Episode 393: Impactful Booth Strategies for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

booth strategies for pet sitters and dog walkers
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Running around last minute trying to put together a booth for a local event? Struggling to make it interesting and get people chatting about your business? Tune into this episode of Bella In Your Business for game-changing booth strategies for pet sitters and dog walkers!

Bella will guide you on transforming your event booth into an engaging and interactive experience that fosters meaningful relationships and boosts your brand recognition. Learn how to create an inviting booth, compile a list of must-attend events, and make use of clever promotional items that truly resonate with your audience.

Discover the importance of strategic scripting and effective local marketing—all without breaking the bank. Plus, grab Bella’s special free download packed with guerrilla marketing techniques to create a buzz around your business.

Walk away from your next event with a treasure trove of hot leads, invaluable business contacts, and eager new hires. Don’t miss out on turning simple booth setups into powerful, relationship-building opportunities.

Your next major breakthrough starts here!

Topics & Key Points

  • [0:00] Effective event marketing strategies for businesses
  • [9:04] Creating engaging booths for pet businesses at events
  • [13:30] Networking and booth design for pet sitting businesses
  • [17:00] Systematizing pet business operations for growth

Notable Quotes

“These events are ways for you to really excite and delight people. It’s a it’s a chance for you to start building a relationship, if you’re thinking about it as just however many people come up and talk to me and I tell them what we do, and if they want to use our services cool, or how many people I can give our business cards out to, and you’re just keen on getting as many business cards out there, then you might as well stay at home, because what you’re doing is you’re advertising, and when you advertise, you are no better than every other person.”

“I want you to think about your business as a corporation that you work for, and as such, we want to make sure that anyone else who steps into this position also knows what they’re doing. So therefore, I want you to start learning or writing down or documenting your scripts.”

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Welcome back to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta, and today we’re gonna talk all about having booths at events—but in a good way! I see so many business owners just going through the motions without giving much thought to the process. It’s summer now, and fall is just around the corner. I really want you to knock it out of the park. These events are incredible opportunities to excite and delight people, and to start building relationships.

If you’re thinking about event booths as simply talking to as many people as possible, handing out business cards, and hoping a few will use your services, you might as well stay home. What you’re doing in that case is advertising without making a significant impact. People usually take whatever freebies you offer, toss them in their bags like it’s Halloween, and most of it ends up in a junk drawer or the trash. This approach is not only ineffective but also a waste of resources—it lacks follow-up and relationship-building.

Today, I want to encourage you to think differently. What can you actively do to make a real impact? I’ll share some effective strategies that some business owners are using. Additionally, I have a free download for you—my guerrilla marketing guide—which outlines a chalk marketing effort you can implement around your town to create buzz. Head over to the show notes to grab it.

The first thing you should do is compile a list of events in your community in a spreadsheet. This includes every possible event, whether or not you plan to attend. Start with elementary, middle, and high schools—find out when they have PTAs or PTOs events like spring flings or fall festivals. These organizations often look for business sponsorships and silent auction items. Reach out to the treasurers to learn about opportunities to partner with them.

Next, consider town events. When are the parades, festivals, and other gatherings? Don’t overlook planned communities and their community managers, as well as real estate agents who often know what’s happening locally. Local humane societies and big rescue groups also host and attend events. Compile all these opportunities into a spreadsheet with dates and contact information, and update it annually.

By preparing this way, you’ll avoid last-minute scrambles. You won’t find yourself in a panic two weeks before an event, unsure of what to order or how to proceed. Let’s be organized because, as a listener of this podcast, you’re going to be locked and loaded, ready to go. I call it having a “booth in a box.” Get all the essentials you need, from promotional items like pop sockets or collapsible dog bowls to fun interactive ideas like puppuccinos or doggy scavenger hunts.

Promote these events beforehand. Email your list, post on social media, and tag other businesses. Use the events not just to acquire clients but also to find referral partners and potential employees. Always have a sign saying “Always Hiring—Inquire Within” at your booth.

Think beyond the individual event. Your business is a corporation that you work for, and it’s essential to document your process. Write down your scripts: what do you say to engage people? How do you collect their information organically? This documentation allows anyone else who steps into your position to know exactly what to do.

Now, let’s talk about booth setup. Instead of placing your table in front, consider positioning it behind you. This setup invites people into your space rather than creating a barrier. Display framed pictures or unique selling points that distinguish you from competitors. Engagement is key—be outgoing, exciting, and interactive.

When you have an organized approach, including a list of events, well-thought-out scripts, and all necessary materials ready, it becomes much easier. You sidestep the stress of last-minute preparations and can focus on meaningful interactions.

Think of the bigger picture. Start preparing now, in June, so you’ll be ready for events in July, August, September, and even around the holidays. Anything you do more than once in your business should be systematized. Create a standard operating procedure—a clear guide on how to set up, what to say, and how to dress. This preparation ensures consistency and effectiveness, setting you up for success every time.

Remember, it’s not just about showing up—it’s about showing up prepared and ready to engage. Implement these strategies, and you’ll see a significant difference in the effectiveness of your event booths. Keep an eye out for the upcoming blog for even more tips, and don’t forget to download the guerrilla marketing guide from the show notes. Now go out there and make those connections!

If you systematize your approach and make it into a well-oiled machine, you’ll find that your community starts recognizing your branding and logo everywhere. When people are in need of a dog walker or pet sitter, your consistency and visibility will make them think of you first. They’ll see your posts on Facebook asking for recommendations and recognize your company.

When potential clients go through the recommendations and visit your website, they’ll feel a sense of familiarity because they’ve seen your presence everywhere. This will likely encourage them to call you, and from there, it’s up to you to turn that lead into a client. This visibility is crucial.

Remember, your effort now is an investment in creating a strong, recognizable brand presence in your community. I know many of you are overworked, tired, and pressed for time. But if you systematize and then delegate these tasks, it will be a game-changer.

This advice comes directly from my own experience with my old company and from mentoring hundreds of others. I can’t wait to see what results you achieve. Don’t be bashful—email me at bella@jumpconsulting.net if you want to dive deeper into this.

If you want even more support, consider joining my mastermind at jumpconsulting.net/mastermind. Use the code BELLA25 for $25 off every month. I’d love to help you build your business to seven figures or wherever you want to take it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and remember, when life gets you down, Always Keep Jumping. Bye for now!

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