Episode 295: How To Use an SOP for Your Pet Sitting Business

How to use an SOP for your pet sitting business
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Does the thought of creating an SOP for your pet sitting business leave you feeling overwhelmed? Or have you hired an office manager but had that completely blow up in your face due to the lack of an SOP? Or even worse, take the route of starting to create one, just to end up with an unfinished mess of documents that serve the business no purpose.
While it may sound intimidating, an SOP will make everything run much smoother.
SOP For Your Pet Sitting Business
An SOP is a Standard Operating Procedure that is essential for making sure all of your operations are carried out in a consistent and efficient manner.  By having an SOP in place, everyone on your team will be following the same procedures and guidelines. This week I am helping understand the process of creating and executing this document step by step.

Biggest Takeaways

For a business owner, being able to delegate means you are able to work on your business rather than in your business. But without an SOP you cannot delegate to your team. With the right steps, creating an SOP for your pet sitting business will establish a cohesive understanding for all staff members.
How you create your SOP will be determined by certain criteria:

  • What is the goal of an SOP?
  • What platform will you use to execute this document?
  • How will you implement it?
  • What steps do you need to include?

A fluid, changeable document that will evolve with your business and define duties and roles, will establish a smooth process for staff, clients, and business owners alike.


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