Episode 322: Want to Achieve Success in the Pet Industry with Your Marketing And Hiring? Here’s How Becky Lea from Paws Around Motown Did it

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Have you been struggling with creating an effective hiring system where you aren't ghosted and quality people show up to interviews? Or maybe you have been working hard to level up your social media to attract the right clients and employees? In this episode you will be inspired to listen to the story of Becky Lee, the owner of a dog walking and pet sitting business, Paws Around Motown.
She first got involved in the pet industry in early 2020 or 2021 and quickly made a name for herself by working hard and soaking up as much information as possible. In the summer of 2021, she traveled to Chicago for an intensive session with a better marketing professional to work on improving her hiring process and building a community on social media. During the session, they created a 10 step hiring process and worked on setting up timelines to help Becky find the best candidates for her business. After implementing the strategies she learned during the intensive, Becky was able to improve her hiring process and build a strong community on social media. As a result, her business has seen significant growth and success.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 3:50 Intensive in Chicago
  • 7:06 How did it change your business
  • 10:35 Best advice
  • 13:10 Goals with hiring and marketing
  • 17:04 Trial and error
  • 21:16 How Better Marketing With Bella helped you
  • 26:14 How the Mastermind helped your business


This week as we showcase the inspiring success story of Becky Lea, a member of our Mastermind community. Through hard work and determination, Becky was able to overcome common struggles and find success in both hiring and marketing. Her journey exemplifies the power of taking a leap of faith and investing in oneself through joining a supportive community like our Mastermind group.


Well, welcome everyone in the mastermind. This is completely on scheduled for you guys. It’s been scheduled for Becky and I. And we are actually going to be recording a episode of the podcast, it’s hopefully going to be around 20 minutes or so. But you know, Becky, and I can get going. And we thought that we would do it in here so that you actually got you understand what is possible as you’re looking forward to 2023. And this isn’t going to come out until the middle of January, I think it is. So just, you know, grab a cuppa or put your earbuds in while you’re walking down, then there we go. Becky Lee, thank you so much for being on this episode of Bella in your business. I am so happy to have you here today. And I really wanted to just explain to our audience or what is actually possible, because you have been lovingly coined my sparkly unicorn who just like, I’m not even surprised anymore. Like I’m like, Of course you did. You know. And it’s been so delightful to work with you and CO create with you that I just rather than me tell your story, I wanted you to tell your story. So first, thank you for being here. Thank you for having me. I’m so happy to be here. Yeah. And for our listeners who are just getting to meet you for the first time. First of all, guys, this is gonna be a huge treat for you. But why don’t you just introduce yourself where you’re from what your business is, and give them a little bit of a background and maybe even how they can stalk you on social,
sir. My name is Becky Lee, but it spelled like T Lea and I am a dog walking pet sitting dog training business in Oakland County, Michigan. We serve all of Oakland County, which is pretty large and we’re kind of right outside of Detroit. A lot of people can kind of get it from there. And so on Instagram, I am at PAWS around Motown on Facebook, I am paws around Motown. That’s the name of my company because Detroit Motown music that’s me.
And that’s gonna be really important because you guys are gonna want to go check out her socials after hearing what we’re going to talk about today. So Becky, you first got in the jump, like orbit I like to call it like back in like January of 2021 or 2020 to 2020 21 I remember all of a sudden, like a like a firework all of a sudden I started seeing your name all over everything that we do like you signed up for a better marketing fella you were in the mastermind and you were working hard and you were absorbing everything and I was like huh this girl’s work in pretty good like she she’s putting her nose to the ground there but it wasn’t until I really got to meet you for the first time and that was I went to Chicago to do an intensive in the summer and you don’t live in Chicago so how did you get to Chicago for an intensive with me so I
I saw this post because I’m in the mastermind group as well as better marketing with Bala and I saw this post Hey, I’m gonna be in Chicago doing these intensives and I have one more opening than I thought I can Chicago is not that far from me and that’s like a five hour drive I can do that I’m and I’m gonna make like little mini vacay out of it so I drove down to Chicago stopped at Warren dunes on the way shutdown scenery visited my cousin met up with another mastermind member while I was there and Bella had this Airbnb all hooked up where I came to her and but that’s how I got there. I just saw this post and I’m like you know what, I haven’t physically met her in person. I know what she can do for me online. I’m just gonna like jump and go for it.
