Episode 238: How To Crush the “I’m Too Scared To Hire” Fear

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In today's show we're going to talk about hiring employees and those fears that may surround this topic. If you're not into hiring employees, that's totally fine! But if you are, sit back and have a listen as we dive into it all and approach those fears that just may be holding you back from growing your business.

Show Highlights

  1. Topic has been talked about my free Facebook group, Jumpstart Your Pet Business. [1:35]
  2. You may have been burned in the past or heard horror stories and that scares you. You feel independent contractors cost you less [2:18]
  3. Having independent contractors is a major liability. [3:02]
  4. I want you to get confident in your process. The hiring process is a two way street and you’ll need to understand how that is going to do for your life and your business[3:22]
  5. You may be afraid to hire because you feel you may need to micromanage or they may be a flake and cancel. Or they may not have your same standards unless directly trained by you. [3:37]
  6. Many have gone through a lot of hires over the years with only a handful of good employees.[4:20]
  7. Fear of animals being abused or mishandled has been a big factor [4:40]
  8. Sometimes you have the fear of losing the team you have because they are great and you’re afraid they’ll leave. [5:00]
  9. Another worry is attention to detail that my endanger the safety of the animals such as not locking things properly [5:28]
  10. Your business is only going to be as good as it’s leader – you. It’s the captain that steers the ship! If you’re down on the docks mopping and doing other tasks and your ship crashes, you can’t blame the ship for not sailing right. It’s not that it didn’t sail right, it’s that we left our position – we weren’t being the leader [6:10]
  11. What I’ve learned is that no one is going to be as good as me. Why? Because a lot of them are going to be better than me. I can add value to pet businesses and pets by aligning my values and vision if I’m too busy being in the trenches. Same goes for you. [7:04]
  12. Staff has one job to focus on as their primary responsibility, which can make them better as it instead of you doing way too many things at once. [8:34]
  13. If you’ve been in that rut of doing it all yourself, how long has it been? How long have you wanted to get out of that rut yet expecting something to change? [9:37]
  14. The hiring challenge from May 1st-31st which is normally $525 will be $10.00! Whoa! It won’t be a huge group where you’ll get lost. You’ll be among people who are doing what you’re doing, getting direct advice from me on how to hire and learning the best method hiring practices [13:39]
  15. Once you understand these hiring practices, once you’ve tweaked them, you’ll be able to hire the right people that will support your business [19:30]

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