandemic and Bella speaks about the strategies these businesses have in common.
The strategies talked about in today’s episode not only work, but they work very well. Each strategy has already been tried, tested and proven by pet businesses and other forms of businesses. Don’t wait! You’ll want to start implementing these today.

“How Do I Get More Clients?”

When asked what is your biggest challenge right now….business owners say “How Do I Get More Clients?”  People are certainly hurting financially during this time. But remember: There are plenty of people who are still spending money. They are just not using it on vacation or luxury type items. But, they are definitely spending. A ridiculous amount of spending is happening online. In fact, one statistic showed people spent more money online in the first quarter of 2020 than they did in the previous 10 years.

Generate more revenue with online and virtual business.

There is a BIG opportunity for you to grow your client base and it’s happening right now. YES, pet based business owners and dog walking services have a virtual or online component!Contactless is an option for pet sitting businesses! Don’t overlook this. The online space is your chance to show your clients how much you care and earn their trust. Bella shares more about this in the four secrets she shares with us.

You Have to TELL Your Clients About Your Covid Protocol.

Yes. We know there are banners at the top of everyone’s websites. We’ve all gotten the generic boring emails from companies explaining their Covid safety precautions. They have become white noise. We don’t “see” these things anymore, much less actually read them! Your clients and prospective clients often assume that certain businesses aren’t available to them because of Covid. Bella gives some excellent tips and ideas for incorporating your care for your clients into your marketing which increases your arsenal of client attracting tools.

Dealing with Feelings of Anxiety, Overwhelm, Depression During this Pandemic.

Worry, stress, anxiety, feeling stuck in a rut and just being sick and tired of being sick and tired are 100% normal. Isolation can cause business owners to spiral downward if they feel out of options. Bella reminds us of some ways we can reach out, get connected and take advantage of a large variety of resources, many of them free. There are some AMAZING opportunities for your business right now and all you have to do is implement them.

It’s your chance to SHINE. Show them you care!


  • How can you show you care and still continue to prosper during this time? [3:50]
  • Some ideas to show your clients you care and stand out above the Covid-19 white noise disclaimers [5:35]
  • Contactless dog walking, Why you should offer it. [7:08]
  • Virtual Meet & Greets. [9:00]
  • The benefits of Virtual Meet & Greets [10:25]
  • Financial benefits of going exclusively virtual [12:00]
  • Handbook & Manual updates – why they are important to your business growth right now [13:24]
  • Ideas you can implement in your marketing using your handbook and manual [15:00]
  • How can PPE help you get clients? [14:35]
  • Importance of changing your marketing and sales to adapt to this time [18:35]
  • What to do when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired [18:45]


[Tweet “‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’ – Theodore Roosevelt”]
[Tweet “If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this is your time to move forward.”]
[Tweet “The worst thing you can for your business is to isolate yourself during this time.”]


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