Yeah, yeah. And I I remember in our like, pre intensive because we always like talk you know, and make an itinerary before you calm so we’re all on the same page. You were like, I don’t really understand this Instagram thing. And how do you even post a story and so I brought like my selfie thing and like all these two was to like, kind of like show you and I, I wonder if I can find the video in my insights but we have a video of literally I’m like, Hi, this is Bella and I’m teaching I’m teaching Becky how to do Instagram which is funny guys because if you stay tuned and you hear what she’s been able to do, it’s like what, which is why I’m titling this thing what’s possible. So Becky, what, um, what takeaways or what kind of things did you accomplish during that the that intensive session so I went well, we talked ahead of time and I had sent you know, my goals and whatnot. But there were two things that I was super struggling with. One was my hiring process and getting quality candidates to stay and the other was wanting to have a community on social media and knowing nothing about it. Like if you go back to before I kind of got into you can almost see the progression like if you look at the beginning of my Instagram because that’s where I’m I’m kind of bigger on but I started and it’s just like your post there a post everywhere post post like horrible quality. And then you can see where I kind of joined better marketing with Bella and I’m like scheduling the content that comes from better marketing with Bala but I didn’t know what a story was what the purpose of a story is. I didn’t know what was good content for reels I barely knew about reels video was kind of I don’t want to say new but really starting to explode at that time. And I just was at a loss I didn’t know how to make I didn’t know what direction to go in. And I kind of told you that going into the intensive and we like worked out like those processes from start to finish it was amazing you can do in it tons of with Bala doing and tons of with Bella she’s well give, give the listeners like an understanding. So we were together for eight hours. And like what did you What did you accomplish by the end of that, that you wouldn’t be able to do like on a zoom call? Like what was? What did you walk away with? And how did it change the trajectory of your business? Because it definitely did. Because all of a sudden you just went you went from like I hate hiring to everyone we hire stays with us for a long time. And I get the last interview. And it’s like the seventh stage. It was like it was it was so beautiful to watch Becky, it was beautiful to watch you like hate parts of your business, and then have them solved so that you can move on to the parts of your business that you loved. Can you explain a little bit more of that to the audience?
Yeah, so when I went into the intensive the processes, Bella puts these huge post it note like these huge blank post, it’s all over the wall. And then these little colorful, many posters, and basically what we did for hire for my hiring system, which was badly broken, I was kind of getting junk. I don’t wanna say junk candidates, but I was getting people who ghosted me and two people who would start and they’d work for two weeks, and they leave or they work for a month and they leave. So we basically first started by asking, Well, what’s important to you? You know, what are you looking for in a candidate? What is most important to you? So I thought, well, empathy, you know, communication, I want them to be able to be present on my social media. So we actually developed from start to finish this, like 10 Step, hiring process. So don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of work on the front end of it. It took some time to get it set up. But and there were things I was completely terrified of, like one of the things that we talked about, during the intensive was doing like a video component, and above a video question for a video interview. And I was like, Well, nobody’s gonna do that. Oh, my God, I’m wrong. I’m so wrong. So we developed this 10 step process. And then I came into it with knowing exactly how to set it up in jazz HR, which is the hiring platform that I use also recommended by Bala that actually allows you to set up a workflow and quickly advance people through the stages. And when you and I worked on it, we worked on setting up timelines, you know, everything has a deadline, because then you can look at things like their time management, and what I really set out to do with you was to develop a system from start to finish that got people more and more in bested in my company, as they went through the process. So we developed, I have this 10 Step, hiring process. So I went to having, you know, I would be hopping on all these phone calls on these zoom interviews, and then just sitting there waiting, waiting, waiting, wasting a huge amount of my time. And now by the time they’re coming to me, and I can talk through those 10 steps if you want, but by the time they’re coming to me, I pretty much know at that point that they’re going to be hired. That’s how kind of seamless and flawless the process is now,
because your office managers or other people in your team are involved in that process. So when they bring people to you, you have already created a standard standard interview process with clearly defined Yes, move them on, or no, don’t move them on, so that anybody can plug in and do it for you. Because I mean, Becky, talk to the people that are out there right now that are trying to run their business that are trying to run their employees, and they’re trying to do the entire process by themselves. Like what is your best advice to them? Knowing what you know, now? What advice would you give to them?
