Episode 77: Competition & Consistency With Kate McQuillan

pet sitting mistakes
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This week on Bella In Your Business, Bella sits down with long-time friend, Kate McQuillan to discuss how she started and grew her website, www.PetBusinessOwners.com.  They discuss Kate's story of how she scaled her successful coaching business, and how it can be applied to pet sitting business owners.

Bella & Kate tackle a number of topics including:

  • Competition - Why you should or should not care
  • How Kate started her business and builded it
  • The important elements to growing and scaling a business
  • Biggest mistakes pet sitting and dog walking business owners make when starting up
  • How consistency led to a business EXPLOSION!

Kate McQuillan is the owner of Pet Sitters Ireland, which she has operated since 2010. She currently attracts 15,000 visitors per month to her website, where 70% of which comes from her blogs that she writes on a weekly basis. Kate has over 32,000 Facebook Fans, which have all come from the content she shares and the way she engages with her fans.


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