Episode 392: Pet Care Hiring – High Level Concepts No One Told You About

pet care hiring
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Tired of endless interviews and flaky applicants? Struggling to crack the code for successful pet care hiring?

What if the solution involves a fresh perspective – one that can set your hiring process on the path to success and ensure you build a dream team?

In this week's episode of the Bella in Your Business podcast, we're rethinking the hiring process and uncovering the secrets to successful recruitment and onboarding.

We'll dive into actionable pet care hiring strategies that will help you attract and retain top talent. From crafting compelling job ads to developing a seamless onboarding experience, we cover it all.

Get insider tips on identifying crucial candidate qualities, creating attention-grabbing ads, and implementing a multi-phase interview process to ensure you find the right fit. Plus, learn how to systemize your scoring and rating for consistency and efficiency.

Are you ready to revolutionize your hiring and build a stellar team? Listen now to empower yourself with the knowledge to transform your recruitment approach and ensure long-term success. This is your chance to rethink and refine your hiring strategy.

Topics & Key Points

  • The importance of creating attention-grabbing hiring ads that stand out from the competition
  • Identifying key qualities and non-negotiables for candidates
  • Creating a multi-stage interview process to evaluate candidates
  • Implementing a systematic onboarding, training, and employee development program
  • Understanding applicants’ lifestyles and availability to reduce turnover
  • Using metrics to track ad effectiveness and improve the hiring process


  • [0:00] The importance of creating attention-grabbing hiring ads that stand out from the competition
  • [8:57] Identifying key qualities and non-negotiables for candidates
  • [9:08] Creating a multi-stage interview process to evaluate candidates
  • [18:30] Implementing a systematic onboarding, training, and employee development program
  • [27:30] Understanding applicants’ lifestyles and availability to reduce turnover
  • [29:30] Using metrics to track ad effectiveness and improve the hiring process

Notable Quotes

“Don’t just have a generic job posting – create attention grabbing hiring ads that make potential applicants feel like they absolutely must apply to your company specifically.”

“Take the time to thoughtfully identify the key qualities and traits you are looking for in candidates, as well as any non-negotiable requirements, to help you evaluate fits and ensure a good cultural match.”

“Don’t just do one interview – develop a systematic multi-stage interview process using clear criteria to thoroughly evaluate candidates and get a well-rounded sense of their skills, experience and personality.”

“Make your new employees feel valued from day one through a welcoming onboarding process so they are excited to join your team and stay for the long run.”

“Break down your employee training into digestible themes so new hires don’t feel overwhelmed but instead learn in an organized, engaging way.”

“Take the time to understand applicants’ current life situations and goals so you can reduce unexpected turnover by ensuring roles fit with their availability and needs over at least the next 6-12 months.”

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Welcome, welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. Oh my gosh, you guys, there’s so much exciting stuff happening. We are now officially in June, and I cannot wait to unleash all this goodness for you. We are finally flowing; we are back in content creation. There’s so much exciting stuff happening.

First of all, we’ve got Julia McCoy coming into the Mastermind this month to talk all about artificial intelligence. And you guys, this is way beyond just Chat GPT. The way it’s going to affect your life is huge. It’s not just about your business; it’s going to be really massive and awesome to learn from her and be able to follow along with her. So I can’t wait for that.

We also have something coming up with Pet Care Team Training. Stay close and follow the Pet Care Team Training socials. Liz and I are going to be doing a free class all about how to get publicity for your company and talk a lot about marketing. That’s going to be happening at the end of next week. You have to register for that, but anybody can join; you do not have to be a Pet Care Team Training client.

Today, we are going to talk all about hiring. The reason why this topic inspired me today was I had a coaching call. The client was like, “I’ve been hiring, I have five people, I’m really not sure how to do it because people aren’t staying long enough with me. Or I get ghosted during the interview, and it’s the one thing that’s really hurting me from growing my business.” I was like, “Girl, I got you.” I hear this all the time.

Over the next 28 minutes—because these 20-minute calls usually end up going long anyways—I was just explaining to her all of this goodness. I thought, “Wow, this would make a really good podcast episode.” So we’re going to pretend that you and I are having a 20-minute call right now. You’re like, “Bella, I can’t figure out this hiring thing. It just doesn’t work. You don’t understand; in my area, people want more money. No one wants to work; I can’t get people to stay with me.” Girl, I got you, I got you, I got you. But this is not something one-and-done. This is a fluid process.

Let me run you through some very high-level things. Most people just think that suddenly, you get an application, look at it, give them a phone call, tell them all about your business, and they start working for you. And then it doesn’t work out. If that sounds like you, you’re doing it wrong. And I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re doing it wrong.