My best advice is to get a system to develop a standard operating procedure, a system and a workflow. And and I would advise you to find a platform like jazz HR, yeah, that you can set up the workflow in the beginning. And and literally, it’s a tap of the button that you can train somebody to do to move to the next system, that to the next part of the workflow. And then I would also advise that everything that you do, you’re looking for something. So you’re looking for these little bite sized pieces throughout your process. And everything is quantitative, meaning it’s assigned a number value, based on how they answer, I went by trusting my gut for five years, trusting my gut does not work.
Nor is it nor is it scalable, right?
scalable, and it’s not feasible. And I really wanted people that were happy to be here that we’re invested, we we actually do the pet care team training and and the last stage of our processes, they actually get certified before they even do orientation. Every step I have is getting somebody more invested. And then I just trained my managers on that system, got it set up training them how to move them through and what to look for, what does our hiring avatar, what numerically is acceptable? Based on these assessments that we do because they’re scored assessments, you have to get a 90% or higher and kind of moved from there. So they have that support system here, I’m almost moving actually into the point where I’m going to start having one of my pet care technicians do first interview, general manager do second interview right now I’m doing amazing.
Amazing, that’s absolutely amazing. And I’m gonna, I’m going to stop you right now because I don’t want our listeners to get like you know, left behind here. So there’s a couple of things that Becky’s mentioned that I just want to let you guys know without having to go to the show notes. The first thing is jazz HR. And that’s a company that I personally have been working with for like three years now and hundreds of pet sitters have also done it. So if you haven’t heard of it before, go to jump consulting dotnet forward slash jazz HR, you do not want to go and try to do it yourself. Because coming through me will save you 50% off the middle plan and the top tier plan and for any of you who might have jazz HR right now who are doing it on the cheap and the low end doing the hero plan I would encourage you to cancel it because it’s not worth anything it’s you might as well just go straight to indeed so I won’t go too far into that and the other thing you mentioned something else oh my gosh and I totally just drew a blank because I didn’t want to like anyone interrupt you. But there was another there was something else in there I’ll remember later but okay, so you you created this amazing this amazing 10 Step hiring process during the intensive and then we also set some goals for you so tell tell them about these goals because you guys just have to hear this
so we had a few goals. One to get me okay first I just have to say yeah, okay, stuff costs money, but you also have to look at what is your time worth by saying that, so we the goals that we had set were to get me as far are out of my hiring process as I could because it was sucking a huge amount of time. Our goal was to kind of get me raise engagement on social media. Yep, learn how to use them raise engagement, and then also to do $10,000 In a month in my training business, because that was another piece that we worked on. And so Bella said, What? What is your like? What’s your reward? What is your How are you going to reward yourself or achieving your goals? And I thought for about five seconds, and I said, I’m gonna get a tattoo.
And I was like, what? Okay, that’s cool. Because everyone’s different, right? And that’s what was motivating to Becky. And I think that’s important, you guys that you have to celebrate. When you hit like goals. You have to and a lot of people forget that part. And I’m really big on celebrating, because we bitch and moan about so many things that we just we have earned the right to party.
Right? Wanting this tattoo for so long, and then putting it off my app to me that was the perfect Oh, by myself and celebrate, and ovation, and then I don’t not sure if it was like one, two weeks later, it was not that long after I get this package in my mailbox. And I’m like, What is this and and it’s this super cute like, bright pink because it follows magical bright pink with glitter top candle that says, I am getting a tattoo. And I put this thing on my desk. Every time I got frustrated or thought, you know, I can’t do this, whatever. I looked at it and I thought no, you can do this. You have this goal. You’re getting this tattoo, and you’re gonna show everybody that you’re getting this. And so I finally I don’t know if I should go into like achievement yet. But I get this, you know, candle?
