Episode 227: How To Decrease Turnover and Create Raving Employees

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How To Decrease Turnover and Create Raving Employees

This week Bella talks about the importance of onboarding new staff properly along with the consequences of not having a standard onboarding policy in place. Bella’s vast experience in the pet based industry provides her with invaluable insights and the ability to go straight to the heart of why you can’t ignore having your own onboarding procedures.

NOTE: Some listeners may hear themselves in Bella’s examples. The onboarding problems she talks about are so common we think you’ll see some of your own business’ characteristics in this episode.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss

Real Life Examples of Things Pet Based Business Owners Say and Do When It Comes to Employees

  • “I can’t believe they left the door unlocked!”
  • “They didn’t know they were on the schedule.”
  • “They told the client too much and now the client is upset. I wish they contacted me first about the incident before calling the client.”

If any of this sounds familiar you definitely need to listen to this week’s show!

Why Pet Based Businesses are Going to Explode Soon

Are you one of the many businesses that decreased their staff down to 50% during the Covid pandemic? Bella talks about the reasons this is going to change and what you need to do to be prepared.

What NOT to Do In Your Onboarding Process

The sad thing is that so many people are already making one or more of these mistakes in their businesses. Bella covers several critical areas that can make a difference in how long you keep your employees.


  • Real Life Examples of Things Pet Based Business Owners Say and Do When It Comes to Employees [4:28]
  • Why you’ll be needing to onboard employees in record time very soon and how you can be ready [7:10]
  • Exactly what NOT to do in the onboarding process [7:45]
  • Defining Onboarding and what it means [8:45]
  • Studies pertaining to high employee turnover [10:00]
  • Why employees leave companies [10:30]
  • Standardization of onboarding process [11:05]
  • Importance of schedule for onboarding [15:30]
  • Why pet care team training videos can give you a headstart [18:45]
  • Types of employee learning and training styles for employees [22:00]


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