Episode 300: 11 Mindset Hacks To Take Your Business To The Next Level

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Your mindset is going to get you everywhere or keep you exactly where you are at. As we publish this 300th episode, I am talking to you from my heart, as I always do on the milestone episodes. This time is it all about what you are saying in your own head. HOW to scale this business is the easy part. It is the MINDSET that is the tough part. When "bad" things happen, or you "fail" what is your reaction or response? Is it something that will turn it into a positive that you can stand strong on or something that holds you down and prevents you from growth and momentum?

Today, I am going to give you 11 Mindset Hacks to take you to the next level. These are all ones I have used myself. I have been posting them weekly on my Instagram, as I know some of you save them for inspiring quotes. It is my hope that this episode makes you uncomfortable enough to challenge your thinking so you can think clear enough to push to your next goal.

Thank you for listening to 300 episodes.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 8:00 11 questions to shift your business mindset
  • 10:30 Responding or reacting
  • 12:15 What can I learn from this
  • 13:22 The only person you can control is yourself
  • 17:31 I have something valuable
  • 18:55 Shine my light
  • 21:53 I need a goal, mentor, and bite sizes
  • 23:46 I am unique
  • 27:11 Building a team is necessary
  • 29:29 Why does it affect me? where does it come from? what needs to be healed?
  • 31:31 Personal life mirrors your business
  • 33:33 Software tool 


Shifting your business mindset can be one of the greatest tools to achieving success in your business. I have brought 300 episodes to you filled with information on how to hire, generate more sales, and even how to choose your software. But if your mindset isn’t in a place of positivity, you will sink the ship with your thoughts alone. Surrounding yourself with people who help you grow rather than hinder you, sets the tone for positivity. The Mastermind group is a community of like-minded business owners cheering each other on and leaning on one another when help is needed. If you are looking for a place to grow, this might be the community you have been looking for.
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