Episode 274: 3 Reasons Why Sales is Super Important in Your Pet Business in 2022

Episode 274: 3 Reasons Why Sales is Super Important In your Pet Business in 2022
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Are you prepared? 2022 may have a lot in store for your pet business. But... do you know how to approach it so it goes in your favor? There is going to be some turbulence along the way but with the right support and by taking the right steps you can make 2022 work in your favor. It is so important to learn how to sell right now so you can overcome any stepping stones that come your way. I am going to be there to tell you how to do it and most importantly WHY. The why in the whole thing has such a large play and today we are going to talk about it.

Biggest Takeaways

Become the solution and learn how to establish and define your business. As the economy changes and becomes more and more volatile people start to have more problems. What they need right now is for you to solve them and show them the value you can provide during these hard times.

How Are You Preparing Your Business

If you have been staying up to date on my Podcast I am sure you are aware of how much the market is changing right now…. but does your office manager know? What about your social media manager? Do you have plans in place for how your business is going to stay on top of the economy? Now is the time to prepare your business for these changes.

Be The Solution

Start asking yourself the right questions. How does your sales process make people feel? Are they supported and cared for? Do you solve their problems and offer solutions? If you are just throwing prices at them and waiting for them to decide how they want to solve their problem then you are not selling. To be the solution you need to talk and connect with them really understand their problem and provide value with your solution.

Show Highlights

  • Being established and solving problems [7.50]
  • Why you should be the solution [12.45]
  • Why stepping up your sales game will set you aside [19.23]

Want Free Sales Training?

Sales is BIG on my heart this season…. and I want you to be prepared for what is coming. In a few months and you will be saying, “Bella! How do I get more clients?”

Here is a FREE 3 part sales training from Aaron Michael Miller on my podcast. He is already helping turn mindsets around by helping my clients with scripts AND MOST IMPORTANTLY teaching their team how to sell.

“He is brilliant when it comes to the sales process and communication. I was loving it! It was all gold!”

Next time you get in that car to drive 20 min, or walk a dog… take a listen. You won’t be sorry.

……did I mention it is FREE? Have your Office Managers listen too!

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