Episode 275: 3 Disruptive Ways To Respond To Inquiries To Get Results

Episode 275: ?3 Disruptive Ways To Respond To Inquiries To Get Results
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Think about it from their shoes... when you go out looking for a service and the first person you contact responds with "Thanks for your inquiry. We will get back to you within 24 - 48hrs", do you just sit back and wait? Or do you keep looking for other options because you have a problem that needs to be solved and now is the time you have to solve it? Chances are you keep looking, right?
Don't be the business that takes their time and does not show they want to solve your problems. Right now is the time to step up and actually be the solution and in this week's Podcast, I am going to show you 3 different ways you can solve a client's problem, show you care, and maybe even upsell them as fast as possible! You are going to want to listen in on this one.

Biggest Takeaways

As the market becomes more and more volatile, it becomes more and more important to really step out there and know how to respond to prospects and lockdown leads. There is a common thing most of us do with how we allow people to contact us for services and I will tell you it can be utilized and used correctly… if you know how.

Respond to Inquiries

How do you respond to inquiries? Do you only use email? What if I told you this can be wasting time? The amount of time you spend just responding to their first question might just be what gets them to stay or not. using the different forms of contact available can create an opportunity to assist them right as they need you to. Not the next day when they are busy at work and already spoke to X amount of people… am I right?

Personal Connection

Once they are responding back to you, building a personal connection is vital! This does not only help you truly solve their problem but it will create trust in you and your business to provide the best services you can without having to “sell yourself”. Contact them in a way that shows you did stop to think about what they need and how you can help, making it about them and their pet instead of about you and your business.

Show Highlights

  • How do you respond  [6.14]
  • How to land the client as quickly as possible [12.07]
  • Different forms of contact that show you care [18.55]

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