Episode 235: How to Use Social Media to Get New Staff for Your Pet Business

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How To Use Social Media to Attract New Staff for Your Pet Business

Did you know that social media isn’t just for getting new clients? What if we showed you how to use social media to attract new staff for your business without you even having to go out and look for them. Listen in as Bella shares different ways you can use your social media to bring in those new ideal employees because if you’re only using it to get new clients and then you’re missing out.

Biggest Takeaways

  • They will check you out – what story are you telling?
  • Always look for people who are good at social or telling stories…
  • Have you thought about posting on Nextdoor?
  • You have to have a strategy…
  • The only thing they know about you is what you put online.
  • You want them to stalk you…

Show Highlights

  • There are a lot of different things that your social media and marketing help [3:37]
  • Imagine a world where you didn’t even have to post and people would slide into your DM asking, “Are you hiring?” [4:30]
  • Why would you only leave it up to just posting for jobs on Indeed? It’s reactionary. [6:24]
  • How do you make a job look appealing online? [6:56]
  • If its not on Facebook or if it’s not on Instagram, it’s not happening [9:00]
  • Social Media is where you will fall or soar [9:28]
  • Growth happens when you are uncomfortable. [11:33]
  • The only thing that anyone knows about you is what you put online. [14:52]
  • Hiring is 50% of all the problems you will have in your business [18:39]
  • What is your social saying about attracting staff to work for you? [20:38]
  • We’re already facing a stereotype of things like “It’s just dog walking”. [21:40]
  • What are you going to do to level up? [22:59]


That’s where we come in. In Better Marketing With Bella, we don’t only create social media content targeted to getting new clients, but only social media content to attract staff.
It’s not too late!  Grab your spot now!



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