Episode 226: Beware Of Certain Pet Business Coaches

Beware Of Certain Pet Business Coaches
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Beware Of Certain Pet Business Coaches

Let’s talk about business coaches and mentors! This week, Bella, who is a big believer in coaches herself and has always had a coach, shares why it’s absolutely critical you choose the right business coach and what to look for.
This episode stresses being aware of the rather startling movement where anyone and everyone is calling themselves a coach. Buyer BEWARE. It takes more than a brief dabbling in a business or a quickly attained certificate to make an effective results oriented coach.
These days we are seeing a wide range of new coaching titles: dog biz coaches, dog training mentors, or dog business consultants.
They are the people that dog business owners, facility owners, and corporations come to when they want to revolutionize how they do the business of dogs.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss

Not all coaches are equal.

Some haven’t been in business long and have just closed their doors on a pet based business that failed. Some decided coaching would be easier than working through a business with ups and downs and walked away. Now they think they should coach you, the pet business owner.
Examples of coaches who care and get results
Bella is connected with commanding badass dog biz entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the growing and shifting dog training industry. These people are focused on and get results. As an example, Bella references The Grassroots Dog Biz School. This team consists of multiple 7-figure dog business owners, world renowned dog trainers, dog training facility owners, social media rockstars, Ivy League MBA holders and keynote speakers, etc.

What happens when you aren’t sure if your business will recover from the pandemic?

Your business can recover! You are not alone. Bella shares a really meaningful analogy about a house in a storm and rebuilding. You don’t want to miss this part.

The importance of the right coach or mentor to help you rebuild.

Do you understand that choosing the right helpers to re-construct is just as important as choosing the right coach to level up? Let’s learn why it’s the same thing.

Are you the “right client” for a coach?

It’s critical that you be selective. Your time and your money is valuable. Hiring the wrong coach can not only cost you money but the price of how you’ll feel as an entrepreneur if you don’t meet your goals on time due to having the wrong coach is even steeper.

Show Highlights

Are you afraid you won’t recover after this pandemic? [4:00]

The leaders you follow matter. Differences in types of coaches and so called gurus. [5:45]

Understanding a coach’s motivation and goals. Is it to your benefit? [6:30]

What to look for when you choose a coach, cost of hiring the wrong coach [8:00]

Understanding their motivational style. ARE they even motivating? [9:15]

Are they results-oriented or just hope you show up for your sessions? [11:58]

Beware of FALSE COACHES. What to look for. [12:30]

What opportunities do they have to help you grow, materials, resources, etc. [14:00]

What type of client does Bella work with? [15:00]

Am I the RIGHT CLIENT for this coach? [18:00]

How do you “check” a coach’s heart? [22:00]

Why pet business will be thriving and hiring like crazy soon [25:00]


[Tweet “Your business is like an employee. It should perform the way you want it to.”]
[Tweet “Before hiring a coach, you should check their heart. Are they coming from a place of sincerity or ego?”]
[Tweet “Watch out for false coaches. Hiring the wrong coach can cost you time, money and break your heart.”]


What businesses who are thriving in the pandemic are doing right:

Grassroots Dog Biz School.These experts know the 100+ billion pet industry game inside and out as the leading pet industry consulting firm in the world.  Dog Biz School breaks and rewrites the rules of how dog trainers do the business of dogs, unapologetically and boldly.

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