Yeah, no, it’s perfect. So, so by the end of the intensive, like, what did you? What was your marching orders? What did you hope to do, and I know what didn’t happen in like, say the 90 days that we set. And guys, that’s a really important lesson like, it’s so important start to try to set goals and set the proper kind of goals with an end date that is measurable, that you’ve either achieved or not, and then anchoring it to a deep reason why two goals are not a to do list. And that’s what we do with Becky and Becky did not accomplish this in 90 days. And it wasn’t it’s not a race. But she stayed focused on it. And through that, all of a sudden on Instagram, I start seeing a whole plethora of all like this woman was fearless. And she did not care and done was better than perfect. And that’s why she’s my unicorn because too many people Becky, I think a lot of listeners right now might be scared of, well, I don’t want to put my face on camera. I don’t know if this is gonna sound right. Or I don’t know if this is going to be perfect. And I don’t think people are looking for perfection. I think they’re looking for human. What did you learn? Because we could be here for an hour, but we can’t because I told my listeners we wouldn’t be. But what did you learn through that process of just trying it trial and error and stuff and, and the trial and error even of jazz HR? That was what I was gonna say like, just because we front loaded, it doesn’t mean that it all worked, you still had to tweak it. So you learned all this stuff. You put it to action, and then you started manipulating it based off of what your results were. Can you expand on that and help our listeners understand that it’s not just creating the idea, but all the steps and process and energy that you did after the fact to be as successful as we’re about to tell them?
Yeah, so you you have to go through and take the painstaking time to set up these systems. And you’re right, it doesn’t happen in 90 days. I think it took me a year. You know, I’m not even sure it. It took me some time. But one of the things that I learned also during our intensive was how to look at like the analytics of things and how to kind of determine what’s going well and that it’s not about how many followers you’re getting. It’s about men sister. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s about who you are impacting and connecting with your community. I will tell you I’m in terms of the social media stuff. I’ll get One example just this week, I’ve gotten two clients, one, I was recommended in a one of the towns, we serve mom’s group, I’m not a mom, recommended by a client, that’s one of our moms that we take care of. And then I was also recommended in one of the city group on Facebook. And that’s how they found us. And, to me, it’s not, it’s not about looking perfect being a made up, I have gotten on there with my bun, on top of my head with my hair offers doubt, no makeup on. I’ve been on social media crying, because I’m dealing with a sick pet. It’s not about being a robot and being perfect. You have to look at it as you are just trying to show people that you are vulnerable, that you are a human that they can trust, you know what you’re talking about. It’s not know
like and trust, it’s, it’s the know, like and trust factor. And it’s understanding that we’re selling peace of mind trust and security. And the way to get that is to be vulnerable, is to be imperfect, is to have those quirks that people can be like, Ah, I can totally relate to her like I like I want to lean in more and, and Becky, this hasn’t just been for clients has it?
No, because this has totally helped in my hiring as well. I’ve gotten a ton of applications like saw you on social media, how do I apply? I really want to work for you, how do I apply but it also gives our staff and our people that are potentially looking for a job and going to apply the chance for those social media stalkers to go in and see what our culture is. So like, Instagram, we have a highlight reel called culture. And it’s all about what our culture is like, and what we do together as a team and how we help each other and how appreciated you are when you work here. And so, you know, it’s, it’s, I it’s just it’s been an amazing journey. You know, it start because I used to think, oh, it’s all about Oh, nobody likes, nobody’s liking my stuff. And nobody’s following me. And it’s not it’s not a route that I have formed community relationships, I have a close community relationship with a veterinarian now that, that endorses me. And that is quarterly interviews with me. I have found business networking groups through this that has brought me and I actually went to a business networking meeting two weeks ago and the guy was telling me I don’t really know you from your website. I know you from social media.
I do you’re gonna say that.
Because I’m, you know, I’m on there. You know, I set a goal for how many times I’m gonna post your you know what now? And I really had to figure out who I wanted to be on social media.
Absolutely. Remind, remind people, how do they find you on Instagram right now? What was your handle again,
it’s at PAWS around Motown. So dog paws around Motown mot o wn.
