Episode 232: The 5 Biggest Problems Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Have With Social Media

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Doing the same thing over and over again? Put anything in a process and avoid starting from scratch every single time. Keep a file of the templates, fonts, colors, and embellishments that you always use. Making these decisions once can actually help you multiple times in the future whether you're doing graphics, video or even templates for blogs

Show Highlights

  1. Block out time to do all the things. [2:07]
  2. Be creative in different ways, either Lives, or videos, blog post writing, etc.  [3:43]
  3. Create processes for everything.  [5:05]
  4. If outsourcing, hire the right people for the right reasons.  [5:59]
  5. Hire those who are very knowledgeable in all the social media platforms you’re on. [9:27]
  6. Webinar Workshop [12:26]

Special Offers

  • There’ll be a workshop that Bella is hosting on Thursday, March 18 6pm Eastern.
  • You’ll receive a big workbook
  • Topics will include the 5 topics covered in this episode
  • The bonuses of how to be engaging with your own stuff and with other people’s stuff to get them to talk to you online.
  • We will also give you all the pet holidays to have at your fingertips
  • Another secret bonus that we’re excitedly working on
  • All this for $9.  Free to all Mastermind members


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