Episode 236: The New Era of Remote And Flexible Work.

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The New Era of Work and What That Looks Like as a Business Owner

I am the founder of remoteworkadvocate.com, the go-to place for both companies embracing flexible work and individuals willing to thrive in the remote world. Within the past few years, having worked with various international clients, I created a Remote-Ready Audit as a tool to guide companies through the remote work implementation process. Through the years, I’ve had the pleasure of hiring hundreds of candidates for various remote and hybrid companies and created long-lasting business relationships around the world.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

What has changed in our attitude towards working within the past year?

Nadia describes the major shift she has witnessed in companies culture and work environments in regard to remote and flexible work. She explains how this change stems from mindset and attitude in order to make everything work. 

How can companies benefit from implementing flexible work models?

We all know there are benefits to remote work and Nadia breaks each of these benefits down showing how changing from a traditional workplace to remote and flexible work can help companies achieve the growth they want and the lifestyles people desire.


Where should companies start if they’re willing to embrace a scalable and transparent remote work model?

Our most valuable resource is time and Nadia provides the steps needed to take in order to start saving your time. From automation, cloud storage, to onboarding, and more you’ll be surprised to learn all that can be embraced from a remote work model.


Why have you decided to advocate for remote work in the first place? What’s your mission?

Nadia is someone who likes to challenge things.  She always questions “why is that so?” Working remotely for the majority of her career Nadia questioned why the workplace didn’t offer more remote work opportunities. You’ll want to hear what she discovered in her search of why we work the way we do and why she is so passionate about companies developing a remote and flexible working style.


Show Highlights:

We’re always resistant to change as human beings [3:12]

The pandemic left no choice but to adapt [3:20]

The pandemic has torn us out of our comfort zones [4:16]

You don’t have to be located in a skyscraper in order to have a great career [8:11]

This particular industry can definitely benefit from automation [9:13]

We can go digital with anything we basically want [9:28]

70% of onboarding is repetition… [10:03]

How did Nadia become Nadia? [11:40]

Why is the workplace the way we see it these days? [12:42]

Who gets to determine what the workweek is? [14:14]

There are a ton of means that can help us become more human [16:32]



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