So something you just said something really important right there, you said, you needed to figure out who you wanted to be on social. But in the beginning of this interview, you said that you also were using better marketing with Bella. So for those out there that are like, Oh, I like to do my own social, I don’t need better marketing. Or they’re like, you know, I don’t want to have the same graphics as someone else in my area, or what other kinds of objections could be or my team is doing my social media. Um, what would you say to enlighten them to how it’s worked hand in hand for you?
So when I started kind of getting into the social media platforms, I actually signed up for better marketing with Allah not long after I joined the mastermind What better marketing with Bala did is it gave me like a foundation consistent branded posting every just about every day. And so the the really great thing is that so you get these materials you get like a content calendar that has all your captioning. Like all of these graphics, I think there’s I mean, I can’t tell you there’s like like eight graphics
for videos to emails, real outlines.
Because it’s often like here’s 10 graphics this month instead of eight that you’re promised and right.
Yeah, we’d like to over deliver.
And, and so that made my profile All branded and made me recognizable as a company. So when people spot you know, that logo, those colors, that font, all of that they know who we are. And then the really great thing is that you get all of these files with all of this material in it. And if you prepay, you get it all, like, front loaded, I actually go back previous years to the same month, and I’ll pull content from that and use it for stories, or I’ll pull content from that, and I’ll use it in part of a, you know, a clip or whatever. So it’s, um, that’s another thing I learned from you was about repurposing content, just font loads you with all of this amazing brand and stuff. And I went, and I’m friends with a lot of better marketing with Bella people, a mastermind people on socials. And I would never look at their page and be like, Oh, my God, they look just like us. Branded just for your company. And then you have to throw your own special sauce into it too. Right? It was a great, like foundational starting point to me. And it’s also great for when I’m like stumped. Yeah, I don’t know what to post like I am. So one of
my favorite things about you is that like, our group calls, we will, I’ll just start flowing with brainstorm ideas. And like an hour later, I get tagged, and it’s like, oh, there’s Becky, she took my idea. And she just ran with it. And she did it and look at the results she’s getting like, it’s, it’s a great like mini mastermind for marketing, and where you can see what other people are also doing. And I love what you said about like, you know, no one is the same. Because if you didn’t have those branded graphics, you would just be a face talking. And then it would be authentic, but where’s the professionalism part of it. And I think that’s, that’s the part that we can bring you, we can’t be you. So we can be the professional part. And then that allows you the space to be creative, and have the fun that you have on on socials.
Like with those rules, outlines, you know, like, outlines, we get that’s, you know, we get like an outline. And then we go, we can go
use this music, say these words, put this in the caption, and you go and do it.
And the great thing too, is that a lot of what I get from from the better marketing with Bala community, it actually inspires me to do like different types of reels and things like that. And it’s actually kind of fuel for my creative process, too. And then, you know, my staff has gotten so involved with our social media never used to have our staff on there, now they’re on there.
I always see different faces come up on your thing. And I just chuckled because I’m like, You go girl, it’s not just one person you’re paying to post on social. A lot of people make that mistake. They’re like, hey, this person’s 22 years old. And I think they know what socialists so they’re gonna post on our thing, and all you get is pictures of a dog’s face or a cat’s face. And there’s no stories. There’s no point there’s not talking to Avatar. And that’s the thing about social media, you guys do have a strategy. And what Becky’s saying is that, like she’s developed her strategy over time. Now, Becky, as we go into the final minutes, and I wish I could have you forever, I want to know, you know, as we were recording this in December of 2022. And this is probably going to come out in January of 2023. But tell me, you’ve also been a mastermind