Episode 85: What Should I Know Before Joining A Mastermind?

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Bella has flipped the script on the Podcast today and is bringing you a one on one look at the hype and hive of becoming a part of a Mastermind. Are they a right fit for your personality and business? Bella breaks down the power and the responsibility of joining a mastermind.


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • What is a Mastermind? The popularity of Masterminds have been on the rise and they can help your business, but exactly what are they? Basically, a Mastermind is a group of people that have come together collectively to help one another. The difference of opinions, resources and experiences are shared in an environment where people strive to better their lives and businesses.
  • What Masterminds ARE NOT. It is important to understand exactly what they are before you join one. They are not coaching groups. There is “group thinking” but not direct teaching or coaching. You have to be accountable for your own learning from the lessons of others journeys. It’s not a place to vent. They solve problems, but it is not a place for complaints without solutions.
  • Examples of what makes up a great group. Great Masterminds are all about being laser focused. These groups directly set out to achieve specific goals. What’s more is that they are primarily member driven. All members put their minds together to help each other stay on target. Also, leadership really does matter. A great leader will help keep the topics flowing with knowledge and authority.
  • Look for a new series all about Masterminds, coming to our blog and Facebook page. A place full of accountability partners, challenges, comradery, and tons of mutual support for growth.

Show Highlights:

  • Why would someone join a Mastermind? [2:15]
  • What it takes to be in a Mastermind [6:45]
  • Investments separate groups [10:45]
  • They aren’t just trying to sell you something [12:30]
  • Learn more about Jump Consulting Masterminds for pet sitting and dog walking [13:00]


[Tweet ““When you join a Mastermind it’s about overcoming your challenges.””]

[Tweet ““The group is driven by the membership’s ability to support one another.””]

[Tweet ““In a Mastermind, you need to show up regularly.””]

[Tweet ““Masterminds tend to create relationships forever.””]


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Stay tuned to our Jump Consulting Facebook page for more to come on the in and outs of Masterminds!

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