Episode 289 Taking A Stand, Trolls, & Leaving Your Business For 6 Months….. Personal Stories With Receipts!

Taking A Stand, Trolls, & Leaving Your Business For 6 Months..... Personal Stories With Receipts!
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They say to not believe everything you read online, but what would it look like if you did?

Because there are many out there online spreading bad info and giving out bad advice. They are spewing slander and stating there is no way you can accomplish the big goals of yours. Tearing you down, because.. how does the saying go? "misery loves company"
If you are in the crossfire of this negativity online, it is time to evaluate who you are hanging out with. Then get out of this mindset.
Because, as I have stated before, change is happening. And now is the time to really look at your business and evaluate who's working with you or against you. Time to accomplish the big goals of yours.
This week I am telling you success stories of my clients who are taking a stand and thriving in their business without even being there.
How to dismiss the negativity and trolls out there, and stand firm within your business.
How to know, it is all possible.

Biggest Takeaways

“If you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything.” (Alexander Hamilton)

  • But don’t just take my word for it, listen to the success stories I have to share with you.
  • Then watch who you are surrounding yourself with, spending your time with. The groups you are in, are they teaching you or adding negativity? Are you finding too many trolls creating negative space and no leader to around to control it? I’ll tell you how that is impactful to your business. And why you might want to change it.
  • Lastly, I will always be real with you. I will tell you my thoughts, when I feel my programs are not for you, as well as bring in an expert if I do not know the answer.


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