member. So how is that kind of I’m gonna put the words in your mouth here and say the glue that’s kind of held everything together. And the community part of it and, and how has that specifically helped contribute to the growth and success of what you’ve been doing with with your company, you just made this most incredible video I’ve ever seen in my career, a seven minute professional video. You guys have to check it out. You have to go to her Instagram and watch it. It literally, it literally has a client on there you guys that says I don’t care how much I pay for dog walking. They just, you know provide me so much peace of mind. I was just like, cool. Yeah. But in our final moments, Becky, tell me how the community aspect of what you’ve been doing has helped support you, but what does that meant to your company? So having
the mastermind has been for me, an outlet of support. I can’t tell you Okay, so you you know you hire a business coach or you don’t have a business coach or whatever. or I found Bella randomly My husband was like, You have to listen to this podcast, I think she could really help you in your business. And I’m like, All right, I’ll give it a listen. And then I’m like, you know, binging Bella. And then I find out from there that there’s this mastermind group on Facebook. So I joined and I found a member, I think for two or three years, and it is a community of people that are going through every thing that you have been through are going through, they’re all small, to growing business owners who have made huge accomplishments and stride. You can throw an idea in there and be like, I’m really torn on this, I’m not sure how to handle this. And all these little beans will come out of the woodwork and give you, you know, we’re all contributing to, you know, we call it hive mind, you know, we’re all working together on this problem, we support each other, we build each other up, we show what we’re obsessed with that particular week, every weekend, we talked about what we’re doing for the weekend. But there’s like all of there’s like years and years worth of 12 month, topic every month with guides for strategy and how to use it. And I’ve actually, every time we’re going through, you know, this month is self care. So I’ll go back through the previous years, and I’ve actually used things with my staff. Yeah. And, and, and it’s helped me with training my staff and and I will tell you through, you know, my darkest times, one of which was COVID, where so many businesses were closing, this is the community this is the coach and the community that built me up and kept me wanting to fight and made me want to be a success story and show them what I was doing. There. Like the first place I post when I’m like, Oh, my God, look what I did. And so I mean, I think I posted this seven minute video we did in the mastermind before I even showed my mom or my husband or with anybody.
That’s great.
It’s just been this, you know, fantastic, supportive. Everybody’s just building you up. There’s no, it’s not the Negative Nelly, speak that you see, in a lot of groups, you have to really choose your tribe, you know, and I feel like I’ve chosen the very best tribe. In my, in my world.
You’re such a hard worker. And that’s not to say that you don’t have your struggles, because we all do. But it’s what you’ve done and why I wanted to like show people like what is possible. Like you said, I mean, you’re in Detroit and COVID came and just wrecking ball, just like so many other people. But it’s the mindset and the fight and the determination and the willingness to try different things and to look at things a different way that has has made all this possible. You now are at a place where you’re not sitting there saying oh my gosh, I can’t find anyone to hire. Like the majority of people out there are because you’ve taken it to be your personal responsibility to make it not just a thing you do, but a thing you are. You’ve encompassed it in it and you’ve also brought along your staff, your leadership, Becky has been incredible. Well, your staff, I’ve watched them walk through the proverbial fire with you. And there’s a Okay, Becky says we’re doing this cool, we’re doing this, okay. We’re setting up a Thanksgiving day dinner in the or Thanksgiving dinner in the training station. You know, you’ve got your clients raving about you and willing to do these videos. What you have put out there is just incredible, and that’s why I call you a unicorn. I’m so proud of you for doing it. I’m sure doing it scared. Um, but people need to know this stuff is possible. And that their own mind is the only thing that limits them. So guys, what can be limitless today?
