Episode 228: How to Run a Business Around Kids Learning Virtually

Running a Pet Business Around Kids at Home
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How to Run a Business Around Kids Learning Virtually

This week Bella reaches out to fellow parents everywhere. This episode is for all the overwhelmed pet business owners who are also busy moms and dads juggling their busy schedules, parenting, relationships, a household, and…kids who are also learning virtually.

As we start to see a possible light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it’s also worthwhile to remember that many of us are still working from home and have children who are attending school via the e-learning platforms. But, even before the pandemic, moms and dads have always struggled to balance home and work. That’s why this week’s episode is dedicated to helping you find some peace and balance in a crazy busy world.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

Special Webinar on How to Get More Dog Walking Clients in 2021 

Before we dive into today’s material, Bella gives another opportunity to get in on the powerful webinar she hosted for pet business owners this week. The webinar was all about how to get more dog walking clients in 2021 and offered a TON of bonuses and other materials successful pet business owners are maximizing. (See show links below)

The Importance of Giving Yourself Grace and Not Allowing Guilt

In this section, Bella spent some time emphasizing the normalcy of feeling guilt that so many parents experience. Often, we are so wrapped up in our businesses that we realize a good portion of the day went by and we didn’t take time to focus on our kids. Bella shares what has helped her in her own struggles.

When It’s Hard to Ask for Help and Setting Strict Goals.

Bella gets it. She’s been in the fire managing a very busy company while being a single parent and handling all the challenges that come with it. It’s very easy to blame ourselves or just feel guilty for not being able to do more. Frequently, we find ourselves needing some help and not reaching out to resources that are all around us. We can often find ourselves missing out on opportunities to get ahead or gain ground in certain areas because we aren’t asking for help and because we haven’t been intentional with the time that we have.  Bella offers some ideas to consider.

InstaCart, Meal Prep Services and Grocery Delivery – A New Friend?

Some people balk at using these types of services. Often, they feel that paying a little extra is a waste. Bella gives some very reasonable advice on why these services are actually great ways to save money, create time and help you in your business.

Personal Development and Moving Your Body…Why You Should Be Doing Both

You’ll enjoy this section on the importance of getting outside your own head, improving your mind, and the benefits of just moving your body. You’ll learn that it doesn’t have to be something as intense as doing an entire one-hour strength training routine several times a week but baby steps you can take to add up to big results.

Show Highlights

  • Bella hits us with value as soon as she introduces the topic when she also invites you to get in the business savvy How to Get More Dog Walking Clients Webinar in 2021. [1:00]
  • Parenting guilt and how to deal with it [3:00]
  • When it’s hard to ask for help [4:30]
  • Setting intentional goals [6:00]
  • InstaCart, meal prep services, home delivery: how they help business owners [7:30]
  • Self-growth and personal development tips [9:55]
  • Easy ways to move your body and feel more alive [11:30]


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