Episode 301: The 5 Hidden Sales Mistakes That Cost Pet Sitters

sales mistakes
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If there was something in your business that was really a mistake and costing you time and money, would you want to know?
There are sales mistakes business owners make that are hindering them from success every single day.
This week I am diving into the 5 most common sales mistakes that I see people make and what you can do to avoid them!

Biggest Takeaways

  • 1:16 What sales mistakes?
  • 1:55 Software
  • 3:15 Not having your branding everywhere
  • 6:03 Always Be Closing
  • 7:27 Customer and Employee Love
  • 8:54 Not having the “make it right” mentality
  • 10:29 Always be thinking about solutions


Your time is money in your business. Finding ways to elevate tasks and simplify business will help you achieve the desired success. Whether it is content creating, like in Better Marketing With Bella, or finding a community you can lean on for guidance (like the Mastermind group), finding places in your business you can make the system and process easier is key. You wanted the system in place to help you, not hinder you and remembering that is important.

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