Episode 76: The Importance Of Client Follow Up With Celeste Walmsley

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Celeste Walmsley from Modern Marketing Advantage is an expert in social media marketing specializing on Facebook to get you in touch with new clients, keep you in touch with your old, and keep you top of mind.  She helps solopreneurs, ages 40-65+ harness the power of marketing, on a small budget, to grow their businesses successfully.

Client Follow Up:

Do you ever have questions for a client, or potential client, but are nervous about doing a client follow up? Or, do you feel like you are trying to hard to "sell" to a client? Celeste Walmsley, an expert in social media marketing, understands, which is why Bella sat down with her to discuss the ins and outs of follow up.

Here Is What We Talk About:

client follow up

Celeste & Bella explore all aspects of following up including:

  • How often should pet sitters follow up?
  • What should pet sitting business owners say when following up?
  • How can they sound like they’re not “selling”?
  • What effects will a business owner experience when they follow up?
  • How can pet sitters effectively collect information during consultations to set themselves up for successful follow up?

Special Gift:

As a special gift to our audience, Celeste is offering $50 off her Follow Up Kit.
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