Episode 318: Bedbugs, Boundaries, And Business: How To Be A Person Of Your Word

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How does it feel when you cannot trust someone? But I think the better question we should ask is, what if you do not trust yourself? You might be thinking, how am I not trusting myself? Plain and simple, it is when your yes doesn't mean yes or your no doesn't mean no.
We have all met that person in our life (or maybe we have been that person) that will give you a yes, but in reality, they mean no. How does this translate to your business? How can you be the affirmative leader and make sure your staff trusts your word?
Today I get a little personal with you, sharing stories that helped me realize the depth meaning behind someone's yes and no. And how this will translate to your life, your staff, and your business. How you can ensure your staff trusts you.
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Biggest Takeaways

  • 1:27 Bed Bugs Story!
  • 5:20 Actions don’t match the words
  • 7:45 Does your staff trust you?


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