Episode 280: 8 Considerations To Make Your Website A Selling Machine

8 considerations to make your website a selling machine
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What do you think pet parents want to see when they go to your website?
Do they want to feel like they are being sold? Talked at? Or trying to figure out how they might fit INTO your company?
Do you think they might feel overwhelmed, not knowing if you are the right fit for skill or money?
All of these are probably true and how you present yourself on your website will make or break your bounce rate.
(Bounce rate: How long someone stays on your site until the "bounce" off going to look elsewhere to solve their problem)
Recently I got a DM from someone who was going to be updating their website asking, "So what's important on a website these days??"
Truth is, there is a lot to consider. Unfortunately, most business owners are so close to their business, it is often hard to get the 30K view and put themselves in their potential client's shoes...

Biggest Takeaways

If your website is the first thing potential clients are seeing about you, then you need to draw them in.  You need to make them say, “Yes, I want to work with them!”
I started off doing this as a 7 point podcast but by the time I got to the end, it turned into 8. I was on a roll.

  • Make it about THEM not about you.
  • Keep it simple like a 1st grader is reading your website.
  • Pay attention to the navigation.
  • Don’t make them think

…and there are a lot more. Listen to learn more!


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