Let me show you a different way. You’re thinking too small; you need to zoom out to the 30,000-foot view. It’s not just a tree; it’s a whole ecosystem that I need you to understand. Today, we’re going to glide through that because I don’t think enough of you take it into account.

Step one is knowing the important qualities that you’re seeking. You need to figure out who you are looking for. Company A might be looking for people to be on their social media all the time, while Company B might need someone really good at sales. Who you might be hiring as a dog walker or pet sitter might change and evolve. Sometimes you need different types of people on your staff in addition to what you specialize in.

The second thing is to create attention-grabbing hiring ads. This involves not being so corporate and boring. Honestly, if I can take your ad and apply it to any other company, then you’re doing it wrong. Think of this ad as a love letter to the people you want to attract. Make it so they must apply for you, and it will be amazing.

Next, you need to figure out your non-negotiables. This means you need standards; otherwise, you don’t have any. This might be a reliable car, a certain type of availability, a specific skill set—everyone’s non-negotiables might have similarities but should ultimately be unique.

You also need to create phases and questions for each phase and systematize what makes a yes or a no for each phase. These phases could be as many as seven steps long, but if you have it set up with a system or software, it becomes manageable. These phases should reflect what you really want in a candidate, just as your non-negotiables reflect what you absolutely don’t want.

Step five is systemizing rating and scoring. You need to figure out what constitutes an answer that moves a candidate forward or knocks them out. This isn’t just about doing things right but about showing common sense and critical thinking. This is where you test for that coveted “common sense” through their responses.

After you’ve gone through the phases and identified your ideal candidate, create one of the best job offers ever. Avoid clichés and corporate templates; infuse your personality into it. Make it compelling and celebrate the fact that they’re getting this job offer.

Once you onboard them, ensure that all your ducks are in a row. Don’t appear disorganized. Ensure your paperwork is streamlined and digital. Have a clear and concise training program, not just a shadowing process that overwhelms new hires. Tailor your training to different learning styles—auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.

It’s also important to create an employee love situation. Celebrate new hires and integrate them into your team. Don’t do a 90-day trial; aim for a 30-day check-in where you both evaluate each other. This opens lines of communication and sets a positive tone for the relationship.

So many people get frustrated because they don’t understand the life circumstances of their employees. Ask the right questions about their life stages, financial responsibilities, and future plans from the beginning. This awareness helps with longer-term planning and understanding.

By creating a structured and engaging hiring process, you’ll find the right people who are excited to be a part of your company and who are more likely to stay. Now, go out there and revolutionize your hiring process!

When you set up the employee love situation, regular check-ins, and celebrations, you’re fostering a great work environment. Remember, onboarding isn’t just about throwing information at them; it’s about making them feel confident in their role from day one. If you invest time in their training and create a nurturing environment, you’ll significantly reduce turnover.

Think about how you can make the first 30 days memorable. Transform their onboarding experience from mundane to exciting. Use this period to establish a strong foundation. Have regular team meetings and involve your employees in decision-making processes. This method not only makes your team feel valued but also encourages loyalty and dedication.

Now, let’s talk about creating a streamlined system. You need to track the effectiveness of your hiring ads. Analyze which ads are converting applicants efficiently. If one ad gets a lot of views but few applications, it’s time to tweak it. Simplify your metrics to make informed decisions—think of it as a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

A successful hiring process requires a holistic view. This isn’t just about filling a position; it’s about building a cohesive team. Each step, from crafting the perfect job ad to the final onboarding, forms a part of the ecosystem. This entire process is inherently fluid; it evolves as your understanding deepens and as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s break it down again: First, identify the qualities your business needs. Second, create compelling and unique hiring ads. Third, know your non-negotiables. Fourth, develop a phased interview process with specific questions and criteria. Fifth, establish a system for rating and scoring applicants based on their answers and involvement in the interview process.

When you find the ideal candidate, craft an offer that resonates with them. Make the onboarding process seamless and engaging. Train them effectively with a structured program that addresses different learning styles. Celebrate their achievements and encourage open feedback.

Remember, hiring is an ongoing process, constantly requiring assessment and tweaks. It’s not a task you complete—it’s a vital part of your business environment that can always be refined. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, reach out for help. I’m here, and there are plenty of resources available to assist you.

For those needing a deep dive or saying, “Bella, I need you in my business,” let’s connect. We can audit your hiring process together and build it out in a way that makes sense for your unique needs. Reach out to me at bella@jumpconsulting.net.

This has been another episode of Bella in Your Business. I hope you feel inspired and ready to tackle your hiring process. There’s so much more to explore, so submit your questions, and we can dive into the specifics together. Until next week, keep pushing forward, refining your systems, and when life gets you down, always keep jumping. Bye for now!

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