Let me know Becky? Sidebar. I’m not a fearless person. I might look that way on camera. I am like diagnosed suffer from clinical depression, anxiety. I have an anxiety disorder. I am a PhD. And so you know, you have to pick have your struggles. I have my struggles we all do. Yep. Just get out there. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’re gonna get. My engagement has gone up every week. I am 75 to 400% up in engagement every week. That’s amazing. Lower than 75 percent up on social media engagement. And usually it’s like 300 to 400%. There’s a lot of weeks, I take screenshots and I’m like, Look, you know, amen. And so you have to just, you’ve got to tell that voice in your head to shut up. And just get out there and do it. You can do it, you can do it. Like, if I can do it. I didn’t even know I would get on camera and be like, Oh,
yeah. And your training facility was only just kind of starting when we kind of met too. And now it’s like, full blown, you know, I just think it’s just been so great to watch. Because, yes, like, I’m a coach. And I can talk until I’m blue in the face. But if people don’t actually trust the process, and do it, and then also stay connected. I’m like, in the mastermind and with the community. So that it’s it’s a communal thing, you know, the people you hang around with the things that you listen to. And the support that you have. It’s, it’s a full blown, what am I trying to say it’s like a, it’s a all encompassing, universal kind of thing. It’s not just like, Oh, this one program will help you or there’s one community will help you. You can join the community and never show up to anything, and it’s not going to do anything for you. You have to show up authentically and vulnerable. And that’s definitely what you’ve done. So congratulations to you, my unicorn. I’m so proud of you. And I’m so excited to see what you continue to do. Because you just continued to just surprise me. And at first I was like, Oh my gosh, and now I’m like, Of course you did. So you guys, I want you I want you to remember like, what’s possible? What is possible in your life? And who is the one telling you that you can’t do something? It’s you. Knock Knock spoiler alert. And and what are you going to do with that voice in the head? Like Becky was just saying, What are you who are you going to surround yourself with to to lift you up when you do have those bad days, isolation is the worst thing personally. And the worst thing business wise, being an entrepreneur is one of the loneliest jobs ever, because not a lot of people understand the ups and downs in those squigglies in the roundabout that you go on every day. You need other people around you and you need to make a conscious effort for them. So I just thank you tremendously for coming on this episode. Thank you guys for listening. I know this has been a little bit out of out of our norm, but I thought it was really important to bring it to you. And I just hope that you start this year being inspired. So this is another episode of Bella in your business. Thank you so much for being here. Are you gonna say okay, so all for all you mastermind members now who are watching this because the recording is over? Yeah, show him the tattoo. It’s freaking awesome. So amazing.
I it was not when I originally went to get it, it was going to be this big. And it was here and there. The whole plan changed because so I’ve wanted a scorpion tattoo forever. So but this is a floral Scorpion tattoo. So beautiful. Flowers, the stinger is an orchid that has the male hmm. And so I wanted a scorpion because I’m a Scorpio and my cousin and her daughter and I have been wanting to get tattoos together forever if they got on different ones. But we’re all
Scorpios Go big or go home Becky Lee
for me and tattoos and I actually had to come back because we walk in there and they’re like, I want this I want this and I’m like, well I want this then it’s like all this you know, stuff and then it kind of grew from sleeve but we didn’t you know go there but but I wanted to get a scorpion because I’m a Scorpio but I wanted to celebrate the beauty of being a Scorpio and being me and so I wanted the brightest, most colorful, most floral most beautiful Scorpio scorpion. I love it. I love it so much. So idea I lit my candle.
I love it. Mission accomplished. Guys, like you got to just start like anyone’s still watching like in the mastermind you got to start setting goals. You’re gonna fall on your face when you do. It’s gonna be like going to the gym at the beginning. It’s gonna hurt, you’re gonna feel awkward, you’re gonna be sore, you’re gonna want to beat yourself up about it. You’re not gonna want to go back again. You’re gonna fail at the goals the first couple times until you realize how to do it and what is possible. And that’s why the very first thing in order for us to even accept people into the mat mastermind is they have to do their goals they have to at least post a goal. And guys just work on them like it’s, it’s like Becky, you know she said the 90 day goal last two Augusts ago and we’re just getting here now. That’s okay. Because there’s been a beauty in the process of it. But she still had something that she was like striving for. Um, oh my god, I could talk to you forever. That’s why we met in Lima went to a conference and like whatever else, like you’re just like, so much fun. So much fun that we should really do another paradise. I would love the app. And we were supposed to come right. And then we had to cancel it because it’s 2020 COVID. Yeah, yeah. It’s so hard. On a personal note, I’ve actually looked at trying to do them again here, but because of how everything’s changed a lot of the people that used to rent out these big Airbnbs which is really the only way I want to have it. I don’t want to have it at a hotel. I want that like homey feeling. There’s not that many beds. Yeah. So
it’s like, you can’t have enough people to Yeah,
or it has to be really expensive to like, like be sustainable. I don’t want it to be really expensive. So I keep trying to look for homes, but
I also have a blast in Lima with you
doing so much fun, so much fun. I’m alright you guys. Thanks for hanging out with us. And Becky, thank you for your time. You all will know when it comes out as always, and thanks back. I’m so proud of you.
Thank you. Thank you for everything that you do. I appreciate.
Thanks for doing it with me. Bye girl. Bye

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