Episode 234: Triumph Over 2020 and Looking Towards the Future

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A Story of Triumph Over 2020 and Looking Towards the Future

Established in 2014 by me, Becky Lea, Paws Around Motown offers mobile services to fit into your busy lifestyle! We come to you and offer dog walking, pet sitting, obedience training, pet taxis, and yard cleanups all around Oakland County.

This company and the customers we serve is everything to me and I am dedicated to offering positive reinforcement pet services by people who love animals as much as I do. What started out with me, with one dog, and a dream has flourished and grown 350 customers strong with 20 pet sitters.

Every Pet is different and we pride ourselves on knowing each pet as an individual and developing a care plan suited for each individual. What makes them tick, what do they like, what do they not like. We love all animals, all breeds, all shapes, and all sizes. Love does not discriminate.

To provide a safe, stress-free, and quality pet care experience for pet and pet parent. We do this through compassion, patience, honesty, open communication, and respect.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

What were some of the ups and downs experienced in 2020?

Becky gets real about the hard decisions of having to let go of good staff and the struggle of losing 70% of her business this past year. She also shares the lessons learned and the amazing positives that never would’ve happened if the world had never shut down.

What was a blessing that came from 2020 that you were grateful for? 

Becky realizes how the entire experience, as hard as it was, was truly a blessing. How she had to step back and rethink her entire business. What came out of it is something she never imagined.

What kept you going throughout it? 

Becky shares her driving motive to keep going. Even with debt stacking up, Becky knew she wasn’t going to go without a fight. She explains the action taken to keep her customers, staff, and community going.

Where do you see your business going in 2021? 

Being awarded Best Dog Sitting and Walking Company in 2021 has been a great start to the year. It has shown Becky that her hard work this past year has paid off but she’s not stopping there. Decisions made in 2020 have caused her to take on new avenues, showing her nothing is impossible.

Did 2020 change anything in your business? 

Becky shows how 2020 not only changed her business but it also changed her. It has helped her to become a better business owner, person, and member of her community. She attributes the ability of these changes to her experience with Bella’s Mastermind and Better Marketing with Bella. Listen in to hear her explain how.

Show Highlights:

  • What life was like in 2020 [5:39]
  • Reconsider customer service going forward [14:00]
  • What kind of decisions did you make on a daily basis? [15:58]
  • I was not going to go down without a fight [16:40]
  • How did you decide on what to work on? [19:33]
  • What would be your best advice for people still in the haze? [22:42]
  • We were on a stay-at-home getting new clients as a result of that. [26:52]
  • There’s a lot of things you can do to train yourself that doesn’t cost a thing [27:35]
  • What have you seen as a benefit throughout 2020 with the Mastermind & Better Marketing with Bella [